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Powerpoint Circular Flow Diagram Template

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Circular Flow Diagram

Transcript: Chapter 6 Project After extensive research, I have concluded that the best solution to the problem of rising seas is to build floodgates to protect our cities. This solution offers job opportunities as well as keeping our cities safe and running as usual. The other solutions discussed were impractical or too expensive. The stocks of the businesses in the area would go way down if the sea levels continue to rise. The banks may give out a lot of loans if this disaster occured. Research Chart Rising Sea Levels Circular Flow Diagram The factors of production could become scarce, due to damages from sea water, hurting the rate of production in the area. Final Action Choice Household The product market would decrease in productivity because their land and resources would be damaged by sea water. The rest of the world wouldn't be able to buy as many goods and services from this area if it became flooded. People could lose their homes due to rising water, and/or suffer a shortage of freshwater due to contamination. Needs to pay for the restoration/prevention of damage from rising sea levels. Product Markets Rest of World Financial Market Business Firms Factor Market Government Businesses in the area would lose business because of damages from the flood. 1. How does this issue affect households and local residents? Rising sea levels could cause flooding, which could result in residents losing their homes. Also, sea water could contaminate the aquifers, resulting in a shortage of fresh water in the area. 2. How does this issue affect local businesses? Like with the houses, flooding could cause the businesses to be forced to relocate. Also, people moving away from the area would be bad for businesses. 3. How does this issue affect the government at the local, state, and national levels? The government is forced to research solutions to the problem, and they will need to fund projects attempting to fix it. 4. How does this issue affect the rest of the world? People and companies from other parts of the world wouldn't be able to buy from the companies displaced by the floods. 5. How does this issue affect resources, goods and services, and finances? All of those will be negatively affected by the possible future flooding damage.

Circular Flow Diagram

Transcript: Households 1. Water pollution affects my community in terms of the lakes and rivers being polluted especially since I live in Florida a place where we have water surrounding us and alligators and other animals live in a great amount. If we pollute we will be destroying these creatures habitats. Although because of pollution everyone will see the results and raise awareness to stop. 2.My family members believe it is very serious and we must take action and prevent before it is too late to do anything to stop water pollution. Educating and motivating people to take care of their resources. The Rest of the World. The world can contribute to keeping our waters clean by keeping track of their own doings and where they keep the chemicals and trash. Our oceans need to be kept clean we need to remember that our world is a chain reaction if our oceans are destroyed very soon we will all be destroyed. If we as a whole do not take care of our water we will all soon run our o resources because there is only a certain amount of fresh water in the world that cannot be destroyed. Business Firms Government Household can take great part in reducing water pollution. We need to watch what we throw down our sinks and toilets, make sure we don't throw any harmful chemicals that will be recycled. We can also be careful with what we throw on our grass in terms of pesticides and fertilizers. Another thing we can do is throw all of our trash into the trashcan because we will prevent the trash from going into rivers,lakes, and oceans. Water pollution can affect household in terms of not having clean water to take showers or to use in the toilet or sinks. Businesses can start by creating and building awareness throughout their business in order to keep workers aware of the danger of certain chemicals being used. Like the BP oil spill we had a few years ago that killed thousands of animals and polluted various beaches it could have been prevented if better pipes were built and regulated. Water businesses will be affected if we do not take care of water pollution by not having an abundant amount of water to provide to the public making it more expensive. Guiding Questions In 1972 The United States Government passed an act called The clean water Act. The objective behind this act is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters by preventing point and nonpoint pollution sources, providing assistance to publicly owned treatment works for the improvement of wastewater treatment, and maintaining the integrity of wetlands.This affects our government in terms of sustaining society with clean water to drink and use "Clean Water Act." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 21 Apr. 2015. <>. Circular Flow Diagram Water Pollution 06.01 Ana Araujo

