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Pepsi Presentation

Transcript: Presentation by: Shaylynn Harrison We provide delicious beverages to satisfied people's thirst. Our company gives customers refreshing beverages to drink. Diet Pepsi Going Healthier In this drink there isn't nearly harmful amount of caffeine as in regular sodas which the amount of caffeine contain within this fabulous drink is around as much caffeine as brew green tea so you don't have to worry as much about your heath! Why You Should Buy this? … Its Healthier! There's Less sugar in the drink and caffeine Lose weight! Incredibly Delicious By taking the amount of sugar also takes away the amount of fat too. Even though we took away sugar it's still fresh and Delicious! The reason why people should pay attention to our company is that they'll miss out on this tasty and delicious beverage We'll be releasing a new brand of flavor into the Pepsi industry, We called this project the Fruity Crew were we'll be launching 4 different types of fruit flavors based on a survey we did to determine what kinds of flavors based on fruits people like. Fruity Crew Introducing the Fruity Flavors The Flavors Determining the Flavors Based on the survey we did it was decided that the fruits most people like and loved were… Watermelon Strawberry Lemon/Lime Orange More about the Flavors More about the flavors Based on the survey we've notice that almost all of the flavors are quite common, especially in the beverage business, but in order not to be mixed up with other that have similar ideas is that they'll contain more ingredients from the fruits themselevs than artifactual flavors. Strawberry Strawberry -Strawberries have only 53 calories which the total fat contain this drink will have 0.50 grams. -Which sugar in this beverage will have 8.12 grams in each -LIke other fruits and vegetable are a nutrient-dense along are in the low-calorie selection. -Within this drink we'll try to include the the vitamins within the actually fruit such as Vitamin A, C, and K along with potassium Watermelon Watermelon - Like how we'll try to add the nutrition values in the orginal friut will contain the following -Vitamin A and C - With Calcium and Iron -Then the total amount of sugar will be aroung 20 grams with not total fat while only having 80 calories in each serving. Lemon/Lime Lemon/Lime - For Lemon will have the total fat of 2 grams - With the having Vitamin C along with calcium too and total carbohydrate -Then for lime the total amount of calories will be 11 - Then the total amount of sugar is 0.74 grams along with 3.7 grams of carbohydrate - Which by drinking this can provide 32% of your daily Vitamin C. Orange Orange - The total amount of calories contain in this delicious fruit is at 47 grams with the total of 2.4 as the amount of sugar in the beverage. - Then the total amount of fat is 0.1 grams along with carbohydrates being 11.8 grams. - Also that oranges are one of the best sources to gain Vitamin C along with Potassium. Conclusion Conclusion Now in conclusion, we've been launching new brands of flavors that are more healthier and yet more tastier. First was Diet Pepsi that has less amounts of caffeine, sugar, and more. Then the "fruity crew" flavors that contains 4 new brands of flavor which they'll still taste like fruits along that they're much better and healthier than regular brands of soda. … Well, for you go ahead an try it, just go to the nearest store, convenience or market ANY STORE! Get it on sale for a 12 pack, BUY 1 GET 1 ! Whats the next step?

Pepsi Presentation

Transcript: Presentation by: Hira, Munazza, Maira, Ali, Afaq Pepsi Company Introduction > Founded 1965 by Donald and Herman > Merger of Frito-Lay and Pepsi-Cola The Cola Industry Cola Industry >1886 - John Pemberton created Coco Cola >Cocoa and Pepsi >Products sold in 200 countries Brad's Drink Brad's Drink >Caleb "Doc" Bradham (Pharmacist) >Experimenting >Comapny Registered in 1902 Portfolio Company Portfolio > Products ranging from beverages to snacks >Pepsi, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Cheetos, and more. Bankruptcy and Revival: In 1923 ,declared Bankrupt due to bet on the prices of sugar. Caleb Bradham ~ Roy c.Megargel ~ Charles Guth. -> Reformulation of pepsi cola -> Advertisement efforts History Rise Of Pepsi co. and expansion: FRITOS : C.E Doolin Lay: Herman Lay Product portfolio: -> 23 brands -> working in 2oo countries generating 1 billion dollars in anuual retail sales. ->1961 Frito lay is formed . ->1965 merged with pepsi forming pepsi Co. ->First American coorporation in Soviet Union ,1974 ->1986, bought KFc ( 850 million dollars) and 7up ->1991,partnership with Unilever Lipton tea. ->1995,released Lays . + Reason for Success Reason for success Healthier products Health 1. No calories 2. No caffine 3. Zero sugar 4 . No cholesterol Brand Loyalty Loyalty 1. Marketing and Advertising 2. 95% regular coke 88.9 % regular peosi remained loyal 87% stuck to their preferred brand Pricing strategy 1. Market oriented pricing strategy 2. Hybrid everyday value pricing strategy 3. Price skimming 4. Market penetration Pricing Research and Development R&D 1. International Collaborations 2. Sustainability Goals Marketing Stategies Pepsico’s success and growth can partly be attributed to its marketing strategies. Here are five marketing strategies that we can learn from Pepsi >Pepsico has positioned itself as a brand that represents youthful enthusiasm Positioning Position yourself well $ >Pepsico has historically made significant marketing investments in order to expand its market share and increase sales. Invest in the right channels Digital Marketing >Pepsi uses social media as a means for connecting with customers. this is crucial to fostering consumer involvement and loyalty. •Focus on digital marketing >To maintain its prominence, Pepsi also makes ongoing improvements to the good’s packaging and quality. Innovative •Be innovative Product Analysis Product Strategy: Mainly snacks and beverages include: Lays, 7up, Mountain dew , Aquafina , Dorittos , Ruffles Product Pricing Strategy: > Sets price according to competitors like Coco cola Price Place: Place >Operating in more than 200 countries. How and where company will place its products. Promotion Strategy: Promotion Plan to influence people about business >Brand embassadors, celebrities etc. -> PepsiCo is the classic business success story. -> Started as a one man's invention. -> PepsiCo got involved in many major controversies. -> Moving toward a more balanced stakeholder orientation. -> Importance of stakeholders. -> Faced many problems because of not understanding stakeholders needs. -> PepsiCo's snacks were called unhealthy Conclusion + -> PepsiCo's snacks were called unhealthy. -> Faced many ethical dylemas. From a lack of cultural sensitivity to health concerns to environmental degradation. -> PepsiCo has to invest in innovative solutions for these problems. -> Learn from its mistakes. -> Future of PepsiCo.

