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Picture Frame Powerpoint Template

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picture frame glasses

Transcript: If you aren't able to go and collect your order we are able to mail it to you or we can even come and deliver it to you and if it gets mailed it will be direct mailed.The last option we have is to come in to our shop and we can sell it to you on a one to one basis if it makes it easier because we are here to help yo get your order. To sea life. The only annoying thing is that the glasses case comes separate, but it does come with a pack of pens and you can even use your own to doodle on the case. These amazing picture frame glasses are an astonishing price only £5.We will even start lowering the price,we think this is a reasonable deal, because of what you can actually have.I hope that you see this is a good offer as much as we do. If we ever have issues with selling the products and we don't have enough business we will start to do special offers and we will do things like 50% and bogof. My Product!!!!!! PICTURE FRAME GLASSES!!!!!! This product can be found in shops like:Asda and Tesco.I will choose these shops because they get very busy, and they are nice places that people regularly go to. You can have any picture you could possibly think of. Even like the one above. You can even fold them away and put them in there very own case and if you wanted to you could even design the case in your own way. It is the new style and its handy if you just want a little something on your desk. You can have a funky design but remember not everything can work so if we cant do the sort of design you wanted we apologize but we find it very difficult We will start by having a reasonable price and the slowly lowering it so that we can sell our product to a wider market.

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