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Transcript: it also looks like im not going to be a statistic, yet im going to be a successful person that will able to live put of poverty Surroundings! Conclusion what it looks like down the road, down the road i will accomplish graduating unlike any member in my family thank you for giving me this opportunity and your time to present this presentation to you and i hope u enjoyed also i will have my sister and two nieces there supporting me and being here for me. i would/am setting a good role for my nieces by going to college and hopefully they will do the same and become something as im hoping to do. feels like: i can only guess how it will feel but i know it will feel like nothing i have ever experienced in my life after i accomplish the goal of getting my diploma and finishing college i would like to go in the profession of working with kids ineither a preschool setting or in a counsler position. i would like to give back to the community and the future generations so they can also have the opportunity as i came upon. when i close my eyes it'll look like i proved everyone that doubted me wrong. the image coming to mind of reaching the goal of diploma or college degree smells like: i think the smell i will have will smell like freshness almost like fresh pine trees looks like... who is here with me, Not if, But when i graduate i will be ready for the real world. by real world meaning finishing college, going into the work force and becoming successful in life. . my father, my father will be with me. My dad is a high supporter of me and agrees that i can accomplish these goals and become successful. looks like i will see the world differently, i can tell the world will be hard at first but i know if i power through i can make it. i have equal or greater chance than the next. I'm excited to excel in places i havent. where am i ...

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Transcript: Since a very young age I've played sports starting with things such as Basketball all the way to Ultimate Frisbee. Sports help you learn how to work with people even if you have clashing personalities. My Dad and I dancing at my cousin's wedding Playing sports helped me learn a lot on how to work in a team as well as how to work on teams with mostly men. I played Ultimate Frisbee on a co-ed team and I played basketball in a boy's league. Individual Differences Rome, Italy Studying AP world and eating breakfast! (yay for multitasking) Paris, France Sorrento, Italy In high school I was really involved in Latin Club. I was president of Latin club my senior year attended three state conventions and two national conventions. Deep Freeze Tournament 2012 When growing up I never moved anywhere so I have had some friends since I was five and others for the last bit of senior year so it was a game changer coming to a school where I didn't know anyone. I tend to get along with anyone who has a good sense of humor and a bit of humility. A picture I took while flying over the swiss alps Ocean City, New Jersey Basic Info Virginia Tech Football I picked the song Roar because I think it fits my personality and it makes the Prezi a little more fun. Sorry if you can't hear if it's in PDF format. By Murphy Boales Student at Virginia Tech Planning to go into Chemical Engineering Hypatia New River Valley Symphony Ultimate Frisbee Intramural sports Social Romantic I've played the violin for seven years and I am currently a part of Virginia Tech's New River Valley Symphony Orchestra. I love almost all kinds of music which I enjoy attempting to sing and dance along to. Not to get mushy or anything but I have been dating the same guy for a while now. Since I've learned having a long term meaningful relationship teaches you a lot in the areas of compromise and patience. Birthplace: Houston, Texas Grew up in Atlanta, Georgia An older sister. One brother (age 16) Have a dog Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier My Experiences Blacksburg, Virginia Athletic Family Social Academic going to football games with friends is one of my favorite things to do especially when someone starts the wave because for a little moment in time everyone in the stadium is working together for a common goal. I believe that my experiences will help me as engineer because I have had to work in groups with all kinds of people. Most people would agree your average violinist is different from your average basketball player. I will use the ability to make real life decisions in real time towards engineering. For example, when playing in an orchestra you have to play the correct notes when everyone else does otherwise you'd have an unintended solo. Personal Relationships Athletic My niece and I my mom's current profile picture My family is my main support and without them a lot of the things I've accomplished most likely wouldn't have been possible. Frisbee Tournament in Ohio What an Engineer looks like Music Five categories to my life: Musical Social Athletic Academic Personal Relationships My individual diversity would include that I like to be well rounded and to take charge in sticky situations as well as keep the team together; however, I will not assume a leadership role if I do not know a lot about the subject. I love to hang out with friends and see the world. Part of the reason I wanted to be an engineer is because it is a job that could easily be taken anywhere. Other clubs I was involved in high school were Beta Club, Tri-M musical society, and honor society. Graduation Academic Spivey Hall Workshop Senior Picnic Academic National Latin Convention at Wake Forest Individual differences are what make teams fully rounded. In Latin Quiz Bowl you would not want everyone on the team to only know grammar. Everyone would pick an area they were best at or enjoyed studying and become an expert in that area. The same is true for engineering, when placed in teams you want everyone to have a different perspective so you can have the best view to make the best product happen. Individual diversity

What an Engineer Looks Like

Transcript: Me, as a Minority Women have been increasingly involved and successful in the engineering community. An example of a women contributor is Nancy D. Fitzroy, who is currently known for fostering diversity. At GE, she was among the first engineers to work on the heat transfer of nuclear reactor cores. Despite many who have told it would be hard to be successful in a very male-dominated field, she was more determined to do the best she can to fulfill her dream. Past Minority Contributions-Catherine Gleason Past Minority Contributions-Nancy D. Fitzroy My life as a minority forced me to have different perspectives from others, as I am unique because of my race, ethnicity, religion, etc. I have seen the many challenges that others may have not acknowledged, such as many types of hardships that my parent’s motherland country, Bangladesh, a third world country, has and is facing. I have been exposed to issues that my family members have been living through such as diabetes and eczema. I believe my experiences as a diverse woman/individual has given me more perspectives that will benefit me when it comes to coming up with brainstorming problems and solutions for world challenges. Pushing Myself Diversity Impacting Engineering Everyone’s individuality impacts the world. Our own differences make us capable in some stuff that others may or may not be as capable, and vice versa. As one of the first women in my generation to pursue a bachelor’s degree and hopefully beyond that, I am pushing myself to steep out of the expectations held for example, my mother and grandmothers, in terms of academics and going out there to pursue a career. Samiha Rahman There was also Catherine Gleason, who was the first woman engineering student to enroll in the Mechanical Arts program at Cornell University, despite coming from a low-economy family that was a huge obstacle that she overcame, establishing the Gleason Corp. Many women have contributed huge enhancement to the society through engineering. Individual differences impact engineering as our variety of experiences and perspectives impacts the way we can contribute to ideas and solutions. Engineering is not to find the one right solution-it is to find the best solution. Differences of team members can work to put their knowledge together and discover the greatest resolution. What an Engineer Looks Like

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