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Transcript: How many devices can you connect to a USB port? A) 27 B) 127 C) 6 D) Infinite THANKS FOR LISTENING!!! External ports can be on any of the 4 sides of a desktop computer's system unit, though on the school computers you will find most of them at the back On a laptop, external ports are usually found on the sides Manufacturers have standardized colours for different types of ports. Game Port Which of the following is NOT an example of a port? Conclusion Connect the computer to peripheral devices by transferring electric signals when the conductors in the port and its corresponding cord/plug meet. Two groups of ports with different types of signal transfer. Serial ports send/receive bits one at a time using one pair of wires. Parallel ports use several pairs of wires and so can send multiple bits simultaneously A) Physical, Non-physical B) Physical, Verbal C) Physical, Virtual D) Physical, Oral An interface, which allows you to connect different sorts of devices to your computer. There are ports that are external, and internal within the computer. Internal- ports for connecting disk drives, screen display, as well as keyboards. External- ports for connecting modems, printers, mice, and other devices that are not physically a part of the computer Location on Computer OUR FAVOURITE :D Bibliography Examples of Ports What is a Port? Older USB ports (left) versus newer USB 3.0 ports in blue (right) Functions USB Connects various devices used to play computer/ video games (e.g. joystick) Used with older pc’s Now replaced by USB ports Quiz Time! How They Work Ports What are the two different types of ports? A) Short for "portal", an access to an alternate dimension B) Short for "portable", meaning moveable C) An interface allowing you to connect devices to your mind D) An interface allowing you to connect devices to your computer Virtual ports reduce interference when software application uses hardware resources. An IP address and protocol are usually assigned to a port in computer networking. 16 bit digits called computer port numbers can identify addresses and protocol in addition to a 32 bit number, the IP address Video Graphics Array (VGA): For video transfer by the connector, a blue 15-pin cable.. Digital Visual Interface (DVI): used to connect a video source to a display device (in this case the computer monitor) Display Port: also used to connect a video source to a display device. It can carry audio or other forms of data as well. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI): used to connect to another device to transfer video and audio data. Relatively modern and common PS/2: a round port used to connect some mice and keyboards. Serial Port: a port used for serial communication that only transmits 1 bit of data at a time Parallel Port: a port that uses more than one wire, allowing it to send and receive several bits of data simultaneously Very common port, standing for Universal Serial Bus Developed by several companies (such as IBM, Microsoft, and Intel Connects up to 127 devices to a computer at a time, (e.g. keyboards, USB flash drives, and other electrical devices) By: Yilena Xu, Lila Huang, Lindsey Jin, Jason Huang and Safiya Erdogan The main function of a port is to connect a computer to other devices and allow information and data to flow between them. Often also used to transfer power as well How many bit digits are within computer port numbers? Thunderbolt What is a port? The computer consists of two main types of ports: Physical- USB ports, floppy drives, internet ports, HDMI, DVI, etc... Virtual- Dealing with network. Computers use virtual ports to manage network traffic. 15-pin VGA cable A) USB B) VGI C) DVI D) HDMI E) None of the Above A) 16 bit digits B) 15 bit digits C) 14 bit digits D) 13 bit digits What can computer port numbers do? Newest version is 3.1, with double the speed of 3.0 ports USB 3.0 ports have a speed of up to 5GB/s and ports are blue Older 2.0 ports are still more common and are black Physical layout is identical for all versions Micro USB ports and cables used for smartphones, cameras, and small devices Micro USB to USB adapters exist for power and data transfer Models which are no older than 2011 are thunderbolt capable Supply power to connected devices Supports up to 6 thunderbolt devices 2 meter cable costs about $40 Previously called Light Peak Provides up to 10 watts of power to connected peripherals Includes two channels


