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Persuasive Powerpoint

Transcript: Imagine, you are casually taking a stroll in the park when you see a mysterious person with a hood on, walk up to what seems to be your average middle class person. As he approaches this person he starts to pull something from his pocket and starts demanding that he give him money. You just stand there helplessly wanting to act but there's nothing you can do because you know you will likely be injured or killed. Leon Schlater, a citizen of a rural town in Indian, was taking a walk in the park when he was approached by an unknown masked assailant. He began pointing a gun at his head and demanding money. Schlater was giving into his demands when he quickly struck the assailant with his fist and tried to escape. However the robber attempted to regain control when he pointed the gun at Schlater and fatally shot him. All the while helpless witnesses stood and watched. By the time the police officers arrived, Leon Schlater was pronounced dead at the scene. How can you prevent an attack? They are easy to obtain. You have to apply and receive a background check. One of the most informative sites on handgun licensing is The Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information, they say, “The Texas Department of Public Safety will conduct a criminal history record check through their computerized criminal history system as well as possible additional searches for local official records” (Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information). Similarly, the Texas Department of Public Safety says, “After applying for the concealed handgun license, an applicant will have to pass a background check prior to receiving the license” (Texas Department of Public Safety). You need to take a few classes. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, “Applicants must complete either a 5 hour course online or at the local shooting range” (Texas Department of Public Safety). Also from the Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information, they say, “You can complete online courses or a 5 hour class to be eligible for the license” (Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information) While spending money is a way of life, the money spent on the few fees here could potentially save you or your loved one's life. The Texas Department of Public Safety proclaims, “There is a $140 initial fee for the Concealed Handgun license” (Texas Department of Public Safety). Also, the Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information adds, “There is a renewal fee of $70 annually” (Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information). Looking back to the story about the man in the park, if you go through these simple steps you can gain your concealed handgun license to help deter criminal activity and potentially save your life. You are protecting yourself and possible others.. From Ted Kerasote, he says, “Criminals are looking for easy victims to manipulate and take control of” (Kerasote). Also from the Texas Department of Public Safety they say, “ The victim's that the criminals attack are usually older people or younger women” (Texas Department of Public Safety). You could stop or prevent a mass murder. Ted Kerasote explains, “In 2015 there was 315 mass shootings which the FBI uses the term mass shooting for any four or more shot and/or killed in a single event [incident], at the same general time and location, not including the shooter” (Kerasote). Now the Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information says, “With more colleges allowing students to carry their handguns it could possibly prevent the outbreak of another mass shooting which colleges have been prone to in the recent years” (Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information). You will ensure safety and security. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety they say, “When surveyed, 80% of the civilians agreed they would feel safer if they or someone else was carrying a concealed handgun” (Texas Department of Public Safety). Ted Kerasote mentions that, “With someone having a concealed handgun license around that means there will be more safety for the general public.” $1.25 Friday, April 8, 2016 Criminals don’t want confrontation. From the New York Times, author Ted Kerasote on Guns in Parks: Safe Scary or a Sideshow says, “Criminals are looking for an easy target, to manipulate and take from” (Kerasote). Also from the Texas Department of Public Safety they acknowledge, “An average robbery usually last between 30 seconds and a minute” (Texas Department of Public Safety). There are few convictions of CHL license holders. According to the DPS, they have on record that, “ Out of the 47,413 convictions in Texas from January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014 there were only a mere 111 convictions of CHL holders” (Texas Department of Public Safety). Also in the Texas Concealed Carry Information they say, “Out of all the concealed handgun license issued in 2015, 80% of the license carriers had either two or fewer misdemeanor charges” ( Texas Concealed Carry Information). The Pros completely outweigh the Cons. You should get a license because it deters criminal

