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Transcript: Renier Espiritu EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE 2017 2018 2019 2011 2008 2011 2008 Achievement: My achievement this year 2011 and 2008 this is the first that i already in love in one person.Yes, for me this is my achievement in my self because at my age of 6 to 10 years old i think i am gay so biggest achievement for me is to be in love in one person. In this year i was already 16 years old, when i came to this age i experience some things that i never experienced like driving a Motor,Come home at night and much more. Things that i really like This year i experienced more things that i thought that i can't try. EDUCATION EDUCATION HIGH SCHOOL Vicente P. Trinidad National HighSchool *ENGLISH even though i am not fluently speaking English *MATH when i was a Junior High i like math subject because some topics are so very easy This is my favorite subjects when i was in HighSchool SKILLS SKILLS Self Confidence Self Discipline Self Motivation Self Motivation Because i know that even some people say that i cant do something good for me, I motivate my self because i know that i am the only one who can motivate or help rather to my self. Self Motivation For me as a student you should need have a Self Confidence because it is important Self Confidence We should have needed a Self Discipline because it is important for being a student. Self Discipline INTERESTS INTERESTS I like playing Interest description: I like playing any sports because i know that i am a sporty person.

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