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Folder Structure

Transcript: Data Asset Management Folders Folders Archives Cash Register Development Education Admin P: Drive Curatorial Resorce Develop Dept Events and Special Projects Finance Letters- Cards to Merge Marketing and Advertising Mastro Events and Special Projects IT Mayfaire Public Relations Membership Private Files Public Relations Receipts Mayfaire Print Sage Backup Scanned Arch Docs Security and Operations SQLBackup Store Sage Backup Scanned Docs TAM TMS Z Old Staff Files TAM Visitor Services Private Files Private Files AdminIntern Alex Claire Diana Ellen Ellen Gregory Kalisa Loren Marilyn Marilyn Matt Megan Pal Suzanne Suzanne Taylor Server Issue SVR-Media (TAM & TMS live here) SVR-DC-FS SVR-Thesaurus VMWare Unforeseen Consequences SVR-Media SVR-DC-FS SVR-Thesaurus VMWare Data Storage Data Storage P: Drive Contains 678,960 files S: Drive Contains 194,178 files Apollo Contains 700,000+ files P: Drive Contains 1,133 GB of Data S: Drive Contains 740 TB of Data Apollo Contains 5,600 GB of Data File Types Largest File Types .JPEG (Photos) 362 GB .BAK (Database Backup) 202 GB .MP4 (Video) 185 GB .M2TS (AVCHD Video) 167 GB .ZIP (ZIPed old staff files) 144 GB VMDK (Virtual Machines) 104 GB SVR-DC-FS Apollo Largest File Types "Pictures" 5,325 GB "Videos" 214 GB Dropbox 369 GB Apollo Data Storage Total Museum Data = 7.8 TB SVR-DC-FS - 1.8 TB Apollo - 6 TB Cost of Storage 1 2 3 Cost of Storage 4 Server $9,000 leased to buy over 3 years - last 6 years Apollo $5,000 Gregory owns it - Museum buys hard drives ($2,700) 3 Backup Servers $500 each ($1,500) + Cost of hard drives ($3,200) 8 Offsite Hard Drives $2,000 total - 1 in Gregory's truck, 8 at Gregory's house Hard Drives Need to replace 5 at $400 each $8,000 Hard Drives ($2,000 Total) (Not including the ones in the server) Server Server Life Expectancy Replace between summer 2020 and summer 2021 Data Locations Data Locations Online Local VMWare Server Apollo Backup Servers Local Local SVR-DC-FS SVR-Media SVR-Thesaurus Windows Servers Windows Server Carbonite Dropbox Gmail/Google Drive/Google Photos One Drive SquareSpace Member website I can't remember the name of Facebook Others I don't know about Online Online 1.8 TB on the Server 6.0 TB on Apollo What to Backup? Backups Servers Backups Servers Daily-Backup SVR-Media BU Backup-B Apollo Nightly Backup Nightly Hourly Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Nightly Hourly Carbonite Daily Additional Backups Additional Backups Apollo SVR-Media External Hard Drive Apollo Nightly Backup SVR-NAS Apollo Nightly Backup Apollo Nightly Backup Apollo Nightly Backup Apollo Nightly Backup P & S Drive Nightly Backup P & S Drive Nightly Backup Barracuda Daily Offsite Backups Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Thursday Gregory's Truck Apollo Monday Apollo Gregory's Truck Apollo Friday Offsite Backups Not Backing Up What we should be backing up but are not the Server operating system (VMWare) and each server Operating System (Windows)

Folder structure

Transcript: Project folder For each of these folders, the following subfolders as neccesary. Again, one folder for each task, that contains folders like: One folder for each task or aggregates, where spss summaries, brain blobs, tables, word docs, etc, are stored. Also summaries of things like movement parameters and such will be stored here - automatically. fmri_task rsmri Scripts will work through this folder, with a simple file where you can hook off which analysis to run. Scripts, designfiles, instructions, etc, will go here. secondlevel - for individual repeated measures physiological_craving EV "Output" - as in output of analysis steps Bases Physlog Project folder Here goes logs, notes, whatever, so when someone has run something, they can note it here. As well as group information etc that can be useful for people sharing their stuff. "Supplementary" - as in files needed in other analyses behavioral_task "Results" - as in finished results Subject x - (501/502/503/etc) Behavioral data folder will contain each subjects', and for each their session (like the previous folder example), eprime data in our case. Easy way to back up then. Pre - as in preprocessing "Raw" - as in raw data of all kinds Misc BETs FAST - segmentation data etc... all these have then Session/subject. Follows same structure as rawdata, with Session/Subject These will vary from project to project but fits all behavioral_craving physiological_task All the folders in rawdata contain the following firstlevel - as in individual analysis File x - (fmri.nii) One folder here for each task, almost as in raw: "fmri_craving" "behavioral_craving" "physiological_craving" Session x - (Session1/Session2) Folder structure - Main folder can be "Hedoniclab" or something bet - for brain extracts mc - for motion correction fmri - for preprocessed fmri file fast - for segmentations reg - for regressors etc... Whithin these, the same SessionX/SubjectX as rawdata Session/subject Project folder thirdlevel - for group level statistics 3Dmri And one folder called "commons" - for all things that are common over more than one task, like bets. Behavioral and other aggregate datafiles would go here, including highlevel feat analysis. fmri_checkerboard