Transcript: PORTS Receiving ships and its cargo Types: Inland, Fishing, Dry, Warm-water, Sea Warm-Water Ports (Aptly Suited for Harsh Winters) Seaports (PTP Port Profile to talk about) Development & Operations PORT PROFILE (PTP) Trade-Offs Ang,E. (2002). Singapore to offer port incentives to carriers. Available: Last accessed 10th Mar 2014. APM Terminals. (2014). APM Terminal Tanjung Pelapas. Available: . Last accessed 10th Mar 2014. Hine, Lucy. (2002). Evergreen shifts to Malaysian Box Port. Available: Last accessed 10th Mar 2014. MMC Corp. (2014). Contents. Available: Last accessed 10th Mar 2014 Rodrigue, J.P (2010). The Geography of Transport Systems. 2nd ed. New York: Routledge. Sheltered bay with 16m of deep water Approach channel of 420m wide 8 Linear berths (360m ea) Total 2.88km 24 super Post- Panamax crane Mainly offering break-bulk and container Developments & Operations Bibliography FACTS Warehouses in ports limits for value adding activities (AGILE CONCEPT) Hinterland (Services region and port) Depot Rationalization Client Requirements (Cost Savings) Foreland Vs Hinterland Rationale Warehouses within Port Limits Vs Industrial Zones Overtaken Singapore for a period of time in early 2000s Evergreen and Maersk shift operations from Keppel and Tuas to PTP. 18th World Top Container Ports 3rd in Southeast Asia behind Singapore’s Keppel and Port Klang by Westport Sdn Bhd Tanjong Pelapas Port (PTP) - Transhipment Estd March, 13, 2000 30% Equity from Maersk through APM Remainder stake by MMC Corp Situated on southern tip of Straits of Malacca Main operating hub for Maersk and Evergreen Marine Last recorded 7.7m TEU in 2012 TANJONG PELAPAS PORT(JOHOR, PENINSULAR MALAYSIA) Employment Roles Good Intermodal links with Leburayah- UTARA / SELATAN (N.S Expressway) and AH (Asia Highway Networks), Rail and cross border into Singapore Confluence of East-West shipping lanes Handles bulk cargo for YTL, Lafarge Part of Iskandar Project area and SIJORI Awarded free zone Cuts down on transportation time, removing traffic conditions, security issues and clearance and boundary limitations. Fuel management Stevedoring Port agent and support 2PL / 3PL Transshipment Hub Sheriff and port policing INTRODUCTION TO PORTS Conclusion / Q&A

Ports America Interim Presentation

Transcript: Team 2B: Anmol Gupta, Chandrakanth Saravanan, Wei-Chih Hu, Zeyu Tian + Ports America - IoT Sensor Data Interim Presentation Business Background Ports America is the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the United States It provides clients with a distinct competitive advantage, combining the flexibility of global connection with the efficiency of local expertise. An important part of the business: Cargo Handling Equipment Business Background Analyze IoT sensor data for correlation between tire pressure, temperature and Urea levels to optimize fuel consumption of port equipments. Business Statement Business Statement To find out the correlation and patterns between tire pressure, temperature, UREA levels and fuel usage. Analyze stream data of cargo handling equipment (CHE) generated by sensors. Additionally, to see how sensor level fluctuation varies through time to better understand usage, wear and tear. Through the sensor level fluctuation we can also identify whether the sensor is healthy or not and potential failure predictability and eventually process improvement. Objective Objective Correlation between temprature, tire pressure and fuel usage Identify patterns of Urea levels and its relation to fuel usage Determine if patterns exist with impact sensors, speed of CHE and location using X-Y coordinates. Identify any trends related to idle time and fuel, tire pressure, UREA levels, etc. Sensor level fluctuation related to date/time (to better understand usage, wear and tear, etc. during various times of the year). Sensor fluctuation patterns/outliers to identify if sensor health, CHE (component) health, and potential failure predictability. Deliver final Tableau dashboards Deliverables Deliverables Recived a 30 GB compressed database which was restored using SQL Server developer edition. The data is hosted on ASU AWS server. Data Received Data Received Data could not be opened with SQL Server Express edition due to size and licensing restrictions. Resored data onto an external hard drive, but this makes it difficult to share. Reached out to faculty adivsor for support who suggested using ASU AWS servers to host data and finally we were able to access it using SQL Server Developer Edition . Problems encountered Problems encountered Pre-Processing & Exploratory Analysis Pre-Processing & Exploratory Analysis We took the averages and looked at an hourly granular level. This was to make the data feasible to analyze, as the provided 10 minute intervals were not directly matched between two tables Joining fm.fuel and fm.tire Joining fm.fuel and fm.tire Descriptive Statistics for Raw Data Descriptive Statistics for Raw Data No. of rows: 205579 Missing Values Delete Columns of Tire Pressure and Temperature from 9th to 16th tire. Considering data from August 2017 Urea Level > 250; Temperature < 1 Temperature > 120 Pressure > 250 Data Cleaning Data Cleaning Using Excel: Remaining Rows - 135803(34% missing values) Using SQL: Remaining Rows - 119103(42% missing values) Code and sample output Code and sample output Descriptive Statistics on Clean Data Descriptive Statistics on Clean Data Row count: 119103 Project Timeline & Next Steps Project Timeline & Next Steps Help us improve our work: Ask Questions & Give Suggestions :) Help us improve our work: Ask Questions...

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