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Transcript: Miss. Wentworth's first grade classroom Miss Wentworth Hello everyone! My name is Miss Wentworth. I graudtaed from Wright State University with my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education in 2014. I enjoy reading, singing, hanging out with friends, and playing with my dog! Looking ahead! Throughout this year we will be covering several different subjects and concepts. We will start to learn more about sentence structure and what types of words belong in a sentence. In math we will learn how to tell time! I know it sounds scary, but I promise we will make it fun! In social studies we will start to learn the continents, and more about geography. In science we will start learning about weather, and several different things. To be ready: Students must be able to count to 20 without hesitation or starting over. Students must be able to spell the list of words that were given to them over the summer. IParents, if you would please work on your children with telling time as much as you can, that would be great! Grading Scale: 90-100: A 80-89: B 70-79: C 60-69: D 59 or below is an F and is not a passing grade Staying out of trouble: Students must raise their hands when they want to speak. Students must treat their fellow students fairly, and just like they want to be treated. Students will not get out of their seat unless they have permission. Students will respect other students' space, and clean up any mess they make. Students will respect Miss. Wentworth, and their fellow classmates. Helpful Information: Students can go to this website to help them when learning how to tell time. Stephen Bell Elementary 4122 N. Linda Dr Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 Phone: 937-848-5001 ext 202 Email: Contact Information

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