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Transcript: ID CARD 06.06.2017 Click here Giuseppe Occhipinti Name: Giuseppe Surname: Occhipinti Age: 13 years old Birthday: 10th October Hair: light brown hair Eyes: light brown eyes Personality: funny, friendly, popular Experiences: journey to Siracusa, trip to Catania, he liked the place, beautiful and funny experience Name: Marta Surname: Scalone Age: 13 years Birthday: 16th october Hair: ligh brown hair Eyes: light brown eyes Personality: quiet, hard-working, serius,sensitive, generous Experiences: journey to Rome, to Trentino, to Belgrado, to Milano, she liked the city. It was beautiful and iteresting experience Marta Scalone English Ema Akter Name: Ema Surname: Akter Age: 17 years old Birthday: 1st October Hair: black hair Eyes: black eyes Personality: quiet, serius,sensitive Experiences: she livedin Bangladesh for two years Samuela Manay Samuela Manay Name: Samuela Surname: Manay Age: 16 years Birthday: 2nd May Hair: brown hair Eyes: brown eyes Personality: funny Experiences: she has been in Greece Patrick Galvano Name: Patrick Surname: Galvano Age: 16 years Birthday: 6th June Hair: short black hair Eyes: brown eyes Personality: popular and funny Experience: he has been to Sila created by 3°i Fabio Hysaj Fabio Hysaj Name: Fabio Surname: Hysaj Age: 15 years Birthday: 8th April Hair: blonde and glossy hair Eyes: brown eyes Personality: quiet, serius,sensitive, generous Experiences: he has been to Albania to meet his relatives Marta Carpenzano Marta Carpenzano Name: Marta Surname: Carpenzano Age: 13 years Birthday: 27th october Hair: brown hair Eyes: brown eyes Personality: shy, sensitive, generous Experiences: she has seen the film "Titanic" and she has played the music of Titanic at the school concert. She han been to Bruxelles in 2011. Gaya Bellina Gaya Bellina Name: Gaya Surname: Bellina Age: 13 years Birthday: 15th November Hair: ligh brown hair Eyes: brown eyes Personality: quiet, serius,sensitive, generous Experiences: she has been in Turin for a school trip. She liked the museums

ID card

Transcript: Shared a Photo ID card Nowadays, it is found in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It lives in herds; before they were in the habit of being gigantic, but now they are fragmented. The mating seasons takes place in winter, during which the males fight each other by lunging, locking horns ant attempting to push each other off balance. The gestation period lasts 135-170 days, and usually results in the birth of one or two babies, through rarely three. As this wonderful species is in danger of facing extinction in the near future, it is important to visualize solutions. Markhor (Capra falconeri) The Markhor is a species of mammal, member of the family Bovidae, that lives the mountainous forests of the Himalayas. It is the national animal of Pakistan. Markhor in persian means "dining room of snakes". It measures up to 1,4 meters of lenght, 1 meter of height and weight from 32 to 110 kilograms. Mating and babies Thank you! Photos like comment share like comment share Causes of endangerment As a part of conservation process, expenshunting licenses are available. There are, also, reservations in Tajikistan to protect them and some organizations, as Morkhur and Muhofiz, expecting that they won't not only protect, but allow them to sustainability use the markhor species. Markhor are potential prey for snow leopards, brown bears, lynx, jackals and golden eagles. However, its greatest hunter is the human. The species is classed by the IUCN as Endangered as there are fewer than 2 500 mature individuals and, the worst of all, the numbers have continued to decline by an estimated 20% over two generations. - Hunting for meat - Hunting prize - Medicinal properties - Poaching like comment share Lives In Conservation status Conservation status

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