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Transcript: Expenses Fixed Assets and Equipment Owned Aniza F&B Enterprise is a start-up frozen food and bakery retail establishment located in Gombak, Selangor. Aniza F&B Enterprise expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of frozen and pastry products. The company plans to build a strong market position in the town, due to the owner strong passion in this business area. Aniza F&B Enterprise aims to offer its products at a competitive price to meet the demand of the middle-to higher-income local market area residents and tourists. Estimated Production Costs and Gross Profit 1. Shop structure RM 35,000.00 2. Oven RM 3,000.00 3. Mixer RM 2,000.00 4. Cash machine RM 500.00 5. Working table RM 1,000.00 6. Trolley RM 1,000.00 7. Freezer RM 5,000.00 8. Tray RM 500.00 9. Induction stove RM 1,000.00 10. Basic ingredients RM 1,000.00 Total RM 50,000.00 COMPANY PROFILE a) Curry puffs. b) Samosas. c) Pizza (variety). d) Pastry / biscuit and cake. BUSINESS SCOPE Financing amount : RM50, 000.00 Profit rate : 4% Tenure : 3 years Installment : RM 1, 555.56 THE PURPOSE OF FUNDING Vision a) Accepting orders for functions such as birthday cakes and holiday bookings. b) Provides ordering and delivery of products to customers. c) Accepting orders from companies and individuals d) Accepting orders and orders from your office or company for this type of light pastry products (for dinner meetings, small forums, meetings and the high tea). Technical and Production Plan Services offer; Promote, market and sell products based food-freezers and confectionery food as the main sales outlets. Provides reservations for areas within a 25km radius covering neighborhoods, schools, universities, colleges, offices / companies, cafes and restaurants as well as stores stations. Products offer; Customer Buying Power Business Activity BUSINESS PROPOSAL ANIZA F&B ENTERPRISE 216422 Market size = Potential target (%) X Total Resident So, the market size; S market = 20% X 68,300 = 13,660 WAGES Starting a Sole Proprietorship Financing Calculation FINANCIAL STATEMENTS BUSINESS PROPOSAL OBJECTIVE LEGALITY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Aniza F&B Enterprise will be living proof that caring, integrity, hard work and innovation at all levels creates success. Market Size MANAGEMENT PLAN Our mission is to enhance our customers’ business. We will do this by providing the highest quality frozen bakery products and the best possible services to the food industry. We will continuously improve all aspects of our business in order to sustain the long-term success of our customers and ourselves. The purpose of this working paper is to present a business proposal of Aniza F&B Enterprise, frozen food and confectionery bakery focusing on management, marketing, and financial services companies to the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) Financing through and then apply for financing amounting to RM50, 000.00 (MYR FIFTY THOUSAND). Estimated Purchase for Three Years Financing Mission

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Transcript: Strictly Professional Or Humorous? Don' be afraid to change the tone for different audiences Use personal pronouns (we, our) instead of general terms (the company) Be Confident Length One to Four pages What to Avoid superlatives clichés any over-used expressions 'the best' 'groundbreaking' 'cutting-edge' 'world class.' Now you are done... Is It Any Good? Ask a 5th Grader The Executive Summary Why... Helps you to determine which aspects of your company have the clearest selling points, and which aspects may require a bit more explanation. What about the rest? Do your research You develop a better vision of what your business is all about, and you become better at telling your story Executive summary needs an executive summary • Do you have a unique partnership? • Do you already have customers and traction? • Do you have patents or technology? • Is your marketing plan special in a certain way? Make the structure as relevant as possible for the reader, who is typically an investor or a lender No one really wnats to read an 80 page business plan Brief Financial Summary One plan is to summarize each section of the business plan in the same order The First Paragraph The "Why Now" makes your executive summary timely. Clearly explain what the company does grab your reader's attention and let them know what it is you do and why they should read the rest Include the MAJOR details..... not the boring ones! Tone To get your foot in the door! • A Company Description Summary • The Problem • Your Solution • Why Now

