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Background of NBS

Transcript: BACKGROUND OF NBS DECLINE OF NBS Migration plan: Gather and analyze data needed for web banking. Data cleanup and Classification Verify the quality of the data. Training for employees for web banking tools Prior branch computerization, information was lost 70% of the time. IT infrastructure is standard, not competitive compared to other Indian Banks. Historical resistance to change towards of top management and staff (no innovation) - Unprepared IT staff. There was no interaction between IT and IS personnel, and IS and end-to-end users. The performance of bank was measured by mobilizing saving (total deposit > profit). No organizational readiness. SIZING UP WITH COMPETITORS Invest in new web banking tools: Redesign its existing web based system (client-side) to make it more distinctive from other competitors. Start to develop new products and services and market them for satisfying customers’ needs and wants. Information Technology Adoption Differentiating Policy At the time of the study, about 520 branches, which accounted for 66% of the bank’s business, had been computerized. Transforming NBS comparable to competitors: Creating Centralized database system Require better technical training for IT employees A highly secured and reliable architecture Real time connectivity to external exchanges Real-time apps Guaranteed services High Performance CONNECTIVITY PLAN • Mission Statement: “To provide superior, proactive banking services to niche markets globally, while providing cost-effective, responsive services to others in our role as a development bank, and in so doing, meet the requirements of our stakeholders.” • NBS public bank was considered a large nationwide bank - 2,500 branches, 50,000 employees. After economic liberalization, private banks overpowered NBS.


Transcript: Definition of screening Definition of newborn screening Newborn screening tests look for serious developmental, genetic, and metabolic that important action can be taken during the critical time before symptoms develop. Most of these illnesses are very rare, but are treatable if caught early. Aims of Neonatal Screening Screening is a early detection of screenable disorder and it has treatable ,the intervention will change the out come. The initial aim of newborn screening was to identify infants with serious but treatable disorders, so as to facilitate interventions to prevent or ameliorate the clinical consequences of the diseases . Damage can lead to : 1- Mental Retardation. 2-Disability. 3- Death. Screening is the secondary prevention , because it is method to diagnose and treat existing disease in early stages before it causes significant morbidity. Screening Neonatal for such dangerous and rare diseases gives them the best chance for a The timing of the test also has an important influence on the results. A newborn during the first 72 h is catabolic to some extent, and this is very useful for detecting disorders of intermediary metabolism. When baby is 1 or 2 days old , but some city require that baby has newborn screening again about 2 weeks later . Type of Nernatal Screening Newborn screening tests are mainly carried out on blood spots dried on specially manufactured filter paper, usually obtained by heel-stick. Although various forms of venous blood sampling may also be used, filter paper blood samples will be considered here. Methods A wide variety of technologies can be applied to filter paper samples, including bacterial inhibition assays, chromatographic techniques, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), fluorescent immunoassays (FIA), radioimmunoassay (RIA), and most recently electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry (MSMS). Screenable Disorders(IEM) Biochemical (metabolic) • Phenylketonuria • Galactosemia Hematology disorders : Sickle cell disease and Thalassemia. Genetic disorders : Cystic Fibrosis. Endocrine disorders :Hypothyroidism. Clinical Features: Developmental delay Behavioral disturbance Mental retardation Seizures (25%). Characteristic musty odor (sweat , urine) Lighter pigmentation (hair, skin, eyes) Eczema (common) Pku Test Methods: Raised plasma phenylalanine level Biochemical assays of PAH enzyme. Treatment of PKU: Removal of phenylalanine from diet, Most common disorder of carbohydrate metabolism. It is an autosomal recessive disorder in which the body cannot break down the sugar called galactose. Defect in Galactosemetabolism due to enzyme deficiency (GALT) Clinical features : growth retardation. developmental delay. Some babies will develop a protruding tongue. Poor muscle tone . Definition : Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disorder, and most carriers of the gene are asymptomatic. Cystic fibrosis is a disease of exocrine gland function that involves multiple organ systems but chiefly results in chronic respiratory infections, pancreatic enzyme insufficiency, and associated complications in untreated patients . End-stage lung disease is the principal cause of death. Test for the dieses : Newborn screening for cystic fibrosis based on the detection of an elevated blood level of immunoreactive trypsin (IRT) whitch is a protein produced by the pancreas that is linked to CF. Treatment : early treatment with physiotherapy and antibiotics will improve the long-term prognosis. If not treated : associated complications will develop : The most common complication is chronic respiratory infection. Bowel problems, such as gallstones, intestinal obstruction, and rectal prolapse Coughing up blood , Chronic respiratory failure. Liver disease or liver failure, pancreatitis, biliary cirrhosis Sickle Cell Disease This is a genetic disease caused by replacement of amino acid glutamic acid (polar negatively charged) at position 6 of subunit by valine (hydrophobic, nonpolar). Common Symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease: -The most common symptom of sickle cell disease is pain -Infection,Anemia ,Fatigue -"Acute Chest Syndrome" -Jaundice -Damage to the organs, such as the liver, kidneys, or lungs. -Brain damage or stroke. To look for sickle cell disease at newborn screening we based on hemoglobin electrophoresis Treatment : Infants who have been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia through newborn screening are treated with antibiotics and receive needed vaccinations.-Blood transfusions -NSAIDs .-Research on blood and marrow stem cell transplants, gene therapy, and new medicines for sickle cell anemia is ongoing ThalassThalassaemia is inherited disorder of the haemoglobin molecule. Decrease rate of synthesis of globin chains due to gene mutations. *The two main types of thalassaemia are ß and αemia Haematological methods commonly used to diagnose thalassaemia Haemoglobin electrophoresis. Standard Treatments : Blood Transfusions Transfusions of red blood cells are the main


