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Logo Powerpoint

Transcript: Kendrick Lamar Portrait Alteration This logo represents the lowercased a for Anaheim with a Halo over the a to represent an Angel. This is a cool logo because it is not normally used by the Angels and it is much more flashy then the original. #4 Michigan State Spartans Gold The Old English D represents the Detroit Tigers in a very original and strong fashion. The Detroit Tigers were one of the first major league baseball teams to be made. They have kept the same logo ever since. Not only does it represent the Tigers but also is the best way to represent the City of Detroit as well. Andy Warhol This logo stands for the popular social network Twitter. Because the logo is a bird and birds tweet it is called twitter. They chose this symbol because they felt it symbolized the name Twitter in the best way.Twitter is used specifically for communication and news. Logo Powerpoint "Top 5 best Logos in Sports" NAIAS 2014 Poster Video Game Cover Space Mike Hart #5 Anaheim Angels Baseball cap #2 Michigan Wolverines Winged-helmet Cd Cover This logo was chosen by the University of Michigan State to represent a Spartan in a tough strong way, using the colors Dark Green and Gold. This logo is used for athletic uniforms when games are played against rivals or “big” teams for example their rivals Michigan and Notre Dame. Theve used the gold on the other jerseys for football as well Barack Obama FINAL EXAM PROJECT Lloyd Carr "Portrait Retouch" #3 Twitter logo Quarter 1 Jabrill Peppers "Magazine Cover" Quarter 2 I really have no idea why Michigan uses the winged helmet besides that it looks fast and powerful. The wings could represent something fast like a bird or a plane or a sports car. The winged helmet has been at Michigan since the beginning of the 1933 season. Color Scheme Portrait Trampled by Turtles When I first sat down at the computer on the first day of school I thought I had my easy A+ in the bag. I didn't think that this class was going to be any different then the computers class I took in the 6th grade. But I found Computer graphics to be both difficult and stressful. But as the semester went on I started to really enjoy Computer Graphics and learning to use Photoshop. I am definitely going to try and get into Computer Graphics II next semester. Miguel Cabrera #1 Detroit Tigers Old English D

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