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Periodic Table Powerpoint Project

Transcript: You May Find This In Toxis Like Maybe Foe Example Rat Posioning, and Insecticides. DeFine Isotopes : are different types of atoms (nuclides) of the same chemical element, each having a different number of neutrons Anion are negative ions Mordern Periodic Table Element Electonegativity is a chemical property that describes the ability of an atom or, more rarely, a functional group to attract electrons or electron density towards itself. Thallium (Ti) Cation Metallic atoms hold some of their electrons relatively loosely, and as a result, they tend to lose electrons and form. A low-abundance element in both the solar system and the Earth's crust, boron is concentrated on Earth by the water-solubility of its more common naturally-occurring compounds, the borate minerals. It is Not Use in Anything Industry. DeAunte Long 2nd Hour Boron Group Boron (B) The Difference Bewtween Group & Period ? A group is also called a family, and runs in columns. All the elements in a group share the same characteristics. For example, Group 18: The Noble Gases, do not react with any other elements. Elements in a period however, do not share the same characteristics. Periods run in rows. There are 7 periods and 18 groups The Elements Are semi-metal Boron (B) and metals Aluminum (Al), Gallium (Ga), Indium (In), and Thallium (Tl). Thallium Atomic Number is 81 and the Mass Number is 204.383. It Is Also Metal. Atomic Radius is a measure of the size of its atoms, usually the mean or typical distance from the nucleus to the boundary of the surrounding cloud of electrons Ionization energy is is the minimal energy required to remove (to infinity) an electron from the atom or molecule isolated in free space and in its ground electronic state All My Information amd Sites I went to Was Wikipedia, and Also Google Picture. And Chemical Resoures,com Family Information The History Over The Periodic Table Of Elements Started Reflects Over A century Of Growth in the Understanding Of Chemical properties and culminates with the publication of the first actual periodic table by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. History Boron Family (13) - do not occur elementally in nature - are scarce in nature (except aluminum, which is the most abundant metallic element) - have three valence electrons - are metallic (except boron, which is a solid metalloid) - are soft and have low melting points (except boron, which is hard and has a high melting point) - are chemically reactive at moderate temperatures (except boron) The Periodic Table Is Arranged By Atomic Numbers. They Are Positioned into vertical columns (Groups) and horizontal rows (Periods) to display these commonalities. Atomic Number Tells Me How Many Protons Are in A Atom. Mass Number Tells Me how many protons and neutrons in its atoms. References Boron Group

