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Plastic Presentation

Transcript: October 26, 2018 By: Hunter Liu, Evan Smith, and Santi Hernandez Roger Quist Middle School Should We Sell Plastic Bottles At Lunch What's the problem? Plastic Water Bottles Plastic is destroying our environment Our Oceans Oceans Landfills Landfills Plastic that sits in land fills leak toxins and pollute our water Incinerated Incineration When plastic is burned it releases toxic gases. Why should we fix it? Plastic is affecting every aspect of our world Why should we care How do plastic bottles affect us? How Sea Ocean life will eat plastic thinking that its food and will die slowly of starvation. Plastic also attracts industrial toxins and when they are eaten by fish it can travel up the food chain to us and cause lots of problems. Our Oceans Land Landfills The Plastic in land fills takes around 1,000 years to fully degrade and during that time they leak toxins like BPA (bisphenol A) into our water and soil which disrupts development and can cause heart problems Air Air Materials like benzene and vinyl hydrochloride are produced when plastic is made and cause cancer. They can affect both land and air. Phthalates are also used in plastics to make them more flexible and they can cause many developmental problems. they also evaporate into the air easily because they don't chemically bond to materials. Information Research Question 1 Does plastic ever fully degrade? Research Question 2 How much does it cost to make a plastic water bottle? Research Question 4 & 5 How many bottles are recycled/How many plastic bottles are produced every year in the U.S. every year. Information Yes, it actually does. It is believed to take up to 450+ years for it to fully degrade. And plastic bags are believed to take from 10-10,000 years to degrade. Does plastic ever fully degrade? Does plastic ever fully degrade It costs about 1 to 4 cents per bottle. The country that pays the most money per bottle is China at 4 cents a bottle. How much does it cost to make a plastic water bottle? How much does it cost to make a plastic water bottle? It estimated that the U.S. produces 50 billion plastic bottles every year. And studies show that we only recycle 14% of plastic. So about 43 billion plastic bottles are not recycled every year. And if it costs about 2 cents to create a plastic bottle in the U.S. Which means that we spend 1 billion dollars on plastic bottles in every year. In the U.S. alone. Which means that if tap is 10,000 cheaper we could be spending only 100,00 dollars every year. How many bottles are recycled/How many plastic bottles are produced every year in the U.S. every year? How many bottles are recycled/How many plastic bottles are produced every year in the U.S. every year? Should Quist sell plastic bottles? What should Quist be doing? No, Quist should not sell plastic bottles. All of this evidence shows that we are slowly killing our planet with plastic. Picture the possibilities What could we be doing We can use plastic for many things for example building houses or having a bank that collects plastic for money. We could promote the use of multi-use water bottles. Houses They fill bottles with trash. And then they stack the bottles as support for the house when they put in the concrete. You can build houses. Social Plastic Bank Social plastic Social plastic is where there is a bank in developing countries and they use plastic as currency. So when people come up with plastic they can turn it in and buy things with the amount of plastic they have. Which we can use here to collect plastic and trash. And there are certain companies that take the plastic and create multiple use products. Multiple use bottles Multiple use water bottles. We can get quality water bottles for students that can be used hundreds of times. No, we should not sell plastic bottles at Quist. There is lots of evidence that shows that it takes a long time to degrade. It can hurt animals and even you. And we are spending more money on it than we should be. Conclusion Conclusion Citations Citations

