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Art- Pop Art

Transcript: So who was the starter of Pop art Like most art forms it swept across the World very quickly as artist were excited to use and exploit the new art form and try and make as much money as they could from the art or they just wanted to 'keep with the times'. So sufficed to say before the decade was up the vast majority of the world knew and were using Pop art Approved by DR Mccoy What does it involve? The Independent Group (IG) is considered the group that started the Pop Art movement the were seeking young artists to challenge the traditional idea of art and were rather successful as shown by the fact that they started Pop Art . Though in America Pop Art How did Pop art effect the rest of art When did it come about? By Daniel Allen Pop Art is art using modern culture and the media to create images. These images are often distorted in very strange ways Random Pop art examples Pop art first came about in the early 1950's in Britain then later on in America (late 1950's) Pop art normal contains images taken from the news, tins, shops and anything else that has an image and the image is put into a context of which it was never intended for. Often the images are "remixed" in ways such as put into negative or several copies of said image are put side by side with different color schemes or exposures such as the one bellow, on the left. About Pop art How fast did it spread? Before pop art paintings were about people places, and living things and when Pop art came it became normal for people to go painting anything and everything in anyway they wish be it a chicken in multi-colour or a tin can on its own in vivid contrast.

POP ART & Neo-Pop Art

Transcript: POP ART & NEO-POP ART American Pop Artists because FAMOUS NEO-POP ARTISTS The subject matter itself distances pop art from that of the abstract expressionists. Rat-King (1993) "New Hoover Convertibles, Green, Red, Brown, New Shelton Wet/Dry 10 Gallon Displaced Doubledecker" (1981-7) Cupid's Span 2002 Rincon Park San Francisco first he locates in the 'tabular' images of Richard Hamilton also draw inspiration from Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Photo realism, Installation/Performance Art and more (1922-2011) Holding the Mirror Up to Society The Idea is More Important Than the Work of Art Itself Interior with Waterlilies (1991) (self-portrait as Audrey Hepburn) (1996) an describe a new form of "Popular" art - a movement characterized by the imagery of Independent Group Untitled (1992) 'remixing' TASK 1 ORIGINS and INFLUENCES Daniel Edwards Mona Lisa In The Third Place, 1998 b. 1929 Stockholm Pop-art was often scorned by critics for its low-brow focus.The main critics of Pop Art were the Abstract Impressionists/Expressionists, who were popular just before Pop Art took over in popularity. Pop Art definitely broke the hegemony of the Abstract Expressionism in Europe and United States that occupied center art stage in 1950's-1960. More importantly, Pop-art was (and still is) one of the most popular styles of art, which succeeded in getting through to the general public in a way that few modern art movements did - or have done since. And art collectors like it, too. For example, the painting "False Start" (1959) By Jasper Johns and the work "Green Car Crash" (1963) (synthetic polymer, silkscreen ink and acrylic on linen) by Andy Warhol. changed the concept of appropriation and the ready made through the techniques of and Just what was it that made yesterday's homes so different, so appealing? (1992) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sleeve (1967) FAMOUS NEO-POP ARTISTS CHARACTERISTICS leading Pop-artist with an instantly recognizable style, his works turned comic-strip graphics into an international art form 1950s: began as an abstract artist 0 through 9 (1961) Mona Lisa In Its Origins, 1998 Roy Lichtenstein was similar to the rise of Jim Dine Robert Indiana Alex Katz Claes Oldenburg Robert Rauschenberg James Rosenquist Edward Ruscha A More Inclusive and More Relevant Style of Art OTHER POP ARTISTS the importance of Ed Ruscha in developing an imagery that responded to the visual landscape of Los Angeles Brushstroke (1965) Portrait Twin (1988) NEO POP ART J. A. (1969) consumerism an American sculptor whose pieces address celebrity and popular culture in ways that have often stirred controversy it is more of a Patrick Caulfield David Hockney Allen Jones and Self portrait with Badges (1961) Edward Hopper CRITICS versus the PUBLIC and COLLECTORS appropriates universally well known images derived from art history, mass media and pop culture to create unconventional and bold self-portrait renderings in photography, performance and video. Apple Core Israel Museum Jerusalem Peter Blake Surrealism work is marked by a sarcastic humor in which she examines the world of everyday life, tourism and consumption Yasumasa Morimura Whaam! (1963) On the Balcony (1955-7) RESEARCHING POP ART: repetition Influential Artists: Richard Hamilton, David Hockney Claes Oldenburg, Peter Blake, Edouardo Paolozzi, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein Paris Hilton Autopsy (2007) (1928-1987) Electric Chair, (1964) Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton (2006) British Pop Artists abstraction Portrait of David Hockney in a Hollywood Spanish Interior (1965) Flag (1955) OTHER NEO POP ARTISTS drew its images from items of local popular culture was grounded in Dada, elements of collage and assemblage commercial advertising techniques such as used in billboard murals and commercial silkscreens. art movement or with many artists. in the late 1950s and 1960s that Andy Warhol Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band original collage (1967) was not "connecting" with either the general public, Drew on readily available, everyday objects such as lipsticks, clothes pegs, stamps, bikes, food etc. Transforms the scale of everyday objects Keeps their original shape, colour and sometimes textures. Since the late 1960's has been engaged in the production of monumental works for outdoor locations such as sculpture parks Art Can be Made From Anything Allan McCollum, Komar and Melamid, Cady Noland, Charles Ray, Kenny Scharf, Haim Steinbach, Gavin Turk. the emergence of Pop-art Mona Lisa In The Third Place, 1998 His ability to satirize

ART Template

Transcript: Intrauterine Insemination Sperm Washing Image via Sydney Morning Herald. A Fertilization & Zygote Technology Evaluation of Sperm Washing in Reducing the Risk HCV Transmission to the New Born Embryo Cryopreservation Insemination & Transfer Technology Trophectoderm Biopsy If you are in this situation, are you willing to sacrifice these lives at the expense of a "designer baby"? Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Sperm Banking Savasi et al (2014) Mutation-free baby born from a MELAS carrier after blastocyst tropectoderm preimplantation genetic diagnosis Heindryckx et al, 2014 Application of Asissted Reproductive Technology in Disease Prevention What is MELAS? MELAS is a condition that affects many of the body's systems, particularly the brain and nervous system (encephalo-) and muscles (myopathy). Signs and symptoms: muscle weakness and pain recurrent headaches loss of appetite vomiting seizures. stroke-like episodes Human Reproduction Gametic Intrafallopian Transfer Semen Fractions Fallopian Tube Obstruction Surgery Vas Deference Obstruction Surgery MELAS Gene What is HCV? Objectives Reproductive Surgery Assisted Reproductive Health (ART) Disease Prevention Semen Technology After performing PGD-TE, only one blastocysts is selected and transferred into the mother's womb and the rest are eliminated. Consequently, these culled blastocyst have life already. Fertility Medication and Surgery Hormone Induction Be wise enough to decide... Zygotic Intrafallopian Transfer Reproductive Health Technology: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) AA HCV+ HVC- ART Should HCV Discordant couple with seropositive male partner be treated with ART? Since the presence of HCV in semen implies a possible risk of nosocomial contamination, safety regulation must be strictly applied in assisted reproduction laboratories. nucleus

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