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Transcript: ~ In order to move up from this possition, you'll need to go back to medical school and get a higher degree. ~ Closely Associated Careers: Nurse, technicians, pharmacology, biology, biochemistry, biophysics, chiropractor, dentistry, optometrists, physician assistants, podiatrists, speech-language pathologists and audiologists, and veterinarians. If you have to need to hire a pediatrician in El Cajon, California, it is Doctor Gallow is a highly qualified Pediatrician who is available to service your dental needs. Jerry Gallow is the owner and lead Pediatrician of Jerry Gallow, P.C. Dr. Jerry Gallow has earned a reputation for providing high quality, affordable and friendly pediatric care. Dr. Gallow believes in a unique risk assessment and emphasis on prevention that is designed to minimize potential health issues and reduce expense. This simple investment in your child's health needs will pay dividends for a lifetime. Dr. Gallow has _____ years of pediatric experience. Whether you are seeking a new dental home or have some dental needs, the Office of Dr. Gallow is the right place. CALL Doctor GALLOW TODAY AT (555) 867-5309 FOR A CONSULTATION. College or Advanced training By: Norma Parra ~ Premed curriculum Biology - 1-2 courses of basic, 1 course of genetics, 1 course of microbiology, 1 course of molecular biology. Chemistry - 1-2 courses in basic, 1-2 courses of Organic Chemistry. Physics - 1 course in basic. Math - 2 courses in calculus High school requirements: ~ Science: Biology, chemistry, physics ~ Math: algebra, geometry, calculus (preferred) ~ Extra curricular activities: clubs, music programs, sports ~ English ~ Foreign language: preferably spanish ~ Try to keep your grades as high as possible Pediatrician Job Description: If you want to become a pediatrician, then you have alot of work to do. Such studies, i possible, should start during your high school years. It is recommended that you take honors and advanced placement courses. Some of these courses offer you college credits, which is a huge advantage. Before moving on to medical school, you will need to have a bachelor's degree. Medical school takes about three years to complete. during this time you will need to take and pass some required certifying tests. This process also includes training of up to four years and, sometimes, an internship. Some people, in this area, want to specialize in a specific area. For example, a pediatric cardiologists, oncologists and neurologists. Local contact Job Advancement Possibilities Specialty Median Salary Oncologist/Hematologist $214,075Surgeon $213,178 Neurologist $155,588 Pediatrician $129,542 Anesthesiologist $244,753 Salary Range

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