Plastic Ingenuity Template

Transcript: thermoforming your vision 2016 Voice of the Customer Initiative Assessing Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Position, and Future Growth With Current Customers JOB FUNCTION** REVIEW OF RESEARCH SCOPE AND APPROACH REVIEW OF RESEARCH 8% 38% 21% 33% Interview methodology was similar to the previous VOC survey conducted in 2012 › Interviews lasted between 35 and 45 minutes on average › Plastic Ingenuity was identified as the sponsor; no incentives were used In total, 25 customers / 49 respondents* were interviewed during August –September 2016 › Customers were targeted across three core markets (retail, food, and medical) › Multiple job functions were interviewed YEARS WITH PI *total in 2012: 26 customers / 42 respondents **Some respondents had multiple functions MANAGEMENT PURCHASING OPERATIONS TECHNICAL / ENGINEERS / R & D < 1 YEARS 1-3 YEARS > 3 YEARS 40% 54% 6% REVIEW OF RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Other Demographic Data SERVICING PLANTS 24 12 9 3 CROSS PLAINS, WI MAZOMANIE WI OXFORD, NC MAUMELLE, AR MARKET RETAIL FOOD MEDICAL 43% 33% 23% RESPONDENTS 48 Review of Research Objectives KEY AREAS OF FOCUS FOR 2016 VOC Measure customer loyalty: Net Promoter Score.Understand movement in the score vs. previous VOC Discover how Plastic Ingenuity performs against key buying criteria: quality, delivery, service, price, etc. Benchmark Plasticc Ingenuity’s performance against competition Uncover areas for potential future growth Seek to understand closer ways of working / greater collaboration Define top improvement actions that will strengthen relations RESEARCH FINDINGS What’s it like working with PI? Top Improvements for Plastic Ingenuity Top Strengths of Plastic Ingenuity Performance Ratings The Net Promoter Score Revisited Go-to Supplier TOPICS 1 4 2 5 3 6 1 What’s it like working with PI? ® OVERALL IMPRESSIONS OF PLASTIC INGENUITY NET PROMOTER RESULTS TOP STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ® WHAT'S IT LIKE WORKING WITH PI? Generally speaking, what has Plastic Ingenuity been like to work with? Q. Respondents frequently used the word “trustworthy” when describing Plastic Ingenuity. › “If there were something above awesome I’d use it.” (GSK – Gautam Debnath) › “It’s a true partnership.” (RR Donnelley – Kate Twomey) › “They’re one of our top suppliers. I would trust them to do the right thing.” (Spectrum Brands – Mark Codde) › “Plastic Ingenuity is very highly regarded. They seem to be honorable people. My people are impressed.” (International Paper – Jon Ernst) 90% 8% 2% POSITIVE NEUTRAL NEGATIVE 2016 (48) What’s it like working with PI? Top Improvements for Plastic Ingenuity Top Strengths of Plastic Ingenuity Performance Ratings The Net Promoter Score Revisited Go-to Supplier 4 2 5 3 6 TOPICS 1 ® Top Strengths of Plastic Ingenuity 2 TOP STRENGTHS FOR PLASTIC INGENUITY Q. Top of mind, name the top two to three strengths for Plastic Ingenuity. PERCENTAGES CORRESPOND TO TOTAL RESPONDENTS ACCOUNT SUPPORT TECH. SUPPORT / DESIGN RELIABLE DELIVERY VALUED PRODUCT QUALITY INNOVATION 73% 55% 26% 19% 29% 45% 44% 27% 27% 25% 2016 (48) 2012 (42) KEY TAKEAWAYS > Top strengths are largely similar to first VOC results > Some decline in mentions of “innovation,” balanced with impressive gains in “technical support / design” & “reliable delivery” ACCOUNTS SUPPORT | EXCELLENT SERVICE PROBLEM RESOLUTION RESPONSIVE “They have a great policy for quality issues. If there’s an issue, they’ll be to your facility within 24 hours. They’ll find the solution themselves. Some vendors expect you to figure out the problem.” > “They always provide technical support or solutions to our needs. Bill Fields will push until he gets the answer to get things done. He’s a partner that executes and pushes problems through.” > “If I have a request, they respond quickly.” “Being on top of any issue we tell them about is a huge strength. They’re great at problem-solving. They’re responsive.” > “They’re very responsive. They take care of things.” “If we have a problem with the package, they respond quickly —almost immediately; we’re able to resolve the problem without any effect on the customer.” > > > TOP STRENGTH | TECH SUPPORT / DESIGN DESIGN TEAM TECHNICAL EXPERTISE “They’re strong in design. They have good expertise in thermoforming.” “My counterparts in R&D would praise them on their design and engineering work.” “Their technical expertise is top-notch. They solve some pretty difficult challenges.” “Their knowledge in the realm of thermoform outshines the others we’ve worked with.” > “Their technical expertise is very good. We had an issue and the next day they sent a team and resolved it.” > > “They’re very good at design and tooling—probably the best I’ve ever seen. Their engineering is superb; their tooling is excellent. I can’t say enough about the Oxford plant.” “Design is a top strength. They have a fantastic design team. They have the fastest design team. They always come to me with exactly what I’m looking for and a second sample that pushes the limit. That’s what I

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