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Transcript: In conclusion, I would like to say Lake Tahoe is a amazing place. You can hike, rent a boat, or even go to a golf course. I can't imagine a world without Tahoe! It is a great place, so come with your family soon! History Tahoe has perfect weather. Some days may be sunny, or others may be windy and cold. Tahoe has 250-300 days a year of sunshine. Spring Winter Fall Summer Highest: 60's 40's 60's 80's Lowest: 20's 20's 30's 40's Lake Tahoe is beautiful. My family has gone sledding and snowboarding. For breakfast I had french toast and bacon at my favorite restaurant Fire Sign Cafe. Then we went to the mountains to take pictures for you and to remember the vacation. Last, we went to a museum to learn about the history of Tahoe. Tomorrow mom said we will make a snowman! I love you guys! Love Addie Animals: Plants and Trees: - beavers - chipmunk - Snowplant - black bear - skunk - Pin Purple Flower - coyote - mink - Spinystar - mountain lion - otter - White Mountain H. - porcupine - badger - Redwood - deer - red fox - Sugar Pine - raccoon - bobcat - Jeffery Pine - squirrels - cottontail - Alders Tahoe has lots of animals and plants, because it is in nature! Attraction - For thousands of years the Washo Native Americans fished, camped, and hunted in Tahoe until General John C. Fremont's exploration party came in 1844. Twenty years after his visit, Tahoe had become a favorite vacation spot of the west. In 1862, Lake Tahoe was given its current name. Before that, it was called Lake Bigler. The 1960 Olympic Winter Games were staged in Squaw Valley and Tahoe became a top ski destination. And in 1969, CA. and NV. formed the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to conserve the much loved Tahoe environment. Animals and Plants - The lake rests between the Sierra Nevada Range and the Carson Range and is at an elevation of 6,229 ft. above sea level. - Most of Tahoe it is in California and a third is in Nevada. - The lake is 22 miles long, and forested mountains with peaks as high as 10,800 feet. You open the car door. Cold, pine air makes you shiver. Your body swells up with excitement as you look at your cabin. Behind you is the lake and snow-covered mountains. Where are you? You're at Lake Tahoe. The Location Dear Grandma and Papa, Weather Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe is not all about attraction. But you can ride horses and go on trails. If you don't like nature you can go to a casino or golf. And, if you just want to play, you can go in your backyard and play in the snow! You can also: go to festivals, parks, museums, concerts, go skiing, rent a boat, and so much more!


