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Transcript: : Roundworm The reason why all of these species are in different phylums is because of how they evolved over time. Beginning from the colonial choanoflagellate it started to expand and adapt to its new environments. Some choanofalgellate carried onto land while others stayed within the ocean. The ones on land eventually developed into the Chordata, Nemotada, and some Mollusca. While the Choanofalgellate that stayed in the ocean evolved and developed more complex characteristics and eventually became Porifera, Cnidaria and the majority of Mollusca. Porifera Colonial Choanoflagellate Ancestor : Mollusks Citations : Jellyfish Sponge Snail The species most closely related to us are canines Mollusca Environmental Factors Differences & Similarities Bilateral Symmetry No nerves Jellyfish Nerves Nematoda As you can see the similarities are easily shown in that they all begin in their simplest form as cells and progress through the cycle into adulthood. As for the differences, some animals have more complex cycles that either take extra steps or take longer to finish. The jellyfish and roundworms are perfect examples of this. Chordata Roundworm : Mammals Deuterostomes Sponge : Protostomes The reason why canines relate to us the most is because canines are from the same phylum as us, the chordata phylum. Not only is our phylum in common but we are both vertebrates, warm blooded, and are mammals. Dogs are so close to us in fact that even they have coevolution alongside humans as our pets. Canine, Bird, & Fish Radial Symmetry Kingdom Animalia Phylogeny Tree Cnidaria Summary

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