Transcript: Presentation by National Building Services INTRODUCTIONS Frank Glenn - Managing Director Brendan Loy - Head of Operations UK & Ireland INTRODUCTION TO NBS WHAT WE DO WHAT WE DO NBS has been carrying out Building Maintenance Services. We deliver services from our bases in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Edinburgh. We specialize in the hospitality sector- Hotels, restaurants, & bars with brands like Premier Inn, KFC & JD Wetherspoons. We are committed to: Quality driven customer service. Partnership with our client businesses. Continuous improvement and innovation. NBS collects data from each job visit to improve performance on our next visit. Our team have built an asset tracking software used by many known brands in the UK. Our software utilizes sensor technology to predict failures on equipment before it happens. EFFICIENCIES IN WORK PROCESS EFFICIENCIES IN WORK PROCESS KEY POLICIES KEY POLICIES We are adopting two key policies: Price is not the prime selector tool on purchasing goods and services - quality and customer service are higher priorities. Environmental responsibility is important in how we deliver our services. NBS deploys a SMART mobilisation tool when we are asked to engage with a new contract. SMART S MEASURABLE A SMART SPECIFIC M R TIMED T ACTIONABLE REALISTIC COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION The below NBS Staff will communicate with client stakeholders and are key project team members that lead the local teams: John McCloud: Senior Operations Manager Scotland - Edinburgh Philip Jones: Senior Operations Manager North East - Liverpool Brendan Loy: Head of Operations, UK & Ireland Gavin Reese: Senior Operations Manager Wales & South West - Bristol Phil Surfleet: Senior Operations Manager London & South - Watford We want to take a more proactive role in service delivery that extends beyond reactive maintenance. Our approach is to move away from list checking that every fire door is compliant to fixing a damaged fire door when we visit your site. COMPANY PRESENTATION SERVICE DELIVERY NBS engineers cover the major trade disciplines: NBS ENGINEERS NBS ENGINEERS We understand the priority required to carry out emergency response works and protect assets long term. COMMERCIAL STRETCH NBS offers payment terms and rebates depending on the work volume from our customers COMMERCIAL STRETCH PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE A significant amount of our works involve maintenance of the items requested in this tender. Maintenance of automatic doors and gates, sectional doors and shutters Maintenance and verification of fire doors and smoke extraction installations. Maintenance of electrical equipment Maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment Maintenance of verification of fire protection equipment Maintenance of roofs PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO... Preventive Maintenance cont. Avoid deterioration of a main system by replacing a sub-component Reduce the risk of damage, as well as the costs resulting from the unavailability of the equipment Increase the security of property and persons Perform tasks prepared in advance under ideal conditions and therefore save time REACTIVE MAINTENANCE Reactive Maintenance Call-outs which fall under reactive maintenance aim to repair materials or equipment following a failure or damage. The corresponding reactive maintenance aims to reduce: The duration of the shutdown of the installations The consequences and, in general, the problems that follow The risks incurred by users of the premises IN-HOUSE TRAINING IN HOUSE TRAINING NBS is aware it needs to constantly keep improving its processes and better the way it delivers its services: We have in-house training programmes covering health and safety, quality control and promote IT usage throughout our communications network. We actively promote apprentice training and have many engineers that have come through our training programmes becoming experienced engineers. We appreciate the value of our staff and the great commitment they give to NBS. This commitment is reflected through the way we approach our works and how we interact with our customers to add value to our works and better our response times. Some of our benchmarking is reflected in the KPIs on the next slide. KPIs RESPONSE TO BRIEF SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY At NBS we strive to provide sustainable thinking and an array of green practices to each project whether large or small. We provide sustainable construction methodologies on projects that incorporate energy efficiency and reduce consumption of our natural resources whenever possible. Each of our projects include a waste management plan that diverts waste and salvages materials. In doing so, NBS has been able to divert 84.3% of our construction debris from landfills over the past 5 years. In addition, NBS has developed an IAQ (indoor air quality) program we follow to ensure a healthy construction environment for all our staff and subcontractors for the duration of

