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Transcript: Why do most people need a sense of belonging? Social psychologists have been studying our need for belonging for well over a century and one of the most famous studies on this subject was done by Abraham Maslow who in 1943 proposed that this human need to belong was one of the five basic needs required for self-actualization. In fact, after physiological needs (like food and sleep) and safety needs, he ranked the need for belonging as the next level up in his “Hierarchy of Needs”. Why is self- esteem is so important to people How does Maslow’s Theory fit in with our expectations list? Why would challenging work motivate you? Because having a good pay is necessary, otherwise, said peer could not afford to provide for his/her basic needs. How would working conditions (i.e., clean spaces) factor into motivation? Rewards for accomplishing he task and recognition for completion and possibly notoriety for accomplishing the task How are motivation and behavior related? If you know what motivates you, you will tend to do better because of the motivation. Peers around you may see that you have motivation and that you are being successful and want to follow in your footsteps By : Joel Vasquez , Daniel Quinones, Joseph Perez, Dillon Calahan Why do you think pay is listed as a Hygiene/Maintenance factor instead of a motivating factor? The job expectations list mirrors what McClelland's Theories How does McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theories relate to the list of job expectations we developed earlier? This Are Answers A system of values is a consistent set of values that defines culture and religion as well as personalities and integrity. When people believe that they are important, they take better care of themselves. What are some forms of positive external motivators? In other words, what can you do to motivate your people? Motivation and behavior are related because of the effect motivation has on behavior. Motivation like having good grades and doing good on tasks and tests improves behavior because of the incentive of doing good and being successful. How do our personal values influence us? What is a system of values? How will understanding what motivates you help you motivate others? Challenging work has a sense of reward at the end for accomplishing something difficult. Why should you try to understand people's behavior? Knowing how individual needs influence attitudes, behaviors, and performances will increase your ability to influence others and enable you to be a more effective technician, leader, and mentor. Our own personal values may influence our decisions because we tend to care about our values that we hold. His theory directly reflects a persons expectations and needs. You feel more motivated because the office space feels more welcome and more clean, the job may feel more important instead of some dirty, dead end job.

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Transcript: Usual questions from the Network Administrators: * How many users are impacted? * When did this set-up last known to work? [ Date & time ] * Have you checked it with desktop team? * Has application been configured properly? * Could you provide IP of servers? * Has any change made prior to issue? * Have you confirmed the status of servers? Information required: Source to Destination Server 1) Ping result 2) Traceroute 3) Route map Destination to Source Server 1) Ping result 2) Traceroute 3) Route map Blue title slide Ticket information: LESS INTERRUPTIONS WHILE SOLVING OTHER ISSUES For detailed information on how to use this template efficiently, please reference the HP Template How-to-Guide located here If you have unanswered questions, or if you need help solving a specific issue related to the template, please email: If you are interested in additional training around designing visual messages in PowerPoint (from the vendor who created this template) please locate a class at Grow@hp via the course ID below or visit Grow@hp and “Chat with L&D” Courses are only available to employees, not contractors. Also, they are run when enough employees sign up for them so you actually have to add yourself to a waitlist. For detailed instructions, please go to the How-to-Guide (last slide). The Presentation Company LLC courses available at HP: Creating Visual Messages with PowerPoint (CVM) Course ID: 00043275 Presenting Visual Messages to Executives (PVMtE) Course ID: 00367553 Presenting Data Visually (PDV) Course ID: 00871320 Successful Online Presentations (SOP) Course ID: 22479 TIME SAVINGS Note: The speaker notes for this slide include detailed instructions on how to insert a Title Slide with a different picture. Tip! Remember to remove this text box. Subtitle Speaker’s Name / Month day, 2015 Note: The speaker notes for this slide include detailed instructions on how to insert a Title Slide with a different picture. Tip! Remember to remove this text box. THE INCIDENT SHOULD COME BACK WITH A SOLUTION NO QUESTIONS Title slide with picture How to use this template Subtitle Speaker’s Name / Month day, 2015 Troubleshooting of connectivity issues: Results: Title slide with picture Subtitle Speaker’s Name / Month day, 2015


Transcript: PowerPoint Templates May 2015 Tools Image with Text 14 May 2015 Barbara Melamed Brand and Style Word Templates Powerful messages can go here Multiple Images Caption to describe image Title Slide Title 40pt Name/Author 24pt Date 20pt Headings on Slides 36pt Subheadings 24pt Body copy 20pt Agenda Top Tips Use a template Select the most appropriate slide for your needs Check the headings, don’t forget caps Follow the guidelines for text size Use the pre-set bullet points Don’t write too much on each slide Don’t shrink the text to fit No need to include the logo on each page, but include end slide Questions? Secondary Colours Image to the Right Check copyright Less is More Limit the amount of words An image says a thousand words Unsure? Check with P&P Barbara Melamed Template Slide – 5Ws, 1H UKAD Blue Helvetica Neue (Body and Heading) This is our primary font 9.5pt Letters Templates Brochures and leaflets Arial Digital font 10pt Email Website Subheading Here dolest eosti ut adis eos molupid ebisqui vite volores: Pore non con nos dendam Colours and Charts Primary Colours Top Tips Use a template Select the most appropriate template for your needs Avoid copying into a template, use notepad if no alternative Use the set font and heading styles and size Use the pre-set styles in Word Use the pre-set numbering and bullet points Start with the correct tables Check your footer – GPMS, date and page number Always PDF documents which are being sent externally UKAD Red “UK Anti-Doping has an important mission: protecting sport.” Important Messages Template Slide – Pie Chart Presentation Title Template Slide – Key Figures 14 May 2015 Brand Guidelines: accessible via SharePoint Style Guidelines: accessible via SharePoint Templates: accessible via SharePoint and or Microsoft Word and PowerPoint /File/New In Style: weekly on Comms Chronicle Publishing and Production Team: for logos, images, presentations and any questions or doubts Logos Tools Fonts Templates Colours Logos Presentations Tone of Voice Questions Fonts PowerPoint

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