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Prezi Tutorial

Transcript: Prezi Introduction Pay Close Attention! What is it? Prezi is a is an online program for presentations. What is it? Prezi uses cool transitions to help add more interest. Essentially the transitions make it more engaging to the audience. It's more than just a PowerPoint It's more than a PowerPoint How it Works. You pick a template for your presentation. You add your information. You don't need to add transitions. How it Works Go Slow It may take some time to understand exactly how Prezi works. Play around with the program. Go Slow! Go to Click on the button "Get Started" Choose the "Basic" option. Fill in your info. Make an Account Make an Account Choose a Template The template you choose is the template you are going to use for your Civil Rights Presentation. Choose wisely. Choose a Template The side bar is how you access the different slides. The Side Bar Side Bar Side Bar The sidebar will list the different slides and their subslides. If you click on a slide in the sidebar, you will be to access that slide and edit it. The Sidebar There is an an arrow next to the title "Side Bar" on the side bar that will take you back to the previous slides. Side Bar Side Bar If you need more slides than the template offers you can add more! Adding More Adding More Adding More If you want to add another topic (the overview slide), go back to the the overview page. There is a blue button in the bottom left-hand corner that says +Topic. To add another subtopic (extra info/slide for a topic) click on the topic you want to add to, and that same button will say +Subtopic. If you want to add another page under your subtopic, click on your sub topic and click the same button, but this time it will say +Page Adding More Just like PowerPoint, you can change the font, change colors, add pictures. Making it Frilly Making it Frilly At the top of the website, there are all the File, Edit, Insert, etc. options. Underneath those options is how you change font style, color, & size. It's also how you change paragraph stuff. The Tools The Tools

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