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Transcript: SIPOC diagram Thank You! What is SIPOC?: a tool used in the Six Sigma methodology diagram that represents the chain: suppliers, input, process, output and customers. Topic 1 Title Why would you like to use this tool? • to have a high level of insight into the process and analyze it • to understand the subprocesses and relationships between them • to identify areas of the process requiring changes or where a problem can occur • to encourage project teams to improve the process Topic 2 When would you use this tool (context)? • before work begins, to identify all relevant elements of a process improvement project • at the Measure phase of the Six Sigma methodology to define a complex project Title How to make the best use of the tool (tips and traps)? Answer questions about each of its five components (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customer). Focus on capturing the set of inputs and outputs rather than the individual steps in the process. Develop the tool by two further areas: resources necessary to complete the process and rules (legal regulations) governing the process. Define processes and related elements first and then assign them to a given category (S-I-P-O-C). Elements of the diagram should be written specifically and unambiguously. Describe the elements using nouns and verbs. Topic 3 Use the diagram as an aid to establish decision points. If any problems within process found, correct it and streamline the process. Perform supplier and output identification process. What could be done next? Title Topic 4 1. Name the process 2. Establish the starting and ending points 3. Define the top-level steps of the process 4. Enlist the key outputs for the process 5. Define who receives the outputs 6. Establish the inputs to the process and define who supplies them How to use SIPOC diagram? Title a need to identify and eliminate a problem within the process. to distinguish and work on sub-processes that are taking place and relations between them to analyze and modify the process precisely with the detailed layout of the elements included an overview for members of the group who design a certain action. Application of the SIPOC diagram Title


Transcript: + Operative and financial HEALT ...!! + To have a good budget reference. + To have good elements to take decisions. + Many more... like an: "Integral operative|financial process." + SIPOC + GIGO + Workflow example. Conscience !!¿? Conscience !!¿? Conscience !!¿? I just finished my job!! First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win !! Knowledge¿? Time to evaluate our DATA and MODEL..... ¿? Economic Mindset. How are we and our people interpreting this concept? or, is our people interested to act in order to make this company grow? how?? What do we need? Ex: + Operative and administrative issues with suppliers. - Invoices, even including intercompanies. - Became, No payments, claims and wasted time for all. - Do we need a reorganization? + Internal criteria. - Forklift in the backyard | Tire cost 12k MXN (we pay rent) + Equipment recovered, sent to be since more than a year. + Warehouse, production, finance.... + Follow the rules, clean up the house. Pourpose: Suppliers.... How do we affect to the next part of the process (Production | administration)? Internal Factors -> Data and communication. External Factors -> Suppliers | Customers Are we discovering the black thread? Of course NOT!! This company, our responsibility. To comment: ° Prepare the land!! Why??? + Environmental labor. + Strategy | Actions. + Message - Nothing happend. Customers.... Get in mind !! Instructions!! Conscience !!¿? Some times the people give up when it´s ignored !!!

SIPOC Overview

Transcript: Resource that is result of process Products, services and/or information that are valuable to customer Examples: Patient registered, bed & nurse assignment, patient discharged, patient cured. Exercise 2 Exercise 1 SIPOC Exercise 3 Person/organization that receives products or services Users of the outputs Examples: Patients, MDs, RNs, Patient families 1. The SIPOC Diagram should describe the existing process and not the "to be" process. 2. Have at least 1-2 Subject Matter Experts who know the process review the SIPOC Diagram for accuracy and completeness. 3. Include sub-processes and other key system interfaces within your SIPOC Diagram. 4. You can include additional descriptive information where appropriate such as applications involved, functional owners, etc. P - Process Series of steps (or defined sequence of activities) where an input is converted to output 5-8 high (macro) level steps Beginning step should match Trigger in Reason for Action (Box 1) Ending step should match End Point in Reason for Action (Box 1) What does a SIPOC diagram look like? I - Inputs Before you start your SIPOC consider this: Resource that is added to the process by a supplier Material, service and/or information used by the process to produce the outputs. Examples: Sick patient, available patient room, MD order C - Customer Tool used by a team to ID all relevant elements of process before work begins High-level picture of process that depicts how current process is servicing customer What is a SIPOC Diagram? Person or organization that provides input(s) to the process. Examples: referring physician, registrar, RN. S - Suppliers O - Outputs

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