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Transcript: An emotion shot is when in a picture the subject is conveying an emotion i.e. happiness, sad feeling, anger, etc. This is a good emotion shot because in the photo, the girl is expressing in the photo that she looks really exhausted with work in school. SEQUENCING REPETITION Repetition is a photo when there's like a repetitive thing in the photo.This photo is the repetition type,because in the photo it shows a line of the same textbooks. One book that is standing out is the one the subject is taking out of the book shelf. An aerial view shot is when the photo is being taken at a high view of the subject.The image shown is an aerial view shot, because when you do take a photo from above, the photo will display the top part of the subjects i.e. head. "THE GOOD, HARDWORKING ENVIRONMENT" RULE OF THIRDS A color shot is a shot when in the photo, a group of people or object have the same color and in the center, there is a color that makes the photo stand out or "pop".This photo represents a color shot when the black composition books are all laid out and the green notebook stands out. A Leading line photo is a picture where some element or any person is forming a line.This photo represents leading line, because in the photo, it's taken at the right angle. By taking it at this angle it forms a line starting with the blue sweater girl EMOTION COLOR AERIAL VIEW WORM'S EYE VIEW A filling the frame is shot is a shot when the subject is covering most of the photo.This is filling the frame, because the subject is surrounding the corners of the picture.From my concept, the subject is reading a book that commemorates that she is a hardworking girl. She wants to expand her knowledge and her vocabulary. A symmetrical balance shot is a shot where in the picture the sides, the center and all places in the picture look the same and weighted. This is a good symmetrical balance shot, because in this photo, the papers in the right and left far corners, there are papers and on the cabinets, there is the same amount of papers on the top and on the bottom.Another reason, is that there's is the same amount of computers in the center. SYMMETRICAL BALANCE A worm's eye view shot is a shot where it's taken at a down angle.This photo displays worm's eye view, because from an angle, the subject is taken from a low view. The photo was taken from the low, right angle.If this photo was taken at a regular angle, then the photo will display just the regular way i.e. the main profile of the subject. The definition of Rule of Thirds is that in a photo if a grid is drawn, the focal point/interest must be in one of the four intersection points. In this photo, the student is in one of the intersection points by the grid that's present as the framing in the classroom. PHOTOGRAPHY UNIT 1A PREETHI GORLA Asymmetrical Balance shot is when the shot is being balanced like from the main subject to the what's going on in the background.The photo is an asymmetrical balance shot, because it is being balanced from the student to the computer desk and the computers in the background with the papers, etc. The framing type shot is kind of picture where in the picture, some element is being formed into a frame. The frame will then frame the subject.This picture is framing, because the outside of where the flyer is, which is the square is like a framing to where the subject is sitting.Part of the framing is the place she's sitting at. ASYMMETRICAL BALANCE A sequencing shot is a shot where the photographer shows the stages of of an action taking place.This photo is a good sequencing shot, because for each shot is shows the stage for the two girls giving each other a high five. A natural light shot is a photo when the natural light is being reflected on the subject.The image is a natural light shot, because in the Media Center, the subject is being reflected with the light from her face and her arms. FRAMING NATURAL LIGHT FILLING THE FRAME LEADING LINE

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Transcript: New-Tritional A Breakthrough Technology Brought to you by: Scott Applebaum Anu Davies Haim Erder Maria Gasior Andrea Loewen-Rodriguez Lawson Macartney Christine Mage Andy Parker Jim Tiede Sajan Varughese To be as brave as the people we help 'Cloudcare' subscription service provides comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle recommentdations. Increase in Obesity Network TV Cable TV Magazines Internet Celebrity Health care providers Health clubs/diet centers Restaurants Businesses Schools Vanity Sites (e.g. Tanning salons) Health food brands Celebrities Sports Brands Additional Revenues * Cloudcare advertising * Smartphone Apps * Disposable probe for food samples * Designer color schemes/finishes * Device holder/case Multiple Ineffective Solutions Unhealthy Eating The Problem Prevention DTC Distribution Channels Compact Bomb + Mass Spectrometer Dramatic Consequences Revenue Streams Smartphone Connection Providing Calorie Count Nutritional Content Healthy Eating Advice Tracks physical activity and eating habits to give full picture of physical/nutritional status User specific Precise, accurate information for all sized portions Single result for prepared food Provides integrated lifestyle recommendations for eating/exercise Cloudcare provide comprehensive history of patterns Cost Structure To be as brave as the people we help Asking from Shark Tank...$xxx for yy% To be as brave as the people we help Cost per unit is $5.00 Cost per probe is $0.02 Consumer price: $30.00 Subscription revenue - $10.00/m (includes probe sleeves) Sales $30.00/unit (free if sign up for 1 year subscription) Gross profit: 78% Net profit: 50% Mass Media Gross sales projected in Year 1...$70M Year 2...$170M Year 3...$393M Cloudcare To be as brave as the people we help 3 Models for Revenue A. Device Alone B. Device + Cloudcare Subscription Service C. Device + Cloudcare + Personalized Physician/Dietician Advice Prevention Portable, wireless connectivity enables universal usage. Restaruants Colleges/Schools Businesses Weight Gain IP Protected Nanotechnology Food Service Empowerment Value Proposition CDC…"The medical care costs of obesity in the United States are staggering." Customer Segments Normal Health Health Industry New-Tritional..."your trusted source for nutritional direction" Early Adopters Consumers seeking healthy lifestyle Athletes Tier 1 Adopters Mothers People on special diets Obese Diabetic Ketogenic ... Tier 2 Adopters Dieticians Businesses/Cities promoting healthy lifestyles 1st in class nutra-lifestyle device Multiple market segments Easily becomes part of daily life Ensures nutritional balance Provides education on healthy lifesyle Provides immediate feedback Cloudcare services generates recommendations for diet Stores history of eating/excercise patterns Portable Customize look/feel Links with all Smartphones How does this compare to normal diet 1st in Class Portable Competition focuses on generic content Less effective since not user specific Less accurate No drug intake/side effects User friendly Immediate feedback Easily becomes part of daily lifestyle Multiple market segments Extended lifecycle WHO...65% of the world's population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than underweight. The Society of Actuaries estimates the annual cost of obesity in the US and Canada at $300 Billion. Dramatic Consequences New-Tritional Multiple Ineffective Solutions New-Tritional A Bold New Idea for Healthy Nutrition Prevention Patent protected probe provides full content analysis Upgrades/Features iPod/iPhone dock Internet Search Common Food Lookup Memory Can scan and measure food items to give precise content information on common foods Key Activities Easily connects to any SmartPhone to provide detailed instantaneous feedback. Product Functionality Key Partners Dieticians Pharmacies Fitness Centers Veterinarians Prevention Manufacturing, Production, Distribution Partnership Agreements Launch Campaign Focus Group/Market Research Sales Network Web Infrastructure Liposuction Value Added Features Over the Competition Channels To be as brave as the people we help

