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Transcript: This is me Peace of mind 3 desk jobs I want to do "The difference between genius and stupidity, is the genius has limits." ~ Albert Einstein 3. professional swimmer Animator what kind of animal? Fox and Owl 2. costume designer cosplaying at fan expo, comicon, or just in general How do i learn? Auditory 2 Jobs not wanting to do This is an ancient symbol that represents strength. whats my stress level? 567% stressed Symbol You cant fight the homestuck. Quotes from 3 people Author Author because I already write my own stories and people who read them like them as well And finally sales men not really good with cnvincing people to buy something and also if they put up an argument i would most likely louse A is for Alluring, drawing people in N is for Nurturing, you bring out the good in people G is for Gentle, a kind soul E is for Enthusiastic, providing great encouragement L is for Lovable, to know you is to love you I is for Innocent, an unspoiled purity K is for Kooky, a unique character I is for Incredible, you raise the bar for greatness Picture of dream house and vehicle second person Love video gaming Reading homestuck "Dont worry about what others think the only opinion on yourself that matters is your own" ~ Parent Its actually me a while back bits still me. And a black BMW as a car "A.C says shut the heck up Equius" ~Mina My favorite quote. out 3. programmer Hanging Value Circle what they have in common is that I'm making people happy, weather its through a funny show or through words Homestuck; “Hope to me, is about believing in stuff. If you believe in stuff then everything feels like its going to be okay” ~Jake English Rebornica inspires me because they are great artists and a good person, they make lots of people smile and make everyone happy when their sad and people do the same for them when there sad. They inspire me to draw. 3 non desk jobs that might be interesting whats the age i might live to? 117 year old friends whats my style? I'm Musical Not 100% sure why a programer maybe its because i know my way around computers and I know how to fix a few things here and there Personality Prezi 4 hobbies/things you enjoy in your free time Rebornica 3rd deskjob that might be interesting what character am I? Elmo form Sesame street Andrew Hussie is an amazing writer and artist but sometimes a little weird and annoying when it comes to updates on his web comic Homestuck. He inspires me to write my own work and read. Confidence with 6 expert opinions Andrew Hussie Angeliki A hobbit home found on the outskirts of london England Family My name My friends Friends By: Angeliki Karagiannis My friends inspire me every day by being around me and just talking it gives me hope and makes me smile to know that I'm lucky enough to have them around. They inspire me to be unique. One person that inspires me Because I like to draw and I'm already familiar with using computers to draw Favorite song 1. Actor Banker it causes to musch stress and i cant handle a ot of stress that well and i'm pretty sure i dont want to

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