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Candidate Presentation

Transcript: intellectual growth spiritual formation image courtesy of Google "B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Book) Study Night" "What Does Your Life Look Like?" Forum "Sister's Circle" Enlightenment & Encouragement Group Dallas, Texas Assignments Associate Campus Living & Learning Baylor University February 2014-Present Diversity is inevitable. Inclusion is intentional. INTELLECTUAL GROWTH Current Work My Sister, Myself My Sister's Keeper Retreat September 2015 Self-advocacy looks like: making clear choices, articulating needs and ideas Self-awareness is a precursor to self-advocacy Self-advocacy does NOT mean doing it all yourself "Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." -Abigail Adams, First Lady Courtney Streat Candidate Presentation Assistant Residence Hall Director Baylor University, July 2016 INCLUSIVITY taking charge of your journey Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology Baylor University August 2013 Collaborate with Resident Chaplain on innovative ways to integrate faith Active stewardship practices with community service to promote servant leadership Host in-hall, community worship nights FAITH Interim Staff Counseling Center Baylor University August 2013-November 2013 “The best thing you could do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, you are the fire.” - Mama Indigo, author Indigo Child's Survival Guide Residential Experiences relationally authentic friendships SELF-ADVOCACY dialogue about differences Inclusivity requires a student to feel valued and supported BECAUSE of their unique experiences and opinions; not tolerated IN SPITE of them.

PhD Candidate Seminar

Transcript: Background Sub objective: Construct framework and indicators for vulnerability What are the characteristics of vulnerable people? Fewer material and/or financial resources Less physically or mentally capable Less knowledge or experience Restricted by commitments Current evacuation procedures often expect people to: Be able to understand warnings, have physical capability and resources to evacuate, and don’t have other responsibilities Niigata prefecture - Sanjo city Ibaraki prefecture - Chikusei city Acknowledgments Objective 1 Methods Background Objectives Methods Results Discussion Conclusions Short Overview of Methods Case study areas Flooding of Sanjo City in 2011 Sub objective: Evaluate DRM policy for measures for vulnerable people Metric based on study by Lumbroso (2011) with these scores: 1. No mention of groups of potentially vulnerable people 2. Recognition of a group of potentially vulnerable people 3. Specific measures taken to reduce vulnerability 4. Anticipation of future numbers of potentially vulnerable people 5. Involvement of potentially vulnerable people in policy creation Evaluated DRM laws and policies on national, sub-national and regional level with 2 local areas in each country Sub objective: Define vulnerable people Literature review and analysis DRM laws and policies Laws and policies related to vulnerable people Research publications from official organizations (UN, NGOs) Journal publications, books and other expert publications No consensus on vulnerable people 6th APHW Conference, 19 August 2013: Title: Quantifying the effectiveness of measures taken for vulnerable people in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Netherlands Pending publications: Article for Natural Hazards, under review (2014) Title: How many people are vulnerable? A quantitative estimate of vulnerable populations and evaluation of flood evacuation policy Authors: K. Vink, K. Takeuchi, K. Kibler Article for Water International, in preparation (2014) Book for Routledge publishing, in preparation (2015) Title: Generationing Crisis and Disaster Editors: J. Warner, R. Gigengack, K. Vink In your opinion, who are vulnerable people? Overall: DRM laws rarely anticipated future numbers of vulnerable people, and none were created by involvement of vulnerable people Objective 3 Results Objective 4 Methods Discussion Methods Need to assume or estimate certain statistical data, particularly for the characteristic ‘restricted by commitments’; estimated numbers were related to other numbers of people For all indicators in each country I made equal effort to locate evidence from governmental or scientific reports pertaining to the number of people No data on ‘people living in poverty’, who also have the characteristic ‘less physically or mentally capable’, perhaps due to privacy issues. This group could be both extremely vulnerable and numerous Recommendations and future research Objectives Limitations First limitation: lack of independence associated with vulnerability characteristics - people can have multiple characteristics simultaneously or the characteristics may change over time If the numbers of vulnerable people are combined, the actual total number of people who are vulnerable would be lower, but their vulnerability would be increased depending on how many characteristics they have Conclusions Japan Problem Statement Results of DRM policy evaluation USA has the most elaborate measures, these could be used as examples (for Netherlands) Identification or lack of identification of groups of potentially vulnerable people at the national level does not necessary lead to more or less detailed support measures DRM laws rarely anticipated future numbers of potentially vulnerable people, and none were created by involvement of potentially vulnerable people. We count on our governments to make equitable policies, but this has clearly not yet been established in these countries Methods To evaluate regional policies two areas were chosen per country. This is a low amount, based on data availability and the expectation to encounter support measures The regional examples should not be seen as representative for the entire country; rather the national measures can be seen as supporting the regional areas Measures supporting vulnerable people may or may not be implemented, as well as complemented by measures not written down in any policy document Policies should focus on: Most numerous characteristics (~50%): people with fewer material and/or financial resources people restricted by commitments Top three most numerous indicators: women with no car access people with pet dependents children aged 0-14 DRM laws rarely anticipated future numbers of potentially vulnerable people, and none were created by involvement of potentially vulnerable people. We count on our governments to make equitable policies, but this has clearly not yet been established in these countries I would like to thank: My PhD supervisors, Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi and

