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"The Landlady" Plot Diagram Template

Transcript: The Landlady By: Cherry & Winston The Landlady seems will be successful, but Billy looks like still do not know what happened. At the end of the reading, the author has showed almost competition between the terrible old woman and the young naive boy. The Landlady gradually occupy the upper hand, but our Billy has no actions to Landlady. It just likes a lamb fell into the wolf's mouth. The Landlady begins to reveal her true colors to Billy. She tells some facts to Billy. Billy knows that Landlady murders those two men, and they are made into specimens. Finally, the author shows a ruffian old lady who has murdered two young lives. When she puts down her tea cup and stops her eyes on Billy's body, she asks some questions to prove that Billy is worth to kill.(lines 317-333) After makes sure Billy is her prey, she tells him she kills those two poor young men.(lines 328-333) Whatever the Landlady says, Billy turns the topic to ask parrot, he wants know something from parrot.(lines 340-342) Unfortunately, Landlady has made that poor one become a specimen, and her dog has also made be a specimen by herself.(lines 348-356) Our Billy seems like will be kill by Landlady. Climax Falling Action Billy wants to find a good place to rest in cold weather. He sees the notice which catches his attention. It is really cold wind for Billy who just come to a new place (lines 5-7), but the sadly thing is the fairly cheap hotel is too far to him (lines 8-13). Luckily a boardinghouse is appears in his viewable range (37-62). The most important is after this part, our two main characters are meeting. Inciting Incident Rising Action The Landlady has got ready all of things for Billy when she opens the door and welcomes him. But it makes Billy feels a bit of strange. The two main characters has been meet, and Landlady looks like a kind old mother.(lines 123-127) Although she is very warmth for Billy, he has some doubts for old lady. Why the price so cheap than other hotels?(line 114 & 115) Why there has no other hats or coats?(lines 129 & 130) That makes him feels strange, but the cheapest price and only one night rest lets him does not care about those.(lines 135-138) It foreshadows the bad final for him. Theme Do not trust the stranger who meet you and give you lots of help and convenience. Because you never will know how the mankind the stranger is. Remember there is no such thing as a free meal. Types of conflict: Person Vs. Person The whole reading is revolves around the conflict of Billy and the Landlady. In lines 180-260, the Landlady invites Billy drinks tea. During the time of drinking tea, Repeatedly stopping Billy to recall those two names who disappeared in her house. Conflict After finishing set Billy, the Landlady let Billy to sign the book. There are only two other names above his on the page; however, Billy thinks he heard that rather unusual name before. There are two men names on the guest book. It is really odd for Billy that he has heard those names somewhere.(lines 206-211) Thought the Landlady insists that she has no idea about the name of the guests,(lines 257-264) but Billy remembers he has seen the names on the newspaper.(lines 274,275) However, Billy does not know what he is experiencing. Rising Action Billy will be made be the specimen likes other people who has been murder by the Landlady. The author finally revealed the answer to audiences. Almost three years there is no one visit here.(lines 372, 373 & 378) When Billy tastes the tea, he feels a bad taste from it. (lines 364 & 365) That taste is likes faintly of bitter almonds, it is not something else, that is the taste of cyanide. So it also indirectly explains his end. Resolution Rising Action When he wants to find out more information about those missing men, the Landlady does not want him to try to recall it. When Billy recollect where he used heard those names. At same time, the Landlady interrupt his meditation, and she requests him to drink a couple of tea.(lines 278-296) When Billy recalls more and more things, the Landlady is watching him with deadly silence.(lines 297-306) She seems like a hungry lion, and her eyes emits the dangerous light to Billy. Exposition Setting Characters Mood Exposition Setting Billy Weaver comes from London to Bath by a train, it is nine O'clock in the evening. (Lines 1-3) This sentence shows our protagonist Billy as a new young one comes to the Bath. Characters Billy Weaver & the Landlady Billy: He is a round protagonist in the reading. In line 20-23, the reading shows us a round, young and naive boy, he has full of fervor for his new life. He wears new clothes, he feels fine and he walks briskly. So we can sure he is a round protagonist. the Landlady: The Landlady is a flat and dynamic protagonist in the reading. We do not know any information of her, even her name. We just know she is a landlady of a house. Although we knew nothing about her, she still gives us surprise. At first, in line 101-122, the reading shows

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