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Plastic Free !!

Transcript: photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Maria Camila Posse, an 11th grade student at Colegio Bolìvar, in Cali, Colombia, shares an update on her school’s progress towards making her campus plastic-free: Our campaign for a plastic-free Colegio Bolívar is still brewing so we seized the opportunity to make the annual Soccer Friendship Cup a plastic-free event. The Friendship Cup, a very significant sporting event at our school, brings together High School and Middle School and proved a wonderful opportunity to further share our message of saying no to plastics. Instead of selling drinks in the regular plastic cups, we used ecofriendly cardboard cups and encouraged students to bring their own thermoses. What we can do 1. Litter the landscape. 2. Kills animals ( 100000 animals per year). 3. Non Biodegradable. 4. Petroleum is required for it's production! it is a non renewable resource! Plastic Free!! 7000 cups per MONTH in Colegio Panamericano. Schools That Are NOW Plastic Free Plastic is any synthetic or semi-synthetic organic polymer. While plastics may be made from just about any organic polymer, most industrial plastic is made from petrochemicals. Thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers are the two types of plastic. What is Plastic? 5Gyres... Statistics Maria Camila Posse has been involved in the plastic-free initiative at her school since becoming engaged in environmental issues through Model United Nations and the United Nations Environmental Program. These programs inspired her to get involved at school and help her peers take their environmental education to the next level. Students have taken up the cause of establishing a plastic free campus, creating awareness for fellow students about the multiple threats of plastic pollution. Students organized a platic free soccer match as part of their campaign, and plan to measure the impact of plastic waste on their campus. Consequences... Video Be The CHANGE That You Want To See In The World." Mahatma Gandhi

plastic free environment

Transcript: RETHIK.RS PLASTIC FREE ENVIRONMENT 25.10.2018 WE SAVE AND WE TAKE CARE Click to edit text plastic free envoroment without plastic will help our future NEW GOALS we should change our world Things that can be improved today Improve we can improve the world the plastic will afect the world .[Chlorinated]] plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil, which can then seep into groundwater or other surrounding water sources and also the ecosystem of the world. This can cause serious harm to the species that drink the water. Landfill areas contain many different types of plastics. we can save the world Initiative 1 Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemicals. The polluted air when inhaled by humans and animals affect their health and can cause respiratory problems. plastic harms the nature Initiative 2 save the earth Initiative 3 Use reusable bags whenever you go shopping. ... Identify which products you buy containing plastic. ... Choose the three easiest products to replace. ... Write down why you're making the change to a plastic-free life. ... Start using a reusable coffee cup. Impact Impact caused b plastics Together, these two factors have led to a high prominence of plastic pollution in the environment. Plastic pollution can afflict land, waterways and oceans. ... This large amount of plastic waste inevitably enters the environment, with studies suggesting that the bodies of 90% of seabirds contain plastic debris. Tactics to stop plastics Tactics Stop using plastic straws, even in restaurants. ... Use a reusable produce bag. ... Give up gum. ... Buy boxes instead of bottles. ... Purchase food, like cereal, pasta, and rice from bulk bins and fill a reusable bag or container. ... Reuse containers for storing leftovers or shopping in bulk. Incinerating non-biodegradable plastics will release carbon dioxide as well. Disposing of non-biodegradable plastics made from natural materials in anaerobic (landfill) environments will result in the plastic lasting for hundreds of years. Bacteria have developed the ability to degrade plastics. best idea for stopping Tactic 1 plastics pictures Picture in project 1 your gonna see a picture plastics afect our earth Project 1 Project 1 NEXT STEPS NEXT STEPS so we have seen whatever plastics hasdone to us Step 1 Step 1 we gonna stop this plastic and we are gonna save our earth from plastic we can stop this plastic with our own hands.we put togther in this work stopping power NEXT STEPS

