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Transcript: 24/04/2020 Scoreboard x Adults Children Conscious Choking Infant Definition Conscious Choking is the inability to breathe due to a blockage in the airways while being able to respond Conscious Choking Adult Conscious Choking Adult If a adult is choking, the person will exhibit symptoms They cannot cough Cant breathe Cant speak You must first ask for consent from the choking person and proceede to go through CPR until EMS arrive Child Conscious Choking Child During the crisis of a child choking you should follow these steps: Ask the guardian of the child for consent Give 5 back blows Perform the heimilch maneuver Infant Conscious Choking Ask for consent Give 5 back blows and chest thrusts with two fingers repeat until EMS arrive or Infant Unconscious Choking Unconscious Choking Adults Children Infant Definition Unconscious choking is when a person lose alertness or falls out due to a blockage of the airways Adult/Child Unconscious Choking Call 911 Lay the victim face up on the floor Perform CPR Check for particles to clear airways Infant Unconscious Choking Call 911 If alone, care for the victim ASAP Open airways and check for breathing 2 rescue breaths Use pinky to swab mouth AED Automated external defibrillator is used for sudden cardiac arrest. It analyzes the heart's rhythm and gives an electric shock if needed AED Steps Steps Open shirt and rub dry his or her chest Place the AED pads on the right position Left Shoulder Right side Front and back on an infant Make sure no one is touching the person Once shock is delivered, perfom CPR until shock is needed again Stroke/Aneurysm Stroke/Aneurysm A stroke occurs when there is a ruptured blood vessel in the brain or blood supply that is blocked by the brain A aneurysm is a result of a weakened artery wall which makes parts of the body buldge Stroke Symptoms of a Stroke Headaches numbness to the face or the body trouble with balance impaired vision confusion Call 911 as soon as possible and perform CPR if necessary. Do NOT let the person fall asleep Aneurysm Symptoms: Aneurysm Memory Issue vomiting weakness in one or both limbs Call 911 as soon as possible if sign occur Heart Attack Heart Attack A heart attack occurs when there is blockage of flow of blood to the heart. It could be a buildup of fat or cholesterol. Symptoms Symptoms Pressure Shortness of Breath Cold Sweat Fatigue/ Lightheaded What to do until EMS arrive What to do until EMS arrive Call 911 ASAP and check if the person have a pulse. If not, perform CPR until EMS arrive Poisoning Poisoning Anything that is harmful to the body. You can swallow, inhale, or absorb through skin. It could be on accident or planned out.This includes: Lead Spoiled Food Bug spray Household products Symptoms Symptoms Rash Nasuea Dry mouth Shaking Confusion Diabetic Emergencies Diabetic Emergencies happens when the sugar in the blood is too low or too high. Diabetic Emergencies Symptoms Symptoms Shaking or sweating Inattention Dizzines Irritability Heat Emergencies Heat Emergencies Heat emergencies are health crises caused by exposure to hot weather and sun. Heat emergencies have three stages: heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. All three stages of heat emergency are serious. Symptoms Symptoms Heat Cramps Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke If you played sports in hot weather, then you experience some of these symptoms Treatment Treatments Call 911 or go to the emergency room if the heat emergency is causing vomiting, seizures, or unconsciousness. Don’t give the person anything to drink if they’re vomiting or unconscious. Never offer a drink containing alcohol or caffeine to someone experiencing a heat emergency. Move to cooler area Infections symptoms Signs of Infection temperature of above 37.5C or below 36C your skin feels hot to touch feeling cold or shivery aching muscles feeling tired stinging or pain when you pass urine being sick (vomiting) headache feeling confused or dizzy Anaphylaxis Severe and possible life-threatening symptom from allergic reaction. It can occur within minutes or even seconds Anaphylaxis Symptoms Symptoms Skin reactions, including hives and itching and flushed or pale skin Constriction of your airways and a swollen tongue or throat, which can cause wheezing and trouble breathing A weak and rapid pulse Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea Dizziness or fainting

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