Loops Presentation

Transcript: Continue Statement Break Statement It is somehow same like Break statement but it does not terminate the loop Instead it continue forces the next iteration of the loop to take place, skipping any code in between Syntax: continue; Break statement is used to terminate a loop. If the break statement exists in the nested loop, then it will terminate only those loops which contain the break statements. Syntax: break; Flow Chart Flow Chart Do-While Loop Syntax do { statements; } while (condition) Do-While Loop Flow Chart Loops Control Statements Thank You Do-While Loop Loop control statements change execution from its normal sequence The C# programming language offers two basic loop control statements. 1) Break Statement 2) Continue Statement It is similar to while statement but, It execute the loop body first then test the condition Presented to: AI Presentation Mam Azka Mahmood Types Introduction While Loop AI in Education There are basically three types of loops: For Loop While Loop Do While Loop It allows us to execute a statement or a group of statements multiple times Statements are executed Sequentially It is execute a block of code as long as given condition is true. It tests the condition before executing the loop body Presented By: While Loop Syntax While (condition) { Conditional code; } Ayesha Saddiqua SP19-BCS-015 While Loop Flow Chart For Loop It is a repetition Control Structure that allows us to execute block of statements for specific number of time. Nested Loops Infinite Loops When loops are present inside the other loops, it is known as nested loops. Example: for(int i=1;i<10;i++) { for(int j=0;j<5:j++) { statements; } } A loop becomes infinite loop if a condition never becomes false. we can use the break statement to terminate the execution of the infinite loop. Example: while(True){ Console.WriteLine("Presentation"); if(x<5){break;} x++ } For Loop Syntax for (init;condition;increment) { Conditional code; } For Loop Flow Chart


Transcript: Important Dates Charity Garrison Keila Valdez This officer shall compile and write the Model Chapter report by the deadline according to the National Office. Other duties by this officer include taking photographs at events and capturing all NBS moments in an extensive and timely manner. Alumni and Professional Coordinator South Central Broadcasting Society 2017 This officer shall be responsible for coordinating community service events. He/She shall also be responsible for writing a community service report according to the deadline assigned by the National Office. This officer shall be responsible for organizing any other special events such as induction. Other duties of this office include food for the chapter and gift bags for visitors. Other special events are to be declared by the President. This officer shall also be the Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee. Vice President Chapter Events Coordinator Communication Coordinator Tim Rivera Sandra Salgado Cody Stephens Alyssa Taylor Victor Villagran Shannon Walton Katherine Webb (Live Crew) 4/13/17 Vice President President This officer is responsible for coordinating all public relations for the Chapter. He/She will produce all announcements concerning NBS­ AERho activities and provide the same to the university and campus community as well as to the Editor of Signals Online and the editors of any newsletters. This officer is also responsible for attending University C.O.R.E. Meetings. Secretary Will McAfee The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping all records of the Chapter. This officer must keep minutes of all general business and executive meetings, carry out correspondence and keep attendance of meetings. Alyssa Taylor Charity Garrison Keith Augustine Charity Garrison Dymyll Jones Ryan Money Tran Nguyen (Live Crew) Frank Navarrete Anna Parsons Caytlin Pichla This officer shall be responsible for travel arrangements and any other necessary travel procedures when attending National or Regional Events. Transportation, food, lodging and free time shall also be coordinated by this office. Convention Coordinator Alumni and Professional Coordinator Treasurer Model Chapter Sandra Salgado NBS Schedule President The President shall be presiding officer at all meetings. He/She shall have the power to appo1nt committees deemed advisable for carrying on the wor​​ of the Chapter. It shall be his/her responsibility to see that the Executive Officers and their committees discharge their duties faithfully, impartially, promptly, and completely. He/She shall serve at the official representative of the Chapter whenever necessary. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial affairs of the Chapter. He/She is responsible for keeping a log of all purchases and expenditures, and shall present a yearly audit in connection with the Chapter Annual Report. The Treasurer shall serve as chief financial officer for all activities of the Chapter. Take a look at this Model Chapter Elections Today Grand ReOpening of News One April 25th 5pm EOY Awards April 25th 6pm Shack-a-Thon April 26-27th Regional Submissions Due May 3rd at noon Communications Coordinator Chapter Events Coordinator FSS Mardi Gras Night Submissions Due by May 3rd at Noon All Audio and Video Links need to be posted on NBS facebook page Categories are on Conference and Award Ceremony Will be held here! Anna Parsons Keila Valdez 3/2- Reel and Resume Workshop w/ Roger Lindley 3/9- Nationals Meeting 3/16- Spring Break 3/23- Nationals 3/30- National Convention Panel 4/6- Sarah Jones 4/13- Elections 4/20- Challenge Day 4/27- Initiation 5/4- Dead Day Thank you La Bella Pizza Alumni and Professional Coordinator This officer shall compile and maintain the mailing list of graduated members and maintain needed correspondence with these members. This officer must attempt to recruit all potential candidates for membership as alumni/professional members including alumni, former NBS members, media professionals, and educators. He/She is the liaison to the National Vice President for Alumni and Professional Services. It is this officer's responsibilities to coordinate professionals to speak at regular chapter meetings. Tran Nguyen Frank Navarrete Treasurer Secretary B. VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assume the duty of the President in the latter's absence or in the event the President becomes unable to discharge his/her duties. This officer is responsible for the WTAMU CORE's Club Manager (Communications Coordinator), which is also a requirement of the University. Also, the Vice President shall be responsible for writing and sending the monthly report is required by the National Office.

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