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StopLight Project

Transcript: Red Light: Isolationism: Can't let anyone else in. Close the gate - stop the changes. Palmer Raids: Searching for anyone with accents or other traits that make them seem like immigrants. KluKlux Klan: Peak Membership: 5 million in 1925. Fear that the Immigrants will take over jobs. Green Light: Socalists, Anarchists, Communists in the US. Emma Goldman wants to bring on the good, bring justice. Believe that the justice system was rigged, deporting people who weren't even immigrants. Yellow Light : Honestly, immigrants aren't something I worry about so much. I know this is still happening today, right now. But I believe they're just looking for a better life. And the fact that the people in the 1920s believed that the immigrants were there to take over their jobs and such seemed stupid to me. Two men were even accused of murder for seeming like immigrants and they were executed. Turns out that they weren't in the end. Welcome to the 1920s! The Red Scare Racial Integration in Chicago during 1919. Fear Factor in the 1920s leading to the deportation of many. Stop Light Project By: Sarah Snow Red Light: Women not being able to vote. Only rich, white men who owned property were allowed to vote. Not even blacks could vote because they were considered property. Even low, hillbilly men were able to vote. But nice, cleaned up women were unable to. If woman get the right to vote, the men would be doing the house work. Green Light: Break the change, the further the woman are up the ladder, the closer they're to heaven. More rights, more jobs. Gained rights to own property and take care of finances. Women's Christian Temperance Movement. Seneca Falls Convention: Started by Susan B. Anthony. Yellow Light: I'm a woman. And this is just so annoying to me. Woman should have never had to fight for their rights. They're just a strong as men, and for some, even stronger. Woman should have had the right to vote from the very beginning. Racial Tensions Woman Fight for their right to vote Suffrage Where we will be exploring the Red Lights and the Green Lights of some special events that occurred during the 1920s. Lets get started! Red Light: Blacks moved down North to hopefully live a better life. However, tensions still arose. White Neighborhoods refused to sell homes to blacks. They wanted to keep segregation "alive". Also known as the Jim Crow Laws. Enforcing Segregation. Beaches were segregated. Then causing the death of a black teen. 38 died, 28 of them were blacks. Riots occurred in 24 cities. Green Light: However on the other side, people out there believed that they should allow blacks into their neighborhoods. Allow blacks to swim on their of the beach. Basically no segregation at all. Yellow Light: The fact that they even had to seperate the water fountains that people would drink out of seems a little excessive to me. I think that white have over reacted completely to this. I believe their wrong to follow the Jim Crow laws. We treated blacks horribly black then. We are created equal. Why couldn't they have seen that!?

powerpoint template

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