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my robot powerpoint

Transcript: TUG what is the robots task? what human factors or tasks does this robot siulate? the robot preforms the task of shuttling supplies around the hopitales and just helps doctors and nurese. Subtopic 1 Text the robot and humans have in common is that they both have the reposeability of taking care of pasionts and the robot just helps the doctors and nurses take care of the pasiont. Pictures Pictures where is the robot used?what work envelope(how may degrees of freedom and flexib joints does it have? Subtopic 2 its used in hospitales where it carries supplies for the ones who are working and preparing for important stuff. the bot is not free at all what so ever. its always being watched by tec. and trying to make updates to it. also when ever its not being used of restooking it sits on its charger and waits for someone to need them. thats the only thing it can do, its only purpose. is the robotic end effect milti-fauctional? if so what other task can it preform? how is the robot taught the task? i guess just by how and who made the robot gives it its tasks. what sensors does the robot have and is it used? the sensors are in the front of it, its where all the black is. and under the mechein. name some advantages and disadvantages of the task of the robot. has lots and lots of space to put supplies, cheap,the workers have more down time less work for other people which means no job,its really lound when it starts to move it moves faster then most when in a life or death emergencey.however the robot is really good at its job and takes away from other future nrerses to come along. decribe the impact the robot has had or could have on its own intedned? looking at this robot, it seems like a lot of work so that could give a good amount of people to program, design, upgrade(every now and then),and just take care of it peierod. what type of jobs or carees can this robot provide emploment for people? hopefully it will be less clucky, lound, and maybe if it can fit more shelves in the thing. maybe make it a little more fun for the pations too. what would it look like in the futruer?

powerpoint template

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