PhD Candidate

Transcript: Working Title: Social Media, relationships, sexuality, crip theory and people living with intellectual disability What are participant's experiences of using social media? What supports do participants believe/think they need to develop or maintain their use of social media? Where do participants go for support? What I am looking for in 2014 What kinds of Internet use are participants currently involved in? What are participant's aspirations, if any, for developing sexual relationships through the use of social media? Social media use has fast become a firmly embedded phenomena of every day life Using the Internet and social media is a way in which individuals living with intellectual disability can create/expand their friendship networks for the purpose of exploring their sexuality and developing relationships Like anyone else in society Overview of Research proposal Judith Darragh PhD Candidate Anyone who would be interested being on my list for next year once I have obtained Ethics Approval and can begin to collect my data PhD Candidate Judith Darragh Target Group Studies have explored the use of computers, the Internet and social media tools for the general public and individuals living with physical disabilities. Few studies have focused on the lived experience of individuals living with disabilities and their use of these forms of communication. Study aims to give individuals living with intellectual disability a 'voice' to describe their lived experience to explain how and/or why or why not they use social media for allowing me this opportunity to share with you my proposed research Motivation Overview of Research Questions Young adults between the ages of 18 to 26 who identify as living with an intellectual disability What are the barriers, if any, to participants' current or future use of social media? Views of significant others and gate keepers

