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Powerpoint Photo Slideshow Template

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Photo slideshow

Transcript: Photo slideshow Depth This is depth because the chain links look out of focus while the bikes in the background is clear. Curves This is a good example of curves because the lines are obviously curved and sort of bring your attention to the center. TRI ANG LES This is an example of triangles because of the two heads of Jenn and Jeremy and their intersecting hands create three points. Camera Angle These two demonstrate camera angle very well because the center of interest is at an angle in two similar pictures. Repetition This is a good demonstration of repetition because the pillars repeat each others in a row. Subject Contrast This is a perfect picture to define contrast because the background is a dull muti-colored brown, while the bench is bright red, giving it that little "POP". Framing This a a very NATURAL framing that places the city in the center of interest but, of course, off to the side. Leading Lines The center pole in the picture leads the view to the school, obviously, the center of attention, a nice example of leading lines. Rule of Thirds The center of interest is placed just outside of the center of the photo, which is why it makes a perfect picture to describe the rule of thirds. Camera Format The picture is a bit off but it can still be a demonstration of camera format because the picture is vertical then the other is horizontal. Camera Position Both of these pictures show camera position to its fullest by having the same picture closer in and farther out. Repetition By: Anthony Hernandez Repetition Repetition

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