Executive Summary

Transcript: References Executive Summary Social Impact Service, Marketing & Finance. Social Enterprise Business Plan LDRS 654N Zhan Shi. (Stan) March 16, 2014 Resources & Training Community Contribution Corporation All social impact collaborations between my business and the target population will be managed with the help of PHS, a community agency that runs multiple social housing projects, health clinic and social enterprises ranging from honey-making to laundry and chocolate-making operations. PHS also operates Onsite - safe injection sight. (Bula, 2014). All possible candidates, who must be residents of Downtown Eastside, for training and possible employment will be suggested by PHS. Vancouver Downtown Eastside residents will by the primary target population for my organization and whom I hope will get the most benefit. Just as important however will be all employees of the organization. Vancouver Downtown Eastside residents who underwent rehabilitation process and are looking for reintegration back into society and rebuilding of work skills will have the training available to them in one of the following areas: Human Resources agent Office assistant Operations assistant manager Basic IT operations technician All the above skills are easily trainable and learnable in environment where the trainee is partnered up with an existing employee of organization whose primary area of responsibility is one of the skills. Training will entail one week of theory, one week of practice and two weeks of follow up and adjustments. The next month both trainee and educator will work in pair for added support. For basic IT ops training, the time frame extended to three month. These skills can be applied with in any type of business or an organization with in Canada or United States. This provides flexibility of choice for the target pupulation, if they are not interested in IT based work environments. We are committed to development of employees. Ethics, courage, vision and adequate perception of reality are part of the formula that provides potential for greatness. Sustained initiative, with ability to act in uncomfortable or difficult situations according to uncompromised moral standards and ethical values is what we really can cultivate in our employees. (Koestenbaum, 2012). In turn it is our our employes who will work closely with the target population - trainees. Thus this organization will be able to provide much more then just skills, for the person looking to re-enter the society. Internal relationships need to be understood in order to create team’s cohesiveness. The relationships within the organization need to apply to current settings with current team. Each individual employee needs to feel part of the team, part of the decision-making organism. Respect is the premise of the culture with in the organization, all employees will undergo a training seminar of what is expected in the work place. Due to the nature of my organization, a select number of skills can and will be trained with in the facility, the rest of the employees will need to be computer science professionals. Thus to create the same outlook towards each other and to build up respect, team building events will take place. Social events will promote equality and friendlier, more welcome atmosphere. “A coherent set of beliefs, attitudes, and opinions” will help build up the ideology of this company (Clegg, 2011, p. 24). By letting our employees as well as our trainees know that their efforts matter, their opinions count and most importantly their personal goals and growth are taken into account, everyone will feel motivated to excel, be more open to identify mistakes and learn from them. Thus as a transformational servant leader, my social and environmental mission within this company is to ensure an environment of support (CSE, 2010, p.49). Leadership My choice to register this company as a Community Contribution Corporation is based on the expected commitment of the company, to invest 60% of its profits to designated community purposes. (Greens, 2013) The large chunk of the generated revenue being allocated to social needs will help with fostering the culture of care and support within the organization. In addition by registering as C3, if a company is to encounter critical financial situations, our eligibility to apply and be approved for financial support from other non-profits and social-purpose organizations is that much higher. Of course, to avoid such a possibility, the structure of the company is such that we sell, rather than buy services. We provide something that is vital to every business but not every company is able to have their own IT department and that's where we come in. Moreover, we can seek investments from independent stakeholders, who are interested in social support organizations but want guarantees that their money will go to where its designated - the people. Thus our commitment to investment rate of 60% will provide the necessary

Executive Summary

Transcript: Ran 3 scenarios of the model reflecting (Growth Rates, and Occupancy Rates) generating the following results: Worst Case Scenario: IRR of -10% Base Case Scenario: IRR of 23% Best Case Scenario: IRR of 43%. Real Estate Revitalization Project by a JV. Operating model of Renovations fixtures, furniture, equipment, and to sublease. Already 50% lease out and construction not complete. JV has financial Model and will be healthy debt to equity ratio as well net physical assets. JV contributed 100Jd, seek 50,000 JD working capital funding facility timing of cash flows. Joint Venture and Partnership Executive Summary The Housing Bank Complex is strategically located at the core of the Shmeisani district; a uniquely recognized corporate, financial and entertainment area of Jordan’s Capital. The complex will become a corporate mall operated by the JV. It will exhibit a unique modern design that used to enrich visitors and tenants with a holistic experience with on-site parking, nearby hotels, bars and restaurants. With a long history of being one of Amman’s key benchmarks, the complex is destined to thrive with a billion-dollar-project right around the corner in Abdali that will justify the pricing as well as leverage the publicity of Amman to grow and become more vibrant. An ideal partnership constituting an ideal ecosystem and a recovering building is destined to thrive under the patronage of ideal partners and their business contracts and prospects. The partners are: 1) Amman World Trade Center 2) Migrate 3) ABCD 4) Private Business Owners The essence of having different parties to develop this project, to reduce the costs, and exploit new opportunities. More partners sharing the same risk. Background Feasibility Study Conducted

