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Transcript: Covers: Help obtaining vaccinations and travel documents. Preparation. Follow-up Re-integration Second payment Climate change Project relevant to your future career Work with international themes Solve problems across cultural and linguistic borders Go abroad! Provide access to basic education for underprivileged individuals and communities in order to overcome illiteracy. Literacy Childrens' rights Know your rights! Get your rights! Exercise your rights! Womens' rights Covers: Registration Database access Personal coaching Human Rights Health & Lifestyle The final step - begin your journey! 124 countries 86,000 Members 2100 Universities 15,000 internships 1,000,000 alumni First payment Second payment Here to there and back again... Entrepreneurship The issues Improve economic health of communities, organizations and individuals. Your personal coach ("EP buddy") will help you. No limit on applications. Process: Application Interview Selection Social business Childrens' rights Vision: creating strong young leaders to change the world - one student at a time. Pollution Covers: Help obtaining vaccinations and travel documents. Preparation. Follow-up Re-integration The worlds largest student organization Education Subscription Economic Growth Womens' rights Change the world Step one - get in touch with us! Learn and develop your potential Eductation to raise awareness about legal, social and ethical principles in communities. Rights of disabled people Work related to environmental education and local implementation of environmental programs. What is Global Citizen? 6 - 8 weeks of volunteering abroad Sign contract Flora/Fauna protection Minorities' rights Environment Organizational development Micro-finance Energy Rights of disabled people Cooperation with several major organizations, governments and companies all over the world Find internship Minorities' rights Eductation to raise awareness about legal, social and ethical principles in communities. What are your qualifications? What are your ambitions? What could we find for you? Wide array of projects addressing issues like healthcare, education, human rights, and more... Information technology Financial management The selection process Language Individual interview

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Transcript: 11. He AS 22. She AS 33. We AS 44. Us AS 55. Him AS 66. Her AS Include name on fisrt line By adding date, subscriptions, the program will adjust a deal to your references! Ok Cancel Product Nr. Name Quantity Price Combined deal per customer Yes/No Plan A - Subscription Include period on first line Interval Quantity 4. Plan D 2. Plan B Plan - A Product/ Service Plan - A Subscriber Subscription/ Plan Create a new plan Include name on fisrt line Link a Product to your subscription Close Week, Month, Quarter etc. No Name Desciption Interval Choose the product Product D Link a customer to your subscription C Plan/Subscr. Deal Product You are back on your list of subscriptions. Go "Run to deal" if you want make a deal to a customer (to subscribe a subscription to a customer), acording to one or more subscriptions. No. NEW Interval Product 3. Plan C New s By saving it will go to all created plans A Here is a list of already linked customers to our subscriber "Plan A". You can link a new one by clicking on LINK. For example our subscription is named "Plan A" and we have already created a plan to it, giving a number, name, interval etc.! Here we can make changes! Product B Interval 1. CRM 2. Hosting 3. Exchange 4. OwnClowd 5. ASP Nr. Name Registred StartDate EndDate Expiry Discount Price Text 1. Plan A ha monthly Expiry 2. Plan B 1. Plan A ha monthly Description Subscriber Allow more per customer Number Plan Quantity Plan - A Product/Service Info Plan A Cancel 33 Update Interval Invoice Date From subscription To subscription Product C Name Choose the customer Name End Date Plan/Subscription Plan - A Subscriber Text for invoice Run to invoice When your subscription "Plan A" is complete you click on "Go to Plans". From there you can run your subcription to a deal. Copy Allow more per customer 44 Go to plans New 4. Plan D Add a new customer to subscription "Plan A", and by completing the page, you subscribe all this informtion to chosen customer. Cancel Link Link&New CRM Discount 3. Plan C New Name 11 He AS 01.06.16 01.06.16 31.06.16 Never 10% 12 Text for invoice B Product name 22 5. Plan E No. Name Week, Month, Quarter etc. Description Link Expiry 5. Plan E Close Product number Imagine this as a page of a subscription/plan to which you can change/link product&scutomer Run to deal New Plan/Subscr. New Deal New Product Name Special Price No. NameProduct Description PLAN Number 1. Product A 10 27 Add some aditional Information to your subscription Customer Link Plan/Subscription Cancel Make changes to your created plan Start Date Price Close Save Save&New Cancel Link Link&New Heading Text Index Deal For example, you already have some products linked to our "Plan A" and you want to link a new product to it. Then go to LINK! Clicking you go to complete your plan by linking to it a product&customer Run to deal Include period on first line Registred By clicking "OK" it will run to an usual deal, in an edit format You adjust a product by selecting it from all list of products, naming, giving a price, quantity. Description CRM No Name Desciption Interval

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