Plastic Ingenuity Template

Transcript: thermoforming your vision 2016 Voice of the Customer Initiative Assessing Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Position, and Future Growth With Current Customers JOB FUNCTION** REVIEW OF RESEARCH SCOPE AND APPROACH REVIEW OF RESEARCH 8% 38% 21% 33% Interview methodology was similar to the previous VOC survey conducted in 2012 › Interviews lasted between 35 and 45 minutes on average › Plastic Ingenuity was identified as the sponsor; no incentives were used In total, 25 customers / 49 respondents* were interviewed during August –September 2016 › Customers were targeted across three core markets (retail, food, and medical) › Multiple job functions were interviewed YEARS WITH PI *total in 2012: 26 customers / 42 respondents **Some respondents had multiple functions MANAGEMENT PURCHASING OPERATIONS TECHNICAL / ENGINEERS / R & D < 1 YEARS 1-3 YEARS > 3 YEARS 40% 54% 6% REVIEW OF RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Other Demographic Data SERVICING PLANTS 24 12 9 3 CROSS PLAINS, WI MAZOMANIE WI OXFORD, NC MAUMELLE, AR MARKET RETAIL FOOD MEDICAL 43% 33% 23% RESPONDENTS 48 Review of Research Objectives KEY AREAS OF FOCUS FOR 2016 VOC Measure customer loyalty: Net Promoter Score.Understand movement in the score vs. previous VOC Discover how Plastic Ingenuity performs against key buying criteria: quality, delivery, service, price, etc. Benchmark Plasticc Ingenuity’s performance against competition Uncover areas for potential future growth Seek to understand closer ways of working / greater collaboration Define top improvement actions that will strengthen relations RESEARCH FINDINGS What’s it like working with PI? Top Improvements for Plastic Ingenuity Top Strengths of Plastic Ingenuity Performance Ratings The Net Promoter Score Revisited Go-to Supplier TOPICS 1 4 2 5 3 6 1 What’s it like working with PI? ® OVERALL IMPRESSIONS OF PLASTIC INGENUITY NET PROMOTER RESULTS TOP STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ® WHAT'S IT LIKE WORKING WITH PI? Generally speaking, what has Plastic Ingenuity been like to work with? Q. Respondents frequently used the word “trustworthy” when describing Plastic Ingenuity. › “If there were something above awesome I’d use it.” (GSK – Gautam Debnath) › “It’s a true partnership.” (RR Donnelley – Kate Twomey) › “They’re one of our top suppliers. I would trust them to do the right thing.” (Spectrum Brands – Mark Codde) › “Plastic Ingenuity is very highly regarded. They seem to be honorable people. My people are impressed.” (International Paper – Jon Ernst) 90% 8% 2% POSITIVE NEUTRAL NEGATIVE 2016 (48) What’s it like working with PI? Top Improvements for Plastic Ingenuity Top Strengths of Plastic Ingenuity Performance Ratings The Net Promoter Score Revisited Go-to Supplier 4 2 5 3 6 TOPICS 1 ® Top Strengths of Plastic Ingenuity 2 TOP STRENGTHS FOR PLASTIC INGENUITY Q. Top of mind, name the top two to three strengths for Plastic Ingenuity. PERCENTAGES CORRESPOND TO TOTAL RESPONDENTS ACCOUNT SUPPORT TECH. SUPPORT / DESIGN RELIABLE DELIVERY VALUED PRODUCT QUALITY INNOVATION 73% 55% 26% 19% 29% 45% 44% 27% 27% 25% 2016 (48) 2012 (42) KEY TAKEAWAYS > Top strengths are largely similar to first VOC results > Some decline in mentions of “innovation,” balanced with impressive gains in “technical support / design” & “reliable delivery” ACCOUNTS SUPPORT | EXCELLENT SERVICE PROBLEM RESOLUTION RESPONSIVE “They have a great policy for quality issues. If there’s an issue, they’ll be to your facility within 24 hours. They’ll find the solution themselves. Some vendors expect you to figure out the problem.” > “They always provide technical support or solutions to our needs. Bill Fields will push until he gets the answer to get things done. He’s a partner that executes and pushes problems through.” > “If I have a request, they respond quickly.” “Being on top of any issue we tell them about is a huge strength. They’re great at problem-solving. They’re responsive.” > “They’re very responsive. They take care of things.” “If we have a problem with the package, they respond quickly —almost immediately; we’re able to resolve the problem without any effect on the customer.” > > > TOP STRENGTH | TECH SUPPORT / DESIGN DESIGN TEAM TECHNICAL EXPERTISE “They’re strong in design. They have good expertise in thermoforming.” “My counterparts in R&D would praise them on their design and engineering work.” “Their technical expertise is top-notch. They solve some pretty difficult challenges.” “Their knowledge in the realm of thermoform outshines the others we’ve worked with.” > “Their technical expertise is very good. We had an issue and the next day they sent a team and resolved it.” > > “They’re very good at design and tooling—probably the best I’ve ever seen. Their engineering is superb; their tooling is excellent. I can’t say enough about the Oxford plant.” “Design is a top strength. They have a fantastic design team. They have the fastest design team. They always come to me with exactly what I’m looking for and a second sample that pushes the limit. That’s what I

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