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Powerpoint Heat Map Template

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heat map

Transcript: HEAT MAP ANALYSIS prsented by prsented by AlaaMohamed ReemElshenawy DR.Neven Mohamed Eng.Mohamed Hassan what is heat map? what is heat map? A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. Fractal maps and tree maps both often use a similar system of color-coding to represent the values taken by a variable in a hierarchy heat map advantages improve readability save time heat map disadvantages it depends on the information that i want the user know complicated heat map advantages improve readabili... Heat maps is a broader category that can include: Heat maps is a broader category that can include: websites map Hover maps (mouse movement tracking) Click maps Scroll maps other categories sports map drivers map medical map Hover Maps When people say ‘heat map’, they often mean hover map. It shows you areas where people have hovered over with their mouse cursor. Click Maps Click maps show you a heatmap comprised of aggregated click data. Blue is less clicks, and when it gets towards the warmer reds there are more clicks, and the most clicks are the brightest white and yellow spots. Scroll Maps Scroll maps are heat maps that show you how far people scroll down on a page. They’re interesting in that they show you where users tend to drop off, and can be very useful. sports map drivers map medical map geographical map Heat mapping, from a geographic perspective, is a method of showing the geographic clustering of a phenomenon. Sometimes also referred as hot spot mapping, heat maps show locations of higher densities of geographic entities (although hot spot analysis tends to be used to show statistically significant patterns Heatmap Software Heatmap Software Ekahau HeatMapper Mouseflow Excel tableau Ekahau HeatMapper Wi-Fi site survey software for home use Mouseflow Crazy Egg is probably the most popular heatmap tool available in the market today. It offers click heatmaps, mouse cursor heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps. It offers another useful feature called confetti heatmap. Excel power map Tableau technical video technical video QUESTIONS ? QUESTIONS ? Refrences Refrences

heat map

Transcript: Heat Map Analysis Region 1 ILOCOS REGION Region 2 CAGAYAN VALLEY CAR CORDILLERA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION (CAR) Region 4-A REGION 4-A (CALABARZON) -Cavite -Laguna -Batangas -Rizal -Quezon Stir up Data Stir up Region 4-B REGION 4-B (MIMAROPA) - Mindoro * - Marinduque - Romblon - Palawan Region 3 Region 3 (Central Luzon) Work Plan Work Plan - Prep Introduction - Condom Program Monitoring - TA on High LTFU - rHIVda (monitoring of the operationalization) - VL Access - Policy Development - Client Logsheet - Provision of Guidelines - Monitoring the Quality of Prep - Provision of effective program model Introduction of PrEP in Private Sector PrEP Intro - Evaluation of effectiveness of condom program - 3 Sites was already identified for this monitoring - Survey Questionnaire Condom Program Monitoring Condom Monitoring Condom & Lubricant Dispenser - City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan - Angeles RHWC - Mabalacat RHWC Sites for Condom Program Evaluation SITES - Reach Form V2 (Global fund form) Survey Questionnaires Survey - Identify Reasons for losses to follow-up & how to overcome them Decrease LTFU Cases LTFU - Angeles City RHWC - Bataan General Hospital, - Guiguinto RHWC, - JBLMRH, - James L. Gordon Memorial, - PJGMRMC - CSJDM - Tarlac Provincial Hospital Sites with High rates of LTFU SITES Mostly are also Cat A. Cities - Monitoring - Operationalization (December 2019) Implementation of Rapid HIV Diagnostic Algorithm rHIVda - Angeles City - JBLMRH - Bataan General Hosp. rHIVDa Sites SITES Usage of Point of Care Viral Load in Partnership W/ CBO's (JPM) - Support in Monitoring and Operationalization Viral Load Testing VL - Angeles City, - Guiguinto - BLMRH Viral Load Testing SITES - Regional Coordinating Council -Regional PLHIV Support Network -HIV Policy in the Workplace -rHIVDA Localization -MEMO for free CD4 Baseline Policy Development Policies Accomplished by: 11/2019 - Introduction of Client Logsheet which: 1) Monitors Client Refill Time 2) Generates Cascade 2 Facilities : 1) Angeles RHWC 2) Mabalacat RHWC Client Logsheet Logsheet

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