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Popping pills Pills

Transcript: Popping Pills By Morgan Herron (2A) Materials & equipment Question All 50 states have: Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Prescribing Guidelines and Limits Provider Education or Training Rescue Drugs (i.e., Naloxone) Pain Clinics and Pain Management Other Prescription Drug Abuse Topics Question Can people become addicted to prescription drugs even if they are taken legally? How? Answer What is being done to prevent people from possibly abusing these drugs? Are pharmacies establishing special laws? Are there warning labels/side effects listed for any of these drugs? Is there anything explains the danger of addiction or overdose? Answer Yes people can still become addicted to drugs even if there taken legally. Vicodin Vicodin is an opioid pain medicine. Some side effects from illegal usage is drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, confusion, low blood pressure, unconsciousness, coma , and even death. Benzodiazepines Benzodiazepines are a central nervous system depressants. Used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks. Some examples are alprazolam (AKA Xanax), lorazepam (Ativan), clonazepam, and diazepam. When used illegally confusion, dizziness, impaired coronation and memories, and low blood pressure. When mixed with alcohol there is an increased chance of breathing problems and even possibly death. Amphetamines They are stimulants doctors prescribe to treat attention-deficit disorders. Dexedrine and Adderall When used illegal these pills can cause high blood pressure, seizures, heart attack, stroke, paranoia, aggressiveness, and hallucinations. They are the most commonly abused drugs. Oxycontin Oxycontin is a slow-release narcotic. Its commonly prescribed for chronic pain. When used illegal Oxycontin can be lethal. Especially when the abuser crushes them. Work cited Don't do it its bad


Transcript: What is Addiction? Factors of Addiction Biological Genetic Inherited Addiction in the family Mental illness Gender (US Congress, 1993) Environment Learned behavior Abusive home Peer Pressure (Thought Broadcast, 2011) Addiction is a disease of the brain that drives a person to obsess on obtaining or using drugs; not giving any thought to who they hurt and what they do to get the drugs they are seeking (NIDA, 2011). (US Congress, 1993) (NIDA, 2011) Brain Structure and Addiction Drugs alter the chemicals in the brain Drugs target the pleasure system in the brain Releases dopamine at 2 to 10 times the normal amount at a time Brain adjusts to chemical imbalance over long-term use (NIDA, 2011) (NIDA, 2011) Long-term use causes dopamine levels to lessen Long-term use can reduce the number of receptors Long-term use can reduce ability to feel pleasure Causes impairment in cognitive function as a result of long-term use Can disrupt critical brain structures (NIDA, 2011) (NIDA, 2011) References Cont. Extrinsic Factors that motivate using (Gazaway, A.N., 2012) (Lessons on Stress, 2011) Abusive home Drug use by parents Peer Pressure Psychological Factors Escaping from stress Environmental Factors (Isukul, A., 2011) (Bjudos, B., 2011) (Recovery Connection, 2005-2011) (Deckers, 2010) Extrinsic Factors that Help Refrain from Using (Thought Broadcast, 2011) (Clipart, 2012) (Johnson, J., 2008-2011) Addiction Intrinsic Factors to Use New Perspective Maturity Fear More Valued Sense of Self Needing to find happiness (Minh Story, 2011) Heredity Genetic Defects Internal Emotions Mental Illness (Massachusetts Family Institute, 2011) (Isukul, A., 2011) The Intervention Organization. (2011). Retrieved from The Pigeon Insider. (2011). Retrieved from believe- in-heredity/ The Social Climb, LLC's Blog. (2011). Retrieved fro health- nurse-and-this-is-a-day-in-my-work-life/ Thought Broadcast. (2011). Retrieved from new- specialty-or-more-of-the-same/ University of Utah. (2011). Retrieved from U.S. Congress (1993), Mice of Technology Assessment, BioZogicaZ Components of Substance Abuse and Addiction, OTA-BP- BBS-1 17 (Washington, DC: U.S.Government printing Offke, September 1993) Retrieved from: World Blog Post. (2011). Retrieved from http://yohei-kato-integral- (Say no to Pot, 2011) Family Kids Health Factors Overdose Intrinsic Factors to Refrain from Using (I was a Foster Kid, 2011) (McCartney, J., 2011) References Cont. References (Sujen, M., 2011) (The Social Climb, LLC’s Blog, 2011) Bujdos, B. (2011). EDrugstore.MHD. Retrieved from admit-drug-use Deckers, L. (2010). Motivation: Biological, psychological, and environmental (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon. Gazaway, A. N. (2012). Photobucket. Retrieved from o046/child-abuse-homosexual- phelpsgayw.jpg?o=1#!oZZ6QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F eGaaway%2Fchild-abuse.jpg%3Fo% Healthy Living Marketing. (2011). Retrieved from Isukul, A. (2011). Helium. Retrieved from addiction-to-alcohol-or-drugs-a-disease/print I was a Foster Kid. (2011). Retrieved from Johnson, J. (2008-2011). The Inquisitr. Retrieved from we-think-says-researchers/ Lessons on Stress. (2011). Retrieved from Massachusetts Family Institute. (2011). Retrieved from Mayo Clinic. (2011). Retrieved from addiction/DS00183/DSECTION=causes McCarty, J. (2011). Worldrace. Retrieved from McNamara Barry, C., & Wentzel, K. (2006). Friend Influence on Prosocial Behavior: The Role of Motivational Factors and Friendship Characteristics. Developmental Psychology, 42(1), 153-163. doi:: 10.1037/0012-1649.42.1.153 Minh Story. (2011). Retrieved from National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). (2011). Retrieved from Recovery Connection. (2005-2011). Retrieved from Say no to pot. (2011). Retrieved from Sujen, M. (2011). Webinar on the Science and Philosophy of Happiness. Retrieved from


Transcript: Plot I wanted my science fiction story to be original. I didn't want to some Sci-Fi on robots, space, or aliens. I wanted it to be on something I found interesting. So, I decided to do my story on the new "wonder drug" psilocybin. What is Addiction? The defines addiction as "The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something." I define addiction as the reliance of someone on something. Reliance to the point where you would do anything just to fill your addiction. The plot of my story, was a simple one. I wanted to follow a man's decent into madness, from addiction. So, I created a character named Vincent, and got addicted to pills. I have a very depressing ending. I wanted to symbolize what addiction does to you. It ends your life. If you get over your addiction, nothing will be the same. It's a sad truth, but a truth none the less. By: Sean Simons My Theme Pills,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNFU7LtTWtWTsAApqTOzO9pgoiELUA&ust=1387652376872743 In The End

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