Persuasive Powerpoint

Transcript: Zuceth Cifuentes Feb. 17, 2014 staphylococcus aureus eye infection pigment $210.00 Consequence Work Cited: 6 Makeup Sins You Don’t Realise You’re Committing. (n.d.). YouQueen 6 Makeup Sins You Dont Realise Youre Committing Comments. Retrieved February 16, 2014, from Bye Bye Racoon Eyes | Verve Wellness | Make Up. (n.d.). Verve Wellness RSS. Retrieved February 17, 2014, from Enter a Contest! It'll Improve Your Health!. (n.d.). Latinos in Social Media. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from Makeup Kits, Makeup Sets & Makeup Starter Kits | Sephora. (n.d.). Makeup Kits, Makeup Sets & Makeup Starter Kits | Sephora. Retrieved February 15, 2014, from Online Alcohol Therapy. (n.d.). Low Self Esteem -. Retrieved February 15, 2014, from Path of the Peaceful Warrior. (n.d.). Path of the Peaceful Warrior. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from Study better. Learn faster. Get the grade you want.. (n.d.). StudyBlue. Retrieved February 15, 2014, from Thread: TO ALL WHITE MEN: please don't date and marry Asian girls ( ugly , make up, fake ). (n.d.). The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community. Retrieved February 15, 2014, from WHITE- MEN-please-don-t-date-and-marry-Asian-girls-(-ugly-make-up-fake-)/page77 Wisha Studios. (2009, January 2). Wisha Studios. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from Zánět spojivek. (n.d.). » Retrieved February 15, 2014, from Natural beauty vs. cosmetics bloodshot eyes Hair Flip & Attitude castor

persuasive powerpoint

Transcript: Helping kids with Autism A person with autism will find it much harder to understand the feelings of other people (Medical News Today). These kids are put aside like its not a big deal. Its their life and they need your help. there is NO cure for autism! how can you help? autism speaks sets up walks all over the world Volunteer and make a fundraiser for a loved one, raise money and give to the autism speaks foundation, or just simply walk in the walk for autism. by: Kenadi Young what is autism?. 2005. Document. 9 May 2012. like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter... just get the word out. Medical News Today. n.d. Document. 9 May 2012 autism is affecting more and more children every day! one day.. it could be your family. because its not affecting you. •More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined (what is autism?). more about autism. Autism Speaks is a program that helps raise money for kids with autism. Raising a little money and getting a little exercise is all it takes to help these kids in need. What is Autism? Works Cited do research on autism. over 1.5 million people in the US have autism today. Autism Continued... not enough money to donate research has been done for over 50 years and there is still no cure. An estimated 1 out of 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States (What is Autism?). Not knowing enough about the disorder. We need YOUR help. just simply walk.. all it takes is a little bit of your time to help another child live a "normal" life. simply go online to for more information on when the walk is coming somewhere near you. Things that might stop you from helping. because.. these kids need your help to live a normal and healthy life. there is no know cause to autism.

Persuasive powerpoint

Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY By Samantha Martinez why we need to open rape kits and cases States unopened rape kits States unopened rape kits theres 200,000 untested rape kits total. california- 13,615, Testing- in prgress Washington Dc- Unknown, unknown texas- 18,946, in progress South dakota-350, unknown Why theres so many Why theres so many The victim couldnt identify or describe the rapist. They pass the victim off as a prostitute. believe rape isnt possible for a male. say people who are gay, or who have transformed their sex either deserve it or it doesnt really happen. End the Backlog End the Backlog This webiste is where you can find states and their untested rape kits, the progress the states are doing on them, and articles that will share peoples stories or spread news about this topic. PICTURES PICTURES LA, 7,000 unopened rape kits Mariska Hargitay Mariska Hargitay Most known for her role as Olivia Benson. (Law & Order: SVU) Reason behind the documnetary I Am Evidence. Seminar for her documentary. discussed why rape kits need to be tested, why victims need to be helped and taken seriously, ways to help, and they also went over absurb statements from cops. There was even clips real people who shared their story. September 15, 2017 September 15, 2017 PIcture PIcture Problems Problems Vicims are not getting justice. These perpetrators are getting away with their crimes. If they are not caught they will continue to harm. The system isnt helping. Solutions Solutions Get involved Donate Educate yourelf and others Spread the word to help organizations, help victims. WHERE TO GO WHERE TO GO Research- what they are doing to help, why it is important, resources they have, how you can help take action, how to report a rape, how to locate a rape kit, survivors stories, and how to spread the word. What to do What to do You can help these surviors get the justice they deserve. You can stop these perpretrators from continuing their crimes. You can save lives. Most importantly you can help solve many cases. People who rape, sexually harass or assualt, and even abuse are not just one time offenders. They are usually serial rapists and abusers, so by opening one kit you open doors to solve many. Why you should do it Why you should do it

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