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Transcript: Students can use it too!!! Prezi application: After introducing the female and male reproductive system, students will group up and create their own prezi and including a diagram of the each system and the a description of what each parts function is. This will be presented in class. * Create new Prezi's with old Powerpoint presentations. Math- Teacher can use the process template to show the step in different math problems. Leads to a door way of opportunities!!!!!! Social Studies- Teacher can use cause and effect template to teach the Boston Tea Party. Prezi Prezi is a website that allows you to communicate ideas, thoughts and facts visually to anyone. Grade: 9th Science- Teacher can use the step-by-step template to teach the order of the Scientific Method. By using Prezi the teacher gives students the opportunity to collaborate their thoughts and ideas about any given subject taught in class. Personal Example.... Prezi is similar to PowerPoint but more complex. Both Prezi and PowerPoint give the user various templates that can be used to present their thoughts, ideas and facts. However, with Prezi the template are metaphors of the user's ideas. Let Me Show You How To! *Upload pictures, videos, and store them in a library for later use in another prezi if needed. Unit: Reproductive Health Class: Health What is Prezi? Prezi allows the user to ..... What can Prezi do? Topic: Female & Male Reproductive System English-Teacher can use the brianstorming template help students to brianstorm as a group about a certain topic. * Collaborate, present online and share.

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Transcript: Need to sign up! Free account on 1. Choose New Prezi. 2. Choose Template or Start from a Blank template. 3. Start adding the presentation information in! YES! It is that easy! Have an old Powerpoint presentation that you want to vamp up? Easily done with Prezi. Select Insert Choose Powerpoint Why Prezi? More interactive More engaging Encourages more creativity The possibilities are endless LOOKS AMAZING! Select INSERT Can insert pictures from file or search straight from the web Ahhhh, the Possibilities To change the order of the slides, you can drag it on the bar to the left. To display the order of the paths, you can also select EDIT PATH Select INSERT Select Youtube Copy the link of the desired video and paste into the box Choose different themes that match the template. TIPS & TRICKS ANY QUESTIONS? By Kim Dong Adding Pictures Adding more frames New to Prezi? Simple demonstrations, the possibilities are endless! There are more functions to be discovered (such as adding music) For more tips and tricks (and for the more advanced user than I am), visit Adding a Video The template will not give you enough frames to use so you will need to add more. Select CUSTOMISE You can change the background image and replace with your own You can change the theme - these come with changes in fonts too! Adding Special Effects to Frame Customize Theme Select EDIT PATH Click the yellow star Choose the order of the items to add the effect to Alternatively, you can add the effect to just one item if desired How to PREZI Edit Path Convert Powerpoint to Prezi

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Transcript: Portfolio Review Cultivation of the intellect – Liberal Education Self-actualization; personal growth - Humanistic Promote personal and social improvement – Behaviorism Promote practical knowledge - Progressive Social transformation – Radical Challenges modern priorities - Postmodernism Education for its own sake. Transmission of knowledge that is “educationally worthwhile.” Focus is on the subject matter, rather than the learner. Ex: Great Expectations Human beings are inherently good. Development of persons open to change and continued learning. Focus is on the learner, rather than on the content to enhance personal growth. Ex: Personal Trainer Education should bring about social change. Promotion of individual growth and maintenance for promotion of the good of society. Focus is on societal maintenance, rather than the learner or the subject matter. Ex: Army; Afghanistan Education should bring about a new social order. Challenging established economic, political and social assumptions. Focus is on societal reform, rather than societal maintenance, the learner or the subject matter. Ex: Civil Rights Movement; Republican Tea Party Provide adult learners with the knowledge that will give them control of their world. Students are viewed as ‘active partners.’ Measurable change is the ultimate measure of educational success. Ex: Give a person a fish and he/she eats for a day; teach a person to fish and he/she will eat for life. Adult Education Philosophies and Purposes Great Expectations Discussion Adult Education Philosophies and Purposes Challenges modern priorities - Postmodernism Scripture of the day: Proverbs 16:3, 3:5, 6 Portfolio Review Review Philosophies of Adult Education Great Expectations Discussion Quiz Portfolio Agenda Quiz Self Actualization - Humanistic Coversheet Title Page Table of Contents Autobiography Resume Transcript PS&T Life Learning Papers Pages Numbered Survey Southwestern Christian University April 3, 2012 Professor Lorena Ray A cultural movement aimed at personal autonomy. Demystify basic assumptions about knowledge, reality and action Social Transformation - Radical Proverbs 16:3, 3:5, 6, msg Put God in charge of your work, then what you've planned will take place. Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track. Don't assume that you know it all. Review answers Promote Practical Knowledge - Progressive Cultivation of the Intellect - Liberalism Welcome to Adult Learning and Development Welcome Personal & Social Improvement - Behaviorism Things aren’t always the way they seem. How was the theme of “expectations” illustrated in this story? How were the expectations of Pip’s different from or similar to Joe’s, Miss Havisham, Estella and Magwitch? Philosophies Scripture Reflection Quiz Purposes

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