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Transcript: Technology can cause a lot of problems such as: Child Obesity Headphone Use Leading To Accidents Car Crashes Can Make you Antisocial Addiction Cyber bullying Stress And Lack Of Sleep When you get worried and all worked up about something or when you have lots to do and not much time to do it in and you get worried. Caitlin S's Opinion Results Something that can be committed, witnessed or can be a victim of by either child or adult. All it takes is one harsh comment a retaliation and then it turns into a cyber war the results are never great for the victim in some cases the victim suiciding. I have never been cyberbullied but I have witnessed it countless times on YouTube, Facebook even on my primary school website all it takes is a “joke” or an insult and then a few others respond then them comments had to be pulled down. Spending too much time playing video games and ignoring other things you should be doing like spending time with family doing homework etc Going on your devices before going to bed isn’t something you should do if you want a good night's sleep. Looking at a screen before bed stimulates your brain making it hard for you to get to sleep.- Car crashes can be caused by the simplest distraction or just plain not paying attention to your surroundings. In experience my mother, sister and I were going for a drive and we stopped at the intersection. As the light went green we got ready to pull out when some person pulled across the intersection looking at their phone and went hurtling on to the footpath and then turned into a driveway luckily there was no one on the footpath at the time. Not only was the person not paying attention to the road but they also had a young child in the front passenger seat. Notes Child Obesity Is Far More Common Nowadays Because Of The Lack Of Fitness In A Child's Daily Routine. According To The Average Child Spends Up To Seven Hours A Day Watching T.V, Surfing The Internet And Playing Video Games Therefore With Kids Inside Playing Video Games Rather Than Playing Outside Exercising And Having A Snack Every Now And Again Child Obesity Is Far More Common. In my opinion technology has definitely changed our lives getting the brick phones from the 20th century and comparing it to the pocket size samsung of the 21st technology has changed and evolved over the years as it will continue to change. In centuries our great grandchildren will probably be able to predict the future technology is changing more than we know it. Technology has impacted on our lives in a huge way it has impacted on me by allowing me to talk to my family overseas and that’s just one of the many things technology can do., -Caitlin Most headphones block out all sounds so you can tune out the world not always the best idea if you're crossing the road though. Yes you may be jamming to your favorite song but you are at the same time block out the sound of cars rushing past. In experience our family friend was walking home from school one day and he had earphones in both ears and it was on full volume so he couldn’t hear a thing. He went to cross the road but was looking at his phone so he didn’t see or hear a car coming. Although the car was going the school zone speed limit, it was enough to send him to the ground and badly break his leg. If the car had been going any faster he might have died. I think that technology has been very helpful for me in school, if I didn’t have my laptop I would not be writing this and that would take me longer to do all my work by hand (using a piece of paper and pen). There is so much technology around that most people use and I don’t use too much technology but when I do like playing games it’s much faster than playing a board game and some games are fun and some are addicting… -Caitlin Caitlin C's Opinion Steve Jobs Sketches Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24th 1955 in San Francisco, California. Jobs counter cultural lifestyle and philosophy was a product of the time and place of his upbringing. Jobs was adopted at birth in San Francisco, and raised in a hotbed of counterculture, the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960s After high school,Steve briefly attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon before dropping out in 1972 Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 to sell Wozniak's Apple personal computer. After leaving Apple, Jobs took a few of its members with him to found NeXT, a computer platform development company specializing in state-of-the-art computers for higher-education and business markets. How Has Technology Affected People's Health Negatively? In This Prezi We Will Reviewing How Technology Has Affected People's Health Please Enjoy. When you are at a restaurant with your family, how many people are on their phones when someone else is talking take my family for example none of us are on devices we are all talking to each other and being social.- Realisation Thank You For Taking The Time To Watch Our Prezi I Hope You Enjoyed.

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Periodic Table Powerpoint Presentation

Transcript: Transition Metals References History of Lawrencium: Periodic table: Definition of terms: Prentice Hall Chemistry book Cobalt,Co Atomic number:27 Mass number:58.9332 Cobalt is a metal. Cobalt is sometimes usde as dyes and magnets as well as coloring glass and glazes blue. It is not used for anything but for the things that were mentioned before. Cobalt's melting point is 1495 degrees celsius and its boiling point is 2870 degrees celcius and cobalt is not flammable with no flash point. Cobalt reacts with water when its red hot, grabbing the oxygen and making cobalt oxide while evolving hydrogen gas but acts just like any other metal. The electron configuration of cobalt is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d7 4s2. Cobalt will bond with carbon and they make a covalent bond. Marmite is a type of food that people in Europe eat, containg B12 and containing cobalt. Sometimes in the lab it is "roasted" to form a mixture of metals and metal oxides. The elements in the family is Scandium, Yttrium, Lutitium, and Lawrencium. All of the elements in this family are all metals, therefore they are all solids. Characteristics of transition metals: Contain one or two valence electrons. Are usually harder and more brittle than metals in 1 and 2. Have silvery luster except gold and copper. They are also good conductors of heat. Second hour Miranda Hirsch Cobalt Atomic number tells you the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom. Mass number tells you the total number of of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom. An isotope is an atom of the same element that have the same atomic number but different atomic masses due to a different number of neutrons. An example of an isotope is an element like Carbon12, Carbon14 is an isotope of Carbon. The difference between a group and a period on the periodic table is a group goes up and down on the periodic table and a period goes across. Atomic radius is one-half the distance between the nuclei of two atoms of the same element when the atoms are joined. Ionization energy is the energy required to move an electron from an atom in its gaseous state. Electronegativity is the ability of an atom to attract electrons when the atom is in a compound. Cation is any atom or group of atoms with a positive charge. Anion is any atom or group of atoms with a negative charge. The trends that exist among properties can be explained by variations in atomic structure. The increase in nuclear charge within groups and across periods explains many trends . Within groups an increase in shielding has a signifigant effect. A group of scientists named Albert Ghiorso, Torbjorn.Sikkeland, Almon.E. Larsh, and Robert.M. Latimer discovered Lawrencium and named it after Ernest O. Lawerence in honor of him. The symbol of Lawrencium was at first Lw but was changed in 1963 it was changed to Lr. Further experiments in 1969 was constructed which demonstrated an actinide chemistry for it. This placed Larencium on the periodic table. Lawrencium, Lr Transition metals are very hard with high melting and boiling points. They are ductile, malleable and conduct electricity and heat. Have mutiple oxidation states which allows them to form many different ionic compounds. They are found between groups 3 and 12 on the periodic table. There are 38 different types of transition metals. They are sometimes used for electrical technology and to build buildings. Transition metal have valence electrons in more than one of thier electron shells. Nickel, iron, titanium and copper are the only transition metals that can produce a magnetic field.

