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Countdown timer

Transcript: Mohsin Balwan Impacts of Countdown Timers on Pedestrian Behavior Case study in UAE Introduction Sharjah 2,590 1.4 milion Countdown Timer Why Countdown Timer Advanced applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Used in conjunction with traditional traffic signals. Develop pedestrian behavior and safety. They give additional information to pedestrians. Displaying the amount of time at intersections Improve their comprehension of the FDW signal. Goals Explore All facets relating to the efficiency of countdown timers. Determine The influence it may have on pedestrian behavior with regard to safety, compliance, number of illegal crossings. Methodology Methodology Statistical survey Treatment Control Video surveys 8 Statistical Survey Statistical Survey 500 total collected using Google form. 50% of the survey done using CAPI. 50% of the survey done using CASI. The questions have been devided into two main parts. Demographic and questions related to pedestrian countdown timer. 14 Questions. 2 to 3 min. Will you prefer a pedestrian signal countdown device? Do you think that pedestrian crossing with signal countdown device is safer? Do you think that you will not cross the red light if you know the remaining time? Relieve frustration from stopping for long and uncertain amount of time during the red phase. Assist better judgment to move faster or slower depending on the time remaining. How did the countdown timers at pedestrian signals influence your crossing behavior? Questions Questionnaire . Total number of pedestrians . Violators . Pedestrian-vehicle conflicts . Pedestrians who ran out of time. . Successful crossings. Video Survey Video Survey Control sites Treatment site Results Results Statistical survey results Video survey results Statistical survey results Statistical survey results Video survey results Video survey results + 12% + 12% Conclusion Conclusion Most of the pedestrian prefered crossing with pedstrian countdown timer The majority of the pedestrian thought that the crossing becomes safer with pedestrian countdown timer. The video survey results show improvement at treatment sites. Significant reduction in non-compliance pedestrian. Significant increase in successful pedestrian crossings. Questions Questions

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Transcript: E- Presentation Presented By: Sepehr Javid Parsa Darbouy Power Point References: Prezi Next References: Reveal .j References: E-Presentation Software PowerPoint What is Power Point? PowerPoint is a slide-show presentation program that makes it easy to create, collaborate, and present your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling ways. PowerPoint Environment Tab Ribbon Group Some groups have a launch button at the bottom right Slide Thumbnail Let's Try It Out We will be discussing Images Videos & Audios Animations Add-in Slide Organization Design Ideas Custom Templates Images Images Format Tab Transparent Color Screen Shot Photo Album Insert, Resize, & move Videos & Audios Videos & Audios Online Video Resize & Move Music & Audio Playback & Format Tab Local Video Animations Animations Element Animations 3D Animation Countdown Timer Timer Bar Slide Transition Add-in Add-in Pickit Pixton QR4 office Prezi Next What is Prezi? Prezi is a web-based tool for creating presentations. It's similar to other presentation software like PowerPoint, but it offers some unique features that make it a good alternative.سسسسسنتانتان Persian Languageسسسس Not Supported Setup Setup Create An Account: Choose Template Adjust Template & Background Make It Appealing Insert Audio Add Charts Upload Video Insert Topic Insert Text Insert Image & YouTube Video Insert Icon Insert Shape, Arrow, & Lines Insert PDF Add Animation Share With Others ستاذس Presenting Shared Link Collaboration Reveal.js what is reveal.js ? reveal.js is a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. setup 2 3 setup reveal.js Install Node.js $ git clone $ cd reveal.js $ npm install 4 1 $ npm start 5 Let's dive deeper project structure theme fragment background Reveal.initialize

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