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Powerpoint Load Template

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Transcript: Earthquake Failure Settlement Success A load is basically a weight being transported to one place to another. Lets say a group of friends are going to a restaurant by bus, the bus would carry the load of friends from one place to another. Live Load Dead Load-Anything permanently attached to a structure is a dead load(bolts,beams,nuts,columns.) Live Load Failure-the beam failed because it could not support the heavy weight of a live load above. Live Load-The weight of stuff on a structure is called a live load. Things that move around in or on a structure are people,furniture,and cars are all examples of a live load. Dynamic Load Success-The thick beam absorbed the vibration caused by the dynamic load and prevented the structure from bending and getting out of control. Wind Load Failure-The structure collapsed because it couldn't stand the strong gust of wind. Thermal Failure-The sun made the beam expand, throwing the entire structure out of whack(to strike with smark rebounding) Earthquake Failure-There was too much rattling and shaking that the structure could not handel. Settlement Success- The massive concrete piles, sunk deep into the earth on hard solid soil, keeping the structure safe and sound right on the ground. Thank You For Your Attention And I Hope You Learned Lots!!!!! Pictures Live Load Failure Live Load Examples of a load Created By: Jade-Lan Nguyen Load Live Load Different kinds of load Diagrams = A Load Anything on or in for transportation Wind Load Failure Dynamic Load Success Definition Dead Load Thermal Failure

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