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Police Officer

Transcript: For one there is not typical workday for a police officer. I want you to join! Duties and Responsibilities The average retirement age of a police officer is their early to mid 50's Social Esteem The educational requirements of a police officer is at least a high school diploma and if wish to go beyond a officer and become a lieutenant or a Sargent you must have at least a associates or bachelors degree to go on. Some other benefits are pensions, which depends on how long you are an officer. Job Opportunities This job doesn't affect your person life much, you retire around your early 50's, and this is a generally satisfying job. Some Benefits of being a police officer are paid vacations, sick leave, and medical and life insurance. Thank you for your attention! The salary of a police of if they are first beginning is about 37,394 dollars a year High school classes that will prepare you for this career would be speech and government. There is not a even amount of people seeking this job then there are available positions open. This more people applying then there are jobs available there is no subordinate position to this job that you can seek while getting the necessary education Salary THE BEST JOB In the current market this job is slowly becoming competitive. the best personality for this career is some one who is an alpha dog, a go get'em person, thick skinned etc. Police Officer Education Contemporary America has a love/ hate feeling for police officers EVER Benefits

Police Officer

Transcript: Being a Police Officer you would work inside and outside You would travel depending on were your situation is located You will also be working with a lot of people ,you may not always work with the same people everyday This job takes team work Patrol selected areas on foot or by car Help people in a wide range of emergencies Investigate crimes , domestic , disturbances , serious crashes and sudden deaths Give evidence in court Give talks at schools Write supports Search and arrest suspected criminals Interview and take statements from people The are alot of different tasks and duties of being a poloce officer Disadvantages Special Skills & Abilities Physiological Requirements Personal Characteristics Police Officers would be mostly standing and sitting they will also be using computers to look up information on a suspect and etc. Advantages Working Hours & Conditions A Police Officer would be mostly standing and sitting and working on computers to slove a crime Specific Tasks Job Environment you may have odd work hours may work on your weekends or holidays and have to work outdoors in all types of weather.!! Physiological Requirements The advanteges of being a police officer is Paid vacations Healthy insurances Paid holidays Pension Plans Uniform and weapons are also provided Education & Training You have to have a high school diploma Have to have a valid driver's license 12-14 week of training Personal Characteristics Police Officers work at lease 40hrs a week because of their 24 hr shifts Trust worthiness , Honesty , Leadership , Integrity, are all personal characteristics a police officer should have..They will be needed! Trust worthiness Honesty Leadership Integrity These are all the characteristics a police officer should have You have to be 21 years of age or older You have to have a special physical skill to do this job which is for Arrest and Prosecution

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