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Powerpoint Template Measurement

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Transcript: Standard Units and Why We Need Them Think about it, if everyone made up their own measurements, nobody would know what you were talking about. We need one unified system that scientists use to measure and conduct experiments. This way it is easy to publish your findings and replicate the experiment again and again. Volume of a Liquid - >is simply the amount of space a liquid takes up >the units are liters > We use beakers, graduated cylinders, and Erlenmeyer flasks!! Volume of a Cube = +finding out how much space a 3-D shape takes up +to do this, you need to measure the length, width and height +then multiply the three numbers together +make sure to label your answer depending on what unit, usually millimeters, meters, or centimeters and make sure to add the cubed symbol *x stands for multiply V = lxwxh It is the amount of space an object takes up. The unit is grams. You can find the mass of an object using ...(insert drum roll please) Length The measurement or extent of an object from end to end. Units = meters, centimeters We use rulers and meter sticks to measure length. Time The indefinite continued progress of events. Units Hours, minutes, and seconds Temperature The degree or intensity of heat present in the air or in a substance or object. Units and Tools Temperature is measured using degrees Celsius. We use thermometers to tell us the temperature. Triple Beam Balance !!!!!! Yay!! The End! Measurement!!! Hope You Learned Something . . . By Sylvia Leary Mass No not weight, MASS!


Transcript: Marketing Plan Timeline 2019 Timeline PHASE 1 AUG PHASE 3 OCT PHASE 2 SEP PHASE 4 NOV 2020 PHASE 5 DEC PHASE 1 ( AUG - SEP 2019) CORPORATE IDENTITY PHASE 1 -LOGO (Approved) -SLOGAN "ONE SOLUTION" (Approved) - COMPANY DESCRIPTION (K' Wijak ) (DONE) -THEME (DONE) -T-SHIRT 2020 (Approved) - OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS -SEMINAR 2019 (DONE) COMPANY DESCRIPTION COMPANY DESCRIPTION WHAT WE DO ? HOW ? OVERVIEW ONE STOP SERVICE One solution of design, construction, time critical service beyond digital infrastructure. OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS POWERPOINT TEMPLATE POWERPOINT TEMPLATE BUSINES CARD # PINK #LIGHT GRAY #WHITE BUSINESS CARD 50% 30% 20% THEME THEME CONCEPT FONT Agency FB FONT Arial Black Ekkamai New Tesla COLOR # PINK #LIGHT GRAY #WHITE COLOR 50% 30% 20% SEMINAR SEMINAR PHASE 2 ( SEP) CORPORATE IDENTITY PHASE 2 BUSINESS CARD !!!!!!!!!!!! DESIGN OF BUSINESS CARD DETAIL DETAIL OF BUSINESS CARD 1 COMPANY WEBSITE / FACEBOOK TARNAS 3 2 3 ISO REGISTRARS (ISO 9001) , (ISO 14001) , (ISO 45001) PERSONAL CONTACT DETAIL 4 COMPANY DETAIL ( TAX ID / ADDRESS) FRONT FRONT OF BUSINESS CARD 1 3 2 silver metallic foil 4 BACK AT THE BACK OF BUSINESS CARD 1 2 SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA Double click to edit YOUTUBE YOUTUBE Double click to edit INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM Double click to edit LINE LINE @ OFFICIAL Take advantage of an account for businesses or companies to communicate with customers more closely, promote business events and activities, and send out various news and info. @TARNAS LINE OFFICIAL -Create Content -Reach 100% of the audience interested direct communicate with customers Cost LINE Official Account Monthly Plan 444 BATH / PER YEAR Premium ID @TARNASASIA PHASE 3 PHASE 3 -WEBSITE -powerpoint - Marketing Marketing Strategy Strategy SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Objective Objective Action Action Advertising Advertising Social Social Email Email Videos Videos Other Promotions Other Promotions Assessment Assessment Measurement 1 Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 2 Sales Sales Strategy Strategy Projections Projections Objective Objective Distribution Distribution Targets Targets Tactics Tactics Assessment Assessment Tracking Results Tracking Results Measurement Measurement Design Design Strategy Strategy Posters Posters Approach Approach Packaging Packaging Approach Approach Distribution Distribution

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