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Popcorn Presentation Template

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PopCorn Presentation

Transcript: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio, are great spots in this nation for planting popcorn seeds, most productions come from these states Some of the countries that produce popcorn that is well known is United States, Asia, China, India, and even Mexico PopCorn WHO NEEDS VEGGIES! The planting process of the popcorn is quite similar to planting corn Describing the Seed PopCorn Popcorn is known for its delicious taste as a snack Popcorn was a very important crop for the Aztecs as it was easy to make and its nutritional for them Another spot is Valley County, which is known for its rich soil and soft spots which is easy for popcorn Where In The World its Planted Some of the environments requirements to be able to plant popcorn may be.. Weather, sometimes popcorn adapts to the weather though Popcorn is best produced on medium rich soil, slightly firm Warm soils, and fair soil will allow it to grow at its fastest North Loup in Nebraska is a famous spot to plant popcorn seeds, as much of the success has come from there Uses After Harvested Say that to my friend.. Made up of endosperm, germ, and pericap Farmers place them 11.5 inches deep and 6 inches away from each other Popcorn is ready to be picked when the stalk and leaves are brown and dry, the popcorn shell is hard, and a black layer (found by scratching away the tip of the kernel) is formed PopCorn Planting Process Where the Seed is Planted in Nebraska Harvesting Process Its shell is moisture sealed and has a very thick inner layer Popcorn can be ear harvested, grab the ear of the popcorn and store for 8-12 months or a combine can come by and harvest them Where In The Nation its Planted Cultivation Process

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