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Transcript: Maggie Morrison Photo Essay Roll of Thunder hear My cry Theme and Character The theme " Society makes us think we are lesser than others because of our features" relates to Cassie because Mr. Barnett helped the white people before her, and it made her feel like she wasn't as good as the white people.In chapter 6 Mr.Barnett said this "'Well, you just get your little black self back over there and wait some more,' he said in a low, tight voice. I was hot. I had been as nice as I could be to him and here he was talking like this. 'We been waiting on you for near an hour,' I hissed, 'while you 'round here waiting on everybody else. And it ain't fair. You got no right - " How theme relates to the character(Cassie) How theme relates to Character Jeremy´s family is making him think that he is lesser than them because he likes/hangs out with the Logan's. " "Far as I'm concerned, friendship between black and white don't mean that much 'cause it usually ain't on an equal basis." The quote shows how Jeremy goes against Mr. Simms, and doesn't care about features or skin color. How theme relates to Jeremy Jeremy The theme that I chose also relates to Little Man because of the dirty book. The black people got dirty book, just because of their skin color, and little man refused to use it. " 'Pick it up,' she ordered. 'No !' defied Little Man. 'No! I'll give you ten seconds to pick up that book, boy. or I'm going to get my switch.' Little Man bit his lower lip, and I knew that he was not going to pick up the book. Rapidly, I turned to the inside cover of my own book and saw immediately what had made Little Man so furious. Stamped on the inside cover was a chart which read: " How the theme relates to Little Man Little Man The theme is " Society can make us think we are lesser than others because of our features, and we shouldn't allow it" relates to the image below, because if someone is shaking their fist they are telling someone to stop something, and Cassie was standing up to Mr.Barnett and told him that he should help them because they were there first. Symbols that relate to the theme and character Stand up, stay strong The picture I chose represents the book because, the picture was of birds migrating, or flying. The birds represent slavery being abolished(flying away), but the birds always fly back. The message is slavery flew away, but it still came back in a way(segregation). Symbol Symbol 2 It may be gone, but will always be there still PICTURES Symbol 3 This picture represents never giving up, or perseverance. In the book Cassie and her family had some hard times, but they still persevered through it all, and made it through. push the rock and keep going The theme "Society Makes us think we are lesser than others because of our features" applies in the modern world still. Lately men have been paid more than women, which is discrimination because, just because your a man, doesn't mean women can't do whatever you do. Its a discrimination of gender, or skin color, and by now (2019), you would think there would be no discrimination of any kind. How the theme relates to modern world How Theme relates to Modern World This chart is a salary chart difference between men and women Police have also been discriminating black people(mostly teenage boys), by pulling them over for no reason, or accusing them of things they never did. This relates to the theme because, the police think that black people are lesser because of society, and skin color. Reason 2 Reason 2 Another way the theme applies to modern world, was a specific situation with the apple company. A black worker at apple was hired, and white people complained and got him fired, even though he did his job perfectly fine. It relates to the theme because the white people made him think he was not good enough for apple, just because of his skin color. Reason 3 Reason 3 In the book ¨Roll Of Thunder Hear My cry¨ The Logan family experiences racism, and injustice as they own their farm land. In the 1930s slavery had recently been executed. The white people though, still did not think of black people as normal people, but as people that are not as good as them. The theme ¨society makes us think we are less than others because of our race" relates to the 1930s because the white people thought that they were better than the Logans, just because of their race. How the theme relates to 1930s segregation How the theme relates to 1930s segregation The Jim Crow laws are also related to the theme " Society makes us think we are lesser than others because of our features" , because the Jim crow laws didn't give the white and black people the same things. For an example the white and black people would have separate water fountains. The black people would have dirty water, and rusty fountains, and the white people would have clean, nice water fountains. It relates because, society thought the white people were better, because of their skin color, and they thought the black people

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