Transcript: Shortly after graduating, Poppa met my grandmother. He had 3 children; my dad and my two aunts. He started to work for the Canadian Automobile Association in Ottawa and then transferred to Peterborough. He and my grandmother began to travel all over the world because of his job. They travelled to Russia, they kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, they chipped off pieces of the Berlin Wall. They were a big part of my life and I am lucky to have so many memories with them. When my grandfather retired, he and my grandmother bought a house in Florida and we would visit every Easter. He was very generous with his time and he organized a charity golf tournament every year to raise money for various charities. When he was home in the winter, he volunteered at Hospice in Peterborough helped many families through extremely sad times. These experiences foreshadowed his own illness and his subsequent need for Hospice care himself. The town of Ambleside is very quaint and the architecture is ancient, most buildings made from stone. Although a small town it had many stores and cobblestone streets. My grandfather’s parents owned a store so he knew all the townspeople. He could walk short distances to visit his friends in their parents shops and he could walk to school. He played a lot of sports but mostly sports that the kids his age or his parents would organize. My grandfather had a large circle of friends and everyone in the town was very friendly and thought of each other as relatives even though they weren’t related. My grandfather would often speak of cousins and aunts and uncles that were of no blood relation of any sort. It was especially apparent when the boys of Ambleside had to go off to war. These boys were the sons of the entire town. My great grandfather owned a store in Ambleside but even then, the family was not considered well off financially. When he had to go off to war, my great grandmother tried to keep the store going but she couldn’t and finally had to close it down.My grandfather said he loved the streets of Ambleside and the old architecture. It was one of the things he missed when he lived in various cities in Canada and one of reasons he loved visiting places that were steeped in history and had the history in the walls. When my grandfather landed in Canada he expected to meet Uncle Jack. Instead of meeting Poppa personally, Uncle Jack sent someone to meet my grandfather to give him a train ticket. My grandfather was then met at the train station by a driver who drove him to a huge big house in Montreal. Any excitement that my grandfather had about a relationship with Uncle Jack soon disappeared. He was very generous but he wasn’t going to be the father figure my grandfather had hoped for. After a few weeks Poppa was shipped off The Royal Military College. For a little kid from England moving to a French speaking part of Canada was a huge adjustment. Also it was very strict at the RMC and he wasn’t used to having much authority. He had a lot of stories about his mischeviousness. He got into a few scrapes at RMC but surprisingly, Uncle Jack would always help him out. He began a shortlived but successful boxing career while at the RMC which I feel underlined this feisty phase in his life. He was very grateful for his time at this school and for his education. He met many of his life long friends there and he was indebted to Uncle Jack. While Ambleside can conjure up many warm memories for my grandfather, it can also bring some painful ones to the surface. My grandfather describes the war years as scary and dark and he meant “dark” literally. At night, during the war, families in England were not allowed to keep the lights on. They needed to spend nights in the dark because the bombers could see the lights from their planes above and knew there where the villages were if the lights were on. If the enemy bombers saw lights on they would bomb them in hopes that they would bomb the whole village. My grandfather was Anglican and was a member of St Mary’s church. St. Mary’s church was built in 1854 and the architect was Sir George Gibert Scott. It was built with Sandstone and has beautiful stain glass windows. Inside there is a mural created by Gordon Ransom during the war in 1944 to represent a rush bearing ceremony. It is 26 feet long and contains 62 people in four scenes. The 62 people lived in Ambleside during that time and one of them is my grandfather. The rush bearing is a ceremony in July every year in which people celebrate the ancient tradition of replacing the rushes on the church floors. In modern times it is a community celebration and people decorate various objects with the rushes. The mural is painted as a tribute to the ceremony and my grandfather recalled having to stay very still and quiet for days while it was painted. He loved being a part of it so much that he did his best to stay still at aged 9. The mural has become a celebrated symbol of the town. A postcard was made of the


Transcript: POSTCARD question indicates that he cannot connect in a meaningful, positive way For the moment, I repeat, I never knew you, Let me be. I've seen red buses Elsewhere And all rivers have An obstinate glare. My father Will be proud Of your domes and towers, My mother Will speak of her Beloved Ukraine. What's my choice To be? I can give you The recognition Of eyesight and praise What more Do you want Besides The gift of despair? at first imagery is used dispassionately- recording the visual aspects of the picture. Enjambment highlights that parents are entitled to a greater connection Warsaw, OId Town I never knew you Except in the third person-- Great city That bombs destroyed, Its people massacred Or exiled -- You survived In the minds Of a dying generation Half a world away. They shelter you And defend the patterns Of your remaking, Condemn your politics, Cherish your old religion And drink to freedom Under the White Eagle's flag. I stare At the photograph And refuse to answer The voices Of red gables And a cloudless sky. On the river's bank A lone tree Whispers: "We will meet Before you die." Active verbs indicate that belonging needs to be cultivated Contrast between the destoryed city and the city that lives in memory- represents how a connection can endure despite changes Evocative and emotive language highlights the significance of the postcard all direct address highlights the pull the city has for Skrzynecki A post card sent by a friend Haunts me Since its arrival-- Warsaw: Panorama of the Old Town. He requests I show it To my parents. Red buses on a bridge Emerging from a corner-- High-rise flats and something Like a park borders The river with its concrete pylons. The sky's the brightest shade. question indicates the uncertainty the poet feels towards his heritage personification of the landscape shows that the feeling of connection has amplified enjambment emphasises the pull the postcard is having over the persona

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