Periodic Table Powerpoint Project

Transcript: I got my information from the chemistry book Oxygen Group Oxygen-gas Sulfur-solid Selenium-solid Telurium-solid Polonium-solid oxygen tellurium The periodic table is arranged by groups and periods Atomic Number tells you the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom of an element Mass Number tells you the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom Isotope-atoms of the same element that have the same atomic number but different masses due to a different number of neutrons. Ex. C-12 and C-14 Group is the vertical columns Period is the horizontal rows Atomic Radius-one-half the distance between the nuclei of two atoms of the same element when the atoms are joined Ionization energy-energy required to remove an electron from an atom in its gaceous state Electronegativity-ability of an atom to attract electrons when the atom is in a compound Cation-any atom or group of atoms with a positive charge Anion-any atom or group of atoms with a negative charge atomic size decreases when going to the right ionization energy, electronegativity, and nuclear charge increases when going to the right shielding is constant when going to the right atomic size, ionic size, nuclear charge, and shielding increase when going down ionization energy, and electronegativity decrease when going down selenium Oxygen is reactive with almost any other element except noble gases-helium, neon, argon, and krypton; is a nonmetal; and forms the compounds: peroxides, superoxides, ozonides, hypofluorous acid, deoxygenyl, dioxygen diflouride, and oxygen diflouride Sulfur is really reactive with all metals except gold and platinum; is a nonmetal; and forms rhombic sulfur, amorphous sulfur, and sulfides Selenium is decently reactive with hydrogen, flourine, chlorine, bromine, nitric and sulfuric acids; is a nonmetal; and forms compounds called selenides Tellurium is reactive with chlorine, flourine, nitrogen; is a metalloid; and forms compounds called tellurols Polonium is reactive with dilute acids; is a metal; and has no compounds of practical use Oxygen is found all around you. Such as in the air you breathe, and in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans Oxygen is used for welding, hospital breathing devices, methane, ethane oxides, rocket fuel oxidents, steel manufacturing, and breathing Melting Point:-218.4 deegrees Celsius Boiling point:-183.0 degrees Celsius Oxygen is not flammable Oxygen is reactive with almost any other element except noble gases-helium, neon, argon, and krypton Oxygen O Atomic Number: 8 Mass Number: 15.9994 nonmetal Joshua Dickey 2 Oxygen Group O Oxygen polonium Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, came up with the periodic table in 1869 arrangement of elements in which the elements are seperated into groups based on a set of repeating properties the most common is the "long form" horizontal row is called period vertical column is called a group sulfur Oxygen's electron configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p4 Ionic Bonding-Chlorine, Sodium Covalent Bonding-Oxygen Metallic Bonding-none a unique characteristic about Oxygen is that even though Oxygen is a gas it doesn't burn but it does support combustion

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