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Transcript: -Antisocial disorder does not just touch bases only on being non verbal. -There is a deeper root to the disorder of antisocial. -People with the disorder seem to think and perceive differently and it can become abnormal and disruptive. Antisocial people may abuse drugs and alcohol as well. They lie and act out in violent ways. Antisocial can take a path in a more severe form that can be called a sociopathic disorder. To test and diagnose a person who is antisocial, doctors will give the individual a series of test. These tests would help seek the issues in one’s life and rule out other complications. The doctor would do a physical exam to examine the vital organs such as the heart and the lungs. The doctor will also check the height and weight of a person. They will also check the heart rate and the abdomen. Next, will be the Laboratory test which allows the doctor to check the alcohol and drugs being used and also do a thyroid functioning check. Finally, the doctor will do psychological examinations asking about the persons thoughts and feelings and asking the person what they think might have triggered these symptoms and actions. A good way to diagnose an antisocial person is to examine the way they are with others. It can be observed that with a person with this disorder can cause people to be miserable while they show no emotions towards the other person’s emotions. What makes it even more difficult is that the individuals who have this disorder do not notice something is wrong. Cognitive therapy was a form of therapy that aided the individual’s negative thoughts and changes them into to positive thoughts. There is no way to stop antisocial disorder fully but ways to prevent it is to take children out of abusive households and unstable families as well. Detect the signs early on an individual. The early, the better Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Treatments Antisocial people may abuse drugs and alcohol as well. They lie and act out in violent ways. Antisocial people can take a path in a more severe form that can be called a sociopathic disorder. What stirs it up? People who have this disorder need to be watched and well take cared of. Antisocial people look away from what is right and wrong. They disregard the law and do not care about others. People with this disorder have a hard time keeping up with responsibilities such as school, family and work. Antisocial disorder is really difficult to treat. Meds! Through an unstable family household Through an traumatic experience Antidepressants Mood-Stabilizing Anti-Anxiety Antipsychotic It can be genetic They need care from Doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, social worker, and a family member as well. Diagnosis What is Antisocial Disorder? Antisocial Disorder Psychotherapy which is the main treatment that is needed Help Provided They can be triggered from child abuse Finally


Transcript: Tables Shops && Trivia[: This project taught us great communication skills that are needed in the busniess world.. We did a project for the past couple of weeks or so, and we had to call local businesses asking them if they would purchase an ad to advertise their business. We set up meetings to meet with them, and give them more information about the project. We had to fill out applications, and we had to get hired by one of the managers. We then had responsibilities, and little jobs & tasks that he had to do. We also had to fill out a sheet that tells our manager what we did during the week. The helpful skills that I learned during this project is that to be polite while talking to someone on the telphone, and speak in a well-pitched voice. I'm starting to learn to not be so nervous while on the phone. THE END..FOR NOW:][: Social Studies Work Ethic We wrote a script, which basically summed it all up. The script had a topic and conclusion sentence, and it was a couple paragraphs long. We then broke it up into sections and put it in the photostory. & We made a pool design Oral communication We took responsibility for our jobs. We also split up the project into mini pieces and we each had jobs to do with those pices. Math Content Found the volume & surface of a right polyhedron. Volume We typed paragraphs about sub-topics, which related to our main topic.For example, our topic was "Social Reform", and sub-topics were related to that in some way. script Oral communication Area We studied different topics, about stuff that happened in the same time period of the Wylie House, that related to the House. Pool Project We had to narrate the photostory. I had trouble with saying the paragraphs. Sometimes, I would mess up, and I'd have to start all over again. It takes concentration, and you have to be sure to speak loud enough. We gave an informal presentation and talked about our design. paragraphs Wylie House

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