Server Folder Structure

Transcript: Server Share Companies QUESTIONS? Departments Principals: The same structure for both Products & Services Server Access Products & Services are split by function. All companies have a "Company Management" function Additional service or core product e.g. Engineering Consulting, Software Products (Shear7), JIPs (SCORCH) Each of these areas are managed Differently 4 Letter Company/Location Identifier 2 Letter Department Code is created for each product type e.g. SHEAR7 - S7, Engineering - EN etc. For use in Chargecode Titles Planning Ops Library IT Note: Deduped Local Financial Management & support Chargecodes for booking time and producing deliverables CM Proposals ACGB ACAU EN Clients & Subcontractors Product Ops codes can be added to dynamically. Are generally FY dependent (budgeting/tracking etc.) Can add codes for short term or recurring tasks MK Tickets Product/Service All companies have a link to the AMOG library. Files are added to the "0_To_be_filed_dropbox" folder and a designated staff member sorts them into the right place. Remainder of folders are read only CM On Conference Code Closure, the following files are copied to the library: Deliverables Technical Papers Marketing Material Presentations HR/CM/MK/BM/FIN etc. Engineering Service (EN) The same structure for both Products & Services CM The following chargecode types will have their own specific folder structure ACCO Company Management Departments Current Lead folders have no structure. Ops Planning Standing Agreements, R&D Jobs Example Management Chargecode Template Folder Structure IT Benefits HR CTR 1 - Corporate Services Task 1 - Quality (Subtask 1.1.1 - General) Task 2 - HSE (Subtask 1.2.1 - General) Task 3 - Risk (Subtask 1.3.1 - General) Task 4 - Marketing (Subtask 1.4.1 - Conf APPEA) (Subtask 1.4.2 - Conf OTC) Task 5 - ITS (Subtask 1.5.1 - APMS Testing) Jobs Able to rollback data in hourly resolution. Capability of daily, weekly & monthly bulk backup. Layer of Protection against ransomware. Budget Controller "Owns" the ChargeCode Records for any chargecode are stored within the folder structure for the company that owns the chargecode. Staff should primarily only book time to their own company's chargecodes or central function codes To manage licensing and depreciation of products, there is an "Archived Products" folder. This also works for departments that are retired. All codes are able to able to be archived on close/completion. Codes DeDupe TExT Archive - Hidden Inter-company standing agreements. Exist between AMOG companies/subsidiaries Service agreements with subcontractors (electricians/air con etc.) Reasons for Snapshot/Dedupe CM Codes Current Proposal folders have no structure. AHAU Planning Ops CTR1 - Annual Finance Activities Teresa/Clarice Conferences - cf Employee - em Ops - op Planning - pg Ticket - tk Client/subcontractor - c Snapshot Simplified Folder Structure 20 Total Folders Section Resource Planning (future) Section Ops (current) Current planning folder has no structure Leads ATAU Company Management ACUS Chargecode Types Standing Agreements CTR1 - ACAU CTR2 - ACUS etc. Craig/Maria Simplified Folder Structure 20 Total Folders Clients & Subcontractors Codes Company Management contains 5 areas: Folder Structure FI Both OS X and Windows have a total filename length limit of 260 characters (including path). Requirements for Backup including Snapshot/Dedupe Remote Replication and Storage for all AMOG Companies Identification of Projects by Company/Products & Services/Department Ability to assign user permissions for logical sets of folders. Single locations for common data (Technical & IP Libraries, Clients & Subcontractors, Quality System) Proposals For collation of BD or useful history All companies connect to a centralised clients and subcontractors list. Separated by Client ID into groups of 100. Client codes are chronological and looked up in APMS. Current Proposal folders have no structure. Current Folder Structure 25 Total Folders IT/QA/HS etc. Staff Company Mgmt ACUS Example ops folder. Unlocked so they can be edited as required. Allow adding / deleting of folders. Same as Planning EN Leads POLI - DOJI Split Enough room for live archive. Can separate volumes for reduced load on the system. Simpler remote replication and DR capability. Consolidate infrastructure (fewer silo servers) Inter-Company Financial Management & support Chargecodes for booking time and producing deliverables Lead - l Proposal - p Job - j Ops - op Planning - pg R&D - rd Standing Agreement - sa Standing Agreements, R&D Main File Structure Restrictions RI CS Company Specific Quality System Codes Employees (Future / Present) Operations: "Admin" Codes Planning: "Admin" Proposals Inter-company Standing Agreements Tickets: Response Projects (OFI/TR) Each company will have as a minimum the following departments: Human Resources - HR Finance - FC Board Management - BM Company Management - CM In addition, the following departments will be required to

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