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Transcript: i have this book and few others i can bring and we can pass around Current Efforts not always a building DESIGN INSPIRATION. INSPIRE CHANGE. Inspiration Design at it's core is simply "problem solving". Beautiful and functional problem solving. Giving people a sense of place/home: As Vijay Govindarajan said "Having a home should be a human right, not a priviledge". So let's take this core principal of design and FIX this situation. Give people around the world a place a live, a sense of place. Giving Inspiration & Hope: Artwork, monuments, architectural wonders, etc. These give a....... Sense of Place What inspires you? im thinking a barrage of amazing images and short video clips here. not just buildings - but people and things that inspire us. any action or experience we have had that has inspired us. ...Then he said something that I still think about. He said, “I had lost faith in the human race, but you guys gave me my faith back. Thank you.” - Ben Magee - for Ben it was just seeing that someone cared and he wasn't alone. ... flowers. scale is that you have a thousand different solutions that you can change and replicate - it is not above the same thing done 1000 times what makes a home? homes are central to a person's identity - provide both physical and mental foundation Some inspirational buildings/monuments to consider looking at: *as a whole are inspirting (historical): Lalibella - Ethiopia *are inspiring because they bring hope / pride to a culture or community: -New Mosque Islamic Cultural Center Museum of Tirana (video) Design That Matters

Design Inspiration

Transcript: -Eyelets--> spotlight -Thread- $2 at lincraft for a 1000m spool -Lacing cord--> spotlight -Piping cord--> spotlight Design Inspiration Contemporary Kenzo Takada Evaluation: It is evident from the results that both silk and cotton effectively absorb dye. However the outcome for Silk proves to be more effective than Cotton. -Vintage crisp white cotton yukata with indigo design. -$2.85 per 1/2 yard D e s i g n 1 Available from: KimoYES vintage Japanese fabric and clothing. Focus Area Design 3(final) Patterns Kimonos Cotton(Yukata) fabrics Firm black kimono panel with woven spider chrysanthemums in white, red/brown and with metallic gold centres. 52 x 14 inches (132.08 x 35.56cm) $15.20 Justification of how designs ideas are Innovative/creative Method: Itajime shibori is a shape-resist technique. The cloth is folded like an accordion and sandwiched between two pieces of wood or any flat shaped object, which are held in place with string or rubber bands. Result: Evaluation:The shapes prevent the dye from penetrating the fabric they cover and give an endless variety of patterns depending on the fold, binding object and placement of rubber bands. Planning, sourcing, investigation and evaluation Notions Fabrics -Classes -Websites -Excursion -Observing fashion trends Akira Isogawa Aesthetical aspects -piping on bodice -decorative bow and flowers -ruffles -shibori dyeing Alexander McQueen Functional aspects -lace up back/eyelets on bodice -skirt Historical Shibori dyeing Japanese culture The contemporary influence contains modern fashion trends, in particular Avant garde fashion. Glorious off white high end kimono silk with wove flowers design. Flowers are about a half inch across. $6.65 AUD per 1/2 yard Aesthetical aspects -shibori dyeing -decorative bow and flowers -piping on bodice -printed lining Experiment: Natural and Synthetic Dyes Shibori Cultural -Absorbent -Takes colour well -Lightweight -All-climate fabric- silk is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise. The historical influence on my ideas consists of the history of Japanese textile and dyeing techniques. Aim: To test the kumo and Itajime types of Shiboi Dyeing techniques. Functional aspects - Lace up back/eyelets to hold the bodice into place -Zipper on the skirt Aesthetic aspects -Decorative bow -Decorative flowers -Shibori dyeing -Piping on the bodice -Flounce hem Silk(woven) fabrics Influence on the development of ideas Method:Kumo shibori is a twist and bind resist technique. This technique involves wrapping sections of the cloth over a found object, usually small stones or pebbles. Then the cloth is bound in very close sections with rubber bands. Result: Evaluation: The result is a very specific circular spider-like design. (Wearable)Textile art Shibori dyeing experiment Paper fan Itajime Shibori Meshwork McCalls pattern Vintage 1950s McCalls 4633 slim fitting mermaid skirt. -View B has a bottom flounce hem. -Available from Spotlight for $20 - Vintage crisp white cotton yukata with indigo design. -$2.66 per 1/2 yard, Design Ideas Silk Cotton D e s i g n 2 -Soft -Durable -Breathable -Cheap -Environmentally friendly The cultural influence on the development of my design ideas- includes the Japanese culture and its traditional fashion trends, such as the kimono. Avant Garde Japanese Meshwork Available from: KimoYES vintage Japanese fabric and clothing. Woven vintage silk obi bolt with pattern down entire length of bolt. 150 x 11 inches (381 x 27.94cm) $57.00 Designers Kumo Shibori My MTP fits into this focus areas because; - It is not washable -It is highly decorative - Although the structure is clothing it would not suite everyday attire - It Involves creative cultural and contemporary uses for surface decoration -It cannot be classified as costume or apparel Aim: to determine how well cotton and silk absorb dye. Method: using small samples of cotton and silk. You will need 3 samples of each. 1. Make up direct dye solution. Submerge samples in dye bath and agitate for 10 minutes. Record results 2. make up acid dye solution. Submerge samples in dye bath and stir and leave for 10 minutes. Remove from dye bath, and allow to cool. Record results. 3. Make up onion skin dye solution. Submerge samples and boil for 10 minutes. Remove from dye bath and allow to cool. Record results. Results: Major Textiles Work Proposal Lotus My designs are both innovative and creative because they draw inspiration from a range of different cultural, historical and contemporary aspects. Through my designs I aim to create a piece, which embodies traditional Japanese dress wear in a modernised way. My designs are unique, highly decorative and include many interesting features, which are mentioned throughout this presentation. Considered fabrics Stockists and prices Functional aspects -zipper on bodice -zipper on skirt How I gathered my ideas