Executive Summary

Transcript: Cultural, Societal, and Demographic Trends Luckily, Pandora has the ability to combat the issue of Italy's declining economy due to its accessibility as: A free app which can be easily downloaded to a multitude of platforms, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. Users have the freedom to log on/off of their individual online account when not in use (which is helpful for those using a public networks and computers) Executive Summary Opportunities Obstacles After working on this project we found that bringing Pandora to Italy is going to be very difficult due to government regulations, prices of music royalties are high, close competition with iTunes Radio and Spotify, and Italy, itself is in a severe recession. We believe that if Pandora came to Italy it would eventually succeed, it would just take time to enter into the market and make themselves known. What We Learned Strengths Recent increase in smart phones MGP (Music Genome Project) Wireless internet has become more accessible for computers and smartphones Laptop ownership has become more common SWOT Analysis Italian government Licensing rights Royalty costs Time Other music competitors from Italy who also offer an app format PROs like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC performance-rights organizations Industry Situation Guerrilla Marketing Marketing Implementation Marketing Goals and Objectives Our goal is to bring Pandora to Italy, and give people the music that they will love. We want to allow people the freedom of listening to any music they want if they just select the station or genre of music. Our main objective to introduce Pandora to Europe starting with Italy. After Pandora is in Italy, it will begin to expand to the surrounding places through word of mouth, and other guerrilla marketing strategies. iTunes Radio allows users to create and customize individual stations 250 DJ-curated and genre-focused stations Like and dislike buttons help tailor playlists to the listener's specific taste and mood ("Play More Like This" or "Never Play This Song") Available formats include: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV Not available on Android or Google platforms Access to thousands of new songs every week. Easily share stations via AirDrop, iMail, iMessage, Twitter, and Facebook Friends can listen to music that adjusts to their evolving tastes Available in Europe The Music Genome Project Stocks: Pandora Media Inc. (P) The younger population is responsible for much of the recent advancements in technology, due to their earlier exposure. Because of the poor fertility rate in Europe, and Italy in particular, we are seeing a decline in this portion of their economy making it a possible threat toward our goal of bringing Pandora to this country. Although the older generation's curiosity is expanding for newer technology like Facebook and Instagram, the learning curve is a bit slower for the "Baby Boomers" than for the "Millenniums." Competitor #2: Spotify The reason Pandora has not yet expanded outside the United States, Australia, and New Zealand is because of strict licensing laws. Pandora's CEO, Joseph Kennedy, worked on lowering music licensing fees for Internet radio services last year called the Internet Radio Fairness Act, and failed. Congressional leaders did not agree that it was unfair for Internet radio to pay more in licensing fees to play artists' music. Others argued that artists should not have to sacrifice what they are getting paid just because Pandora is not a profitable company. According CFO Tom Conrad, Pandora currently uses a "statutory licensing provision that allows [them] to do what [they] do without having to directly negotiate licenses with record labels. Although the road to pursue direct licensing is lengthy and difficult, expanding could very well be in Pandora's distant future. They recommend that hopeful customers "don't hold their breath." Pandora teams up with various online retailers and offers links for listeners to purchase songs that have been featured in their personalized channels. >400 different musical attributes are considered when selecting the next song Focus traits (2000) include rhythm syncopation, key tonality, and vocal harmonies Pandora can be played on home CE devices like WD TV, Roku, Google TV, audio-video receivers, Blu-Ray players & many HDTVs Pandora can be played in vehicles equipped with Blutooth technology If your car was not manufactured with Bluetooth, other options are available including multimedia systems that can be installed Available on Google Android OS, Blackberry and iPhone Also available as free app with ad-free streaming for Windows Phone 8 (until 2014) Access to over 800,000 songs Because our current market is primarily people 18-25 years old, we will make that our target market in Italy as well. We will use our current demographics to target people in Italy, this will provide us with a basis for how this demographic in Italy will act and react to certain marketing strategies we

Executive Summary

Transcript: Dylan Sandborn - Owner of MIA , since 2000 Megan Blue - Head Mistress of MIA, since 2010 Jason Christopher - Director of IT, since 2010 Tyhimba Lucky- Lime representative for MIA Objective Executive Summary PROJECT LEADERS Anyone using the MIA Wi-Fi system, to have an uninterrupted Internet experience. In today's IT - enabled learning environment, students are required to use a wide range of education software tools for e-learning, research, projects, design and presentations (Yuan, 2013) The Situation this will correct the issue with the wireless WiFi system Budget The projected budget for this project is $30,000 Goal Overview MIA sits on 10 acres of beautiful land that over looking the Atlantic Ocean. We have a very positive staff and wonderful student body. The wireless Wi-Fi systems in our buildings are constantly losing power. If we are selected to receive the funding..... Serving families from St. Kitts and the expatriate communities since 2000, founded by Dylan Sandborne, we are a fully accredited, independent international school for students from grades 1 through 4th form. We offer a solid college-preparatory academic program built on the Canadian educational standards supported by teachings that reflect international best-practices We will use the funding to rewire the buildings and purchase a new router system. MIA has conducted an infrastructure test along with Lime (our Internet provider) and we have found the problem, it is originating from the wiring. YEAH problem found but not solved. Enhance students Internet experiences and knowledge without power interruptions The Solution Funding to improve the schools infrastructure Grant Proposal, PD-04-1260 for Mathematics, Science and Infrastructure Program for Maria International Academy Kimberly Roache Decmeber 2013 Budget

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