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Monthly Calendar of Activities

Transcript: ABLE Book Awards Updates as of June 13, 2024 Book Copies Marketing & Promotion Anthology Vol. 1 Book Activity Summary Report (Lena) Nominees Social Media & Nomination Badge (c/o Mau/Roj) Shipping Details Book Categories Sent to Judges Nomination Badge Top 1 Children's Book (illustrated) - 21 Top 2 Best Fiction Book - 15 Top 3 Book of the Year - 7 May 2024 38 badges sent out to nominees June 2024 (In process) Autobiography of the Year (1) Best Book Cover Design- Fiction (0) Best Book Cover Design - Non-fiction (1) Business and Entrepreneurship (2) Children's Book (illustrated) (21) Education (1) Best Fiction Book (15) Best non-fiction Book (3) Health and Well being (6) Leadership & Management (0) Marketing (0) Memoir (3) Mindset and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) (0) Multicultural, Peace and Harmony (2) Sales and Business performance (0) Technology and Digital age (1) Wealth and Finance (1) Book of the Year (7) Anthology Book (2) Book Series (2) Personal Relationships (4) Fu-Ft: 1) Justine Martin - to send solo & group nomination badge 2) Kerrie Phipps- she has given consent to Hassan to nominate her book on the best category 3) Rashida Nashe- waiting for her response on changing the book category to "Fiction" isntead of Non-Fiction (as advised by the judge) 4) Karen McDermott- still waiting for approval on the Sarah Ferguson's book nomination 5) Donna Goodcare- completed requirements (the author who decided to push through with her nomination) 6) FAQ: who will handle the shipping fee for the trophy in case nominees win an award? 7) Meet-Up any update? We have one aspiring author who would like to join the ABLE community (Emmanuel Mahlis) 8) Radmilla Zivanovic - showed interest in presenting or launching on stage (forwarded to Lena for follow-through) Target 65 Actual 39 Pending 26 Total of 72 submitted Book Categories Pending (Fu-Ft) Sarah Ferguson (c/o Karen McDermott) Dorothy Gilding Davina Veenstra Hazel Rose Sheree Schonian Allison Mullen Target 17 Authors Complete details 13 Pending 4 Target 60 Actual 65 Complete Assets on hand 59 Second Quarter May 2024 14 nominees June 2024 (On going) 11 nominees July 2024 3 nominees Target 65 Actual Received 54 Pending 11 Nominees were required to submit at least three (3) harcopies of their books as entry. First Quarter February 2024 1 nominee March 2024 9 nominees April 2024 12 nominees

Calendar Template Testing

Transcript: CIM 2024 Strategic Pillars Population Omics Rare Disease Omics Functional Omics Digital Omics Asset Library Rare Disease Omics Population Omics Functional Omics Digital Omics Phase X Phase X Biomedical Ethics Research XX XX Functional Genomics, Proteomics, Epigenomics, Microbiomics Omics Data Platform, Genomc Data Utilization Common Disease, Multi-Omics & Multi-Modal Data, Data Integration Known & Unknown Rare Disease N-of-1 Therapeutics Days Days Phase X Gene Editing Microbial Genetics Description Polygenic Risk Scores Description Implementing AI in Primary Care & Psychiatry Text #2 XX Text #2 PaSAGE Dr. Megan Allyse (FL) Text #1 Text #4 2. 3. 1. PKU Dr. Megan Allyse (FL) Days 1. Text #4 Text #3 2. eMERGE IV Text Description of Tools? ELSI of Social Traits Text Psychiatric AI Tool Implentation Machine Listening Genomic Sequening & Genetic Testing Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing 1 Text #1 Text Text #2 2 1 Ethical Issues & Machine Listening Systematic Review Text #3 3 Patient Perspectives (Focus Groups) 2 1 Tapestry Primary Care 3 Mayo Clinic Biobank 2 Provider Perspectives (Focus Groups) 3 Text #3 3 AMNIomics 1 2 Mayomics 1 Engaging Adolescents Text 1 Genetic Screening Text 1 Text 2 Personal Texts 2 Text Text 2 Hybrid Clinical Trials Hereditary Cancers Text 3 Text 3 Text 3 Rochester, MN Co-Directors Dr. Richard Sharp Dr. Michelle McGowan 2013 Collaborations with: Faculty Dr. Karen Meagher Phoenix, AZ Dr. Jon Tilburt Collaboratons with: 2021 Jacksonville, FL 2020 Dr. Megan Allyse Collaborations with:

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