Circular Flow Diagram

Transcript: Solution 1: Negative - This would make all factory workers lose their jobs. Business Firms Air pollution is a very big problem around the world. Of course as we all know, we need it to survive! So why are so many people willingly polluting it? After millions of years of the air being polluted, it is now making people ill. This is an issue that will eventually lead to major health problems. It not only effects people, it also effects animals and plant life too. Rest of the World Households The only solution that would meet my criteria would be solution 2. I picked this because this is the only solution that would avoid jobs being lost and the government to pay billions of dollars. With solution 1 and 3, millions of jobs would be lost. If the government officials kept a lookout for people air polluting, like revving engines, this would eliminate a lot of pollution. Factory owners should find an alternative to mass produce products without air pollution. Solution 2 has the most positive externalities and is the solution that takes the most sense and saves the most money Does the public need to be aware of and support the solution? Negative - It would cost billions of dollars to change all factories In many house holds, people don't even notice that they are polluting the air. Fumes from gas/coal/wood ovens are the most common pollution from households. Businesses that cause air pollution, such as dry cleaners, car repair shops, and factories are harming the environment dramatically . Air pollution not only may kill plants, but it can also effect the health of people who breath it in What positive or negative externalities does this issue present at each sector of the economy? Refer to your circular-flow diagram Absolutely. If the world had to stop producing everything that was made in a factory, millions of people around the world would lose their jobs. A majority of things that are on the self in the super market are made in factories, so this would also cut a lot of food production. Companies would go bankrupt if the world had to shut down all factories that gave off air pollution fumes. Positive - This will eliminate most of the air pollution in the atmosphere. What challenges are there to implementing each solution? Module 6 Project 06.02 Solution 2: What do your parents/others in the community say about the issue? Are there budget or labor concerns? Circular Flow Diagram Solution 3: design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Guided Question #2 The government doesn't push its citizens enough to keep the air clean. Almost all factories emit fumes into the air and the government doesn't do anything about it, even though there is a Clean Air Act Everyone in the world would have to support this issue. If people didn't support, then the issue would never be fixed. Not everyone would agree that shutting down all factories that emit fumes into the air is a good idea. Its a loss of many jobs and resources for millions and millions of people around the world. Guided Question #1 What Is The Issue? The first solution would make all factory workers lose their job. The second solution would probably cause a lot of people, especially with big trucks, to receive tickets. The third solution would cost billions of dollars. Rest of guided questions are answered in my circle diagram. Households: People don't notice that they emit air pollution from their home What incentives do individuals, businesses, and government have to act on each possible solution? Negative - This would cause a lot of government officials to be on the look out and all homes, businesses to be evaluated. Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen? Government: The government does not currently push to keep up with the elimination of air pollution Every single sector including individuals, businesses, and government have the incentive of CLEAN AIR! individuals will get sick from the air, causing them not to be able to attend work. Eventually the air is going to become to unhealthy and polluted that more and more people are going to get sick. There are 2 solutions when it comes to air pollution: make factories that don't emit fumes into the air or completely diminish all factories at once. Of course the first choice sounds better, but it is much more costly. My parents and others who live in my community say they are all for no air pollution. My dad is somewhat against the issue because he works in the construction industry so most to all of their parts are made in factories and with all factories being shut down, he wouldn't be able to do his job. 6.05 06.03 In the environment, the air pollution harms so many habitats for animals. Some animals can't live with air air being so polluted. Animals such as bird and smaller animals die everyday from air pollution. Explain how the issue you have chosen affects your community. Be sure to include impacts you perceive to be both positive and negative - The issue of air pollution affects my community because it

Circular- Flow Diagram

Transcript: Brian becomes a member. He has signed up to '' An overseas client uses the product as a part of a commercial weight loss plan. Therefore placing the money right back into the money pool These will be used to make her entrees. Business Firms The weight loss plan is then sold to online fitness sites. When product quality is good.. Government Ashley uses the money to purchase ingredients. Some of the money also goes towards paying production staff.. The End Factor Market Here he can make donations to upcoming businesses. Working at Pepsi. Household And purchases the weight loss plan.. She sells her recipes to Brownstone Food Distributors His donation goes to Ashley, who is starting her own restaurant. They ship their product to overseas clients And the companies will buy stock in their partnered company, to increase their leverage. Financial Market Rest of the World Which he has to pay sales taxes for.. This money is then used to fund public goods and services.. May buy stock in the company of the product.. Who then promote it and deliver it to club members. Product Market If addition funding it needed, the government will request loans.. He gets paid biweekly Taxes Brian is an assembly worker.. Private Savings Borrowing and Stock Issues by Firms Foreign Borrowing and Sales of Stocks Government Borrowing Income (wages,rent, etc.) Consumer Spending Goods and Services Consumers like Brian.. Exports Imports Services Government Spending Factors of Production Foreign Lending and Purchasing of Stocks Business Revenue Goods and Services Business Cost

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