Design Inspiration

Transcript: It creates emotions in which brings forth the courage within an individual to overcome any obstacle-even if it is against good. Focus area and product description I have pieced together faux leatherette, animal leatherette python fabric and concertina knit fabric together in order to find whether or not they contrast with one another. My inspiration goes hand-in-hand with my focus area as it is a costume in which plays a role within a character which is my inspiration. Growing up children are influenced by many characters in fairy tales. Fairy tales capture the hearts of children all over the world. As apart of my costume, there will be a long tale which represents authority as a long tale was once worn my royalty which had the upper-hand in commanding civilians. It will also have a high collar which brings forth the essence of evil. These have a great relevance with one another as they may be used to be apart of a movie which may depict an evil character. My costume will have a bond and relationship with the 1950's. I have evaluated that some features don't work as well as other features on certain points on the body. . My inspiration would have to be the raw and edgy look of the evil characters. It accentuates the bold and daring alter-ego within every individual. . Justification of creative and/or innovative design I have created many experimentations in order to situate the positioning of features on my costume. Textiles and Design Oral Inspiration My focus area on my product is to be apart of a costume. It is a coat in which really depicts the sense of character in which I am trying to bring across to my viewers. Main inspiration . As for colour, there will be a wide contrast of cold and dark colours. My inspiration, as I said, are the evil characters within fairy tale movies. As I am inspired by these characters, I then decided on creating a coat as apart of a costume. A form of entertainment in which will never die. . It conveys the presence of an old school emotion as it should and/or may bring forward old memories of fairy tales which were established within that period of time. Relationship to historical and cultural factors . . Possible experimentation, testing and investigation methods . Relevance to focus area: What relationship goes your inspiration have with your focus area? . It will be used to go along with another costume in which may partner one another in conveying the sense of tone which the piece is trying to bring across. This brings forward the strong presence of evil as my costume is apart of an evil character and also the texture of the costume will have a variety of soft and rough fabrics. Design Inspiration . It will not only have some aspects of the 1950's but also some modern adjustments in order to create a bond between past and present.

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