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Sign, Sign, Assign

Transcript: Sign, Sign, Assign Cori Monroe Familiar Artist American Artist Pioneer of Conceptual Art in the 1960s His work has consistently explored the production and role of language and meaning within art Inspired me to show different ways to symbolize my artwork Joesph Kosuth Subtopic 1 Shows three chairs in different ways. One in Three Chairs Photograph of chair The physical chair The definition of a chair British artist His art practices involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live artwork Inspired me of a 3D moon, and how light and shadows work help create a beautiful piece of work Luke Jerram Artist 1 Artwork Inflatable helium balloon, 7 meters in diameter Museum of the Moon American artist, art director, puppeteer, set designer, animator, cartoonist and illustrator. Has won three Emmy Awards for his work Inspires me to add words to my painting to give the viewer a better understanding of the piece, and how they might see it. Wayne White Artist 2 Artwork Viewers can make their own meaning to an artwork, but it gives you an idea of where to start. I Ain't Crazy One of the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art Had paranoia and has epileptic fits Inspires me to incorporate religion and eternity through his work of the Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh Artist 3 Artwork The sky is represented as the divine. The church touching the divine, shows eternity in after life. Starry Night IC College student Majors: Art and Sociology Inspired me to regather myself from a year ago to recreate a better galaxy painting. Corinne Monroe Me Artwork Eternity

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