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powerpoint introduction

Transcript: PowerPoint Tutorial: PowerPoint is the presentation application in the Microsoft Office suite. Get PowerPoint help creating and managing presentations. POWERPOINT RIBBON The Ribbon: The Ribbon contains multiple tabs, each with several groups of commands. Some tabs, like Drawing Tools or Table Tools, may appear only when you are working with certain items like images or tables. In addition, you can add your own customized tabs that contain your favorite commands. Customizing Ribbon 1.Right-click the Ribbon, and select Customize the Ribbon. A dialog box will appear. You can customize the Ribbon by creating your own tabs that house your desired commands. Commands are always housed within a group, and you can create as many groups as you need to keep your tabs organized. You can even add commands to any of the default tabs, as long as you create a custom group within the tab. 2.Click New Tab. A new tab will be created with a new group inside it. 3.Make sure the new group is selected. 4.Select a command from the list on the left, then click Add. You can also drag commands directly into a group. 5.When you are done adding commands, click OK. *If you do not see the command you want, click on the Choose commands drop-down box and select All Commands. Every PowerPoint presentation is composed of a series of slides. To begin creating a slide show, you'll need to know the basics of working with slides. You'll need to feel comfortable with tasks such as inserting a new slide, changing the layout of a slide, arranging existing slides, changing slide view, and adding notes to a slide. Slide Basics About slides About slides Slides contain placeholders, which are areas on the slide that are enclosed by dotted borders. Placeholders can contain many different items, including text, pictures, and charts. Some placeholders have placeholder text, or text you can replace. They also have thumbnail-sized icons that represent specific commands such as Insert Picture, Insert Chart, and Insert ClipArt. In PowerPoint, hover over each icon to see the type of content you can insert in a placeholder. About slide layouts Placeholders are arranged in different layouts that can be applied to existing slides or chosen when you insert a new slide. A slide layout arranges your content using different types of placeholders, depending on what information you might want to include in your presentation. In the example above, the layout is called Title and Content and includes title and content placeholders. While each layout has a descriptive name, you can also tell from the image of the layout how the placeholders will be arranged. About slide layouts Working with slides 1.From the Home tab, click the bottom half of the New Slide command to open the menu of slide layout options. To insert a new slide: 2.Select the slide you want to insert. 3.A new slide will be added your presentation. Themes A theme is a set of colors, fonts, effects, and more that can be applied to your entire presentation to give it a consistent, professional look. You've already been using a theme, even if you didn't know it: the default Office theme, which consists of a white background, the Calibri font, and primarily black text. Themes can be applied or changed at any time. Theme Elements Every PowerPoint theme—including the default Office theme—has its own theme elements. These elements are: *Theme Colors (available from every Color menu) *Theme Fonts (available from the Font menu) *Shape Styles (available in the Format tab when you click a shape) Themes and slide layouts As you can see from the two different title slides above, themes also affect the various slide layouts Applying themes To apply a theme: You will need to know how to apply a theme and how to switch to a different theme if you want to use this feature to create presentations. All of the themes included in PowerPoint are located in the Themes group on the Design tab. Themes can be applied or changed at any time. 1.Go to the Design tab. 2.Locate the Themes group. Each image represents a theme. 3.Click the drop-down arrow to access more themes. 5.Click a theme to apply it to the slides. 4.Hover over a theme to see a live preview of it in the presentation. The name of the theme will appear as you hover over it. Transition Transitions are motion effects that when in Slide Show view add movement to your slides as you advance from one slide to another. There are many transitions to choose from, each one of which allows you to control the speed and even add sound. transitions About transitions: There are three categories of unique transitions to choose from, all of which can be found on the Transitions tab: *Subtle (slight transitions) *Exciting (strong transitions) *Dynamic Content (strong transitions that affect only the content, such as text or images) APPLYING TRANSITION 1.Select the slide you want to modify. 2.Click the Transitions tab 3.Locate the Transition to This Slide group. By default, None is applied to

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