PhD candidate Betsy Mijares

Transcript: Why am I a good candidate +10 year experience working along small farmers +7 years of experience in cattle management of dairy, beef and sheep. +2 years as a Senior Veterinarian on charge of a Management Unity of Wildlife 1 year of management in sustainable grazing systems such Intensive "Voisin method" and Agroforestery. +1 year as a professor in bovine medicine (modules basic and advanced). 8 week Devenish Internship soil improvement and sustainable farm assessment. EXPERIENCE SKILLS SKILLS 1 Ability to work in rough conditions Herd management Clinical laboratory skills Intermediate knowledge of ruminant nutrition Sustainable farm assessment Animal welfare approach Artificial insemination HACCP Sustainable impact assessment Veterinarian and Zoothechnical skills 2 Leader Creative facing tasks Self-taught student Autonomous Ability to work in teams Persistent ...very persistent Curious Public speaking Personal Skills MOTIVES I would like to change the way we know farming. Improve farmer's life Prevent herd diseases Produce more profits in local farmers Decrease the impact of old-fashioned farming methods on the environment Learn more about sustainable management Articles & Congress ACADEMIC LIFE 1.-Voisin’s rational grazing method; a sustainable opportunity for Mexican small farmers. National Buiatric Congress, Zacatecas, Mexico (2016). 2.-Manual of breeding and genetic improvement of livestock. Ministry of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), National Institute for Developing the Rural Sector (INCA Rural), Certification Body of Livestock (OCEGAN MX). (2013) 3.-Small Animal Production As an alternative to sustainability; Students perspective on Veterinary Medicine. University Congress, Havana, Cuba (2012) 4.-Participatory assessment for the Development of family Dairy Production; Case study. National Meeting of Agricultural and Food Research Innovation, Campeche, Mexico (2010) 5.-Participatory Development of the Dairy Farms, Maravatío, Michoacán. A Family Diagnosis. Buiatrics Congress, Monterrey NL (2010) Countries where I worked, studied, and researched farming systems Overall experience Global Influence PhD. Research RESEARCH PROPOSAL Agroecology Apply sustainable grazing methods to Ireland Adding additives to the soils Sustainable management Soil Health What I would like to research and learn? Soil Health & Sustainable management Honey-based treatments for sub-clinical mastitis Antimicrobial Resistance According to OIE, antimicrobial resistance AMR has become one of the biggest concerns to human health. As a matter of fact, one of the sources of the inconsiderate use of antibiotics is the animal farming system. Objectives Objectives Antimicrobial Resistance Decrease the risks of multiresistant bacteria Organic/Quality milk If is successful, more organic farms could use this method Develop a new drug A technology based in honey Decrease the use of antibiotics Having a economical alternative against infections Sustainability Become dairy production more sustainable Justification Key findings Therapeutic honey effects proved Antimicrobial properties under laboratory conditions proved Irish honey: One of the best in the world Antimicrobial Properties of Honey Zafar H. Israili, MS, PhD* "it has been confirmed the broad-spectrum antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimycobacterial) properties of honey, which may be attributed to the acidity (low pH), osmotic effect, high sugar concentration". American Journal of Therapeutics 21, 304–323 (2014) Honey and microbial infections: a review supporting the use of honey for microbial control. Al-Waili NS1, Salom K, Butler G, Al Ghamdi AA. "Laboratory studies and clinical trials have shown that honey is an effective broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Honey antimicrobial action explains the external and internal uses of honey." Journal of Med Food. 2011 Oct;14(10):1079-96. Physicochemical properties and phenolic content of honey from different floral origins and from rural versus urban landscapes. Saorla K .Stoutc B "the composition of honey influences how beneficial it is to human health... Oilseed rape honey had the lowest TPC of Irish unifloral honeys. Heather honey had the highest TPC, similar to Manuka honey" This first examination of Irish honey confirms that TPC and physiochemical properties vary with honey type and hive location, and suggests that Irish heather honey should be examined for potential health benefits. Food Chemistry. 2019 Jan. 272, 66-75. "it may be suitable for the intramammary treatment of mastitis. As honey is harmless to tissues and would leave no undesirable residues in milk, it would be of interest to now evaluate it therapeutically in clinical mastitis. " K. L. Allen & P. C. Molan (1997) The sensitivity of mastitis causing bacteria to the antibacterial activity of honey, New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, 40:4, 537-540, DOI: 10.1080/00288233.1997.9513276 Title

Candidate Presentation

Transcript: Mitt Romney Republican Party Experience Quotes Education Strengthen And Simplify The Financial Aid System Medicare Lower income seniors will receive more generous support to ensure that they can afford coverage; wealthier seniors will receive less support Social Security for future generations of seniors, Mitt believes that benefits should continue to grow but that the growth rate should be lower for those with higher incomes. "America is not better off than it was $1.8 trillion ago" "When it comes to pinning blame, pin the tail on the donkeys" "Freedom. Freedom of religion. Freedom to speak their mind. Freedom to build a life. And yes, freedom to build a business. With their own hands. This is the essence of the American experience." "President Obama instituted the most anti-growth, anti-investment, anti-jobs measures that we have seen in our lifetime. Now he called his agenda ambitious, I call it reckless" Mitt was born in Detroit on March 12, 1947 married his wife, Ann, in 1969 have five sons and eighteen grandchildren apprenticed as a lathe and plaster carpenter and sold aluminum paint father never graduated college mother gave up acting career once she met his father Vice President Paul Ryan U.S. representative seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District He is Chairman of the House Budget Committee where he has worked leading the effort to rein in federal spending and increase accountability to taxpayers. serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, where he has focused on simplifying the tax code and making health care more affordable and accessible. Stance on Issues Background Mitt was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 not a career politician. intimate knowledge of how our economy works. elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 severe disarray, budget was out of balance, spending was soaring, taxpayers were being required to pay more and more in taxes for diminishing services After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1971, he earned dual degrees from Harvard and Harvard Business School. Citation Page

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