Pepsi Presentation

Transcript: 271,000 people working for Pepsico #481 best employers in America #58 inovatvative company #71 Canda's best employers The original purpose of Pepsi was to help with stomach aches Pepsi has changed its logo 11 times First to introduce 2 liter bottles of soda Pepsi's logo through out the years Progress After the lanch of "Brad's Drink" Pepsi Revenue It was a over night sensation In 1898 he changed the name to Pepsi 1902 Pepsi-Cola Company was formed due to the rising popularity and demand Contuned to grow and Pepsi-cola became trademarked Aggressive competion Coca Cola is the main competion Unhealthy life-style trends By the use of sugar, salt or fat content Environmentalism threatens the company in how consumers negatively respond to product waste and lifecycle issues Fun Facts Contunied Where and How it was made Swot (Threats) Michael Jackson, Pink, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, David Beckham have endorsed the brand 8 teaspoons of sugar is the amount of it contained in each can of the beverage brand. Fun Facts Work Cited Pepsi's Slogans Continued of Where the company stands Swot (Weaknesses)- Continued Global alliances with complementary businesses Alliances with complementary business to increase its market presence Market penetration in developing countries They have opportunities to widen their variety and sell word-wide In 2015 Pepsi made a revenue of just over 63 billion dollars Profit they take in around 6.5 billion dollars #48 in market value #87 in profit Low penetration outside the Americas Limited business portfolio Weak marketing to health-conscious consumers Doesn't market healthy lifestyles Contniuned- The company hit hard Attempted multiple substitutes for sugar but didn't work Pepsi purchased large quanity of sugar leading to be bankrupt 1923 sold to Craven Holding Corporation for $30,000 Growth Chart of the Company Pepsi Swot (Weaknesses) The franchise fell during WW1 Due to the high price and severe rationing of sugar They weren't able to meet the demands at a high price Swot (Opportunities) About the Founder Currently second biggest firm in the global food and beverage market The company is continuing to grow over the years Where the company stands today Caleb Davis Bradham was the founder Born in Chinquapin, North Carolina, on May 27, 1867 Attended Maryland University of Medicine wanting to be a doctor Had to return home due to a family crises and opened up a drug store which was home to the first Pepsi Employes of Pepsi Bradham's Drug Store is where the special drink was made It was first called "Brad's Drink" Drink was a mix of sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, and other natural additives Strong brand image Extensive global production network Broad product mix represents Pepsi Co’s increasing ability to reach various markets Extensive global distribution network Hasn't maximized potential outside of the US Primarily in the food and beverage industry and doesn't have very large variety Which limits them since they don't carry other products Swot (Strengths) Company hit hard 2012: “Live For Now” 2012: “Change The Game” 2012: “The Best Drink Created Worldwide”

Pepsi presentation

Transcript: Strategy Strategic Intent Strategic Management Strategic Formulation Strategy Implementation And One More Thing... Thank You For Listening :) Any Questions? Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Strategic Goals Is the process at formulating and implementing strategies Focuses and applies organizational energies on a underlying and compelling goal Is the process of putting strategies into action What strategic goals have been set for the international markets? To improve the company (expansion) Improve sales Organization of company Fluency of company Help prevent future downfalls Build more customer satisfaction Save money To earn a bigger income Indra Nooyi, Pepsi’s new CEO has focused most of her attention on strategies that can be used to target the international market. Spent over $1.3 billion in 2007 on acquisition like “Naked Juice; a California marker of soy drinks and organic juice. She implying PEPSI moving towards a healthier organization Presented a new motto “Performance with Purpose” She’s been trying to balance the profit motive with making healthier snacks, striving for a net zero impact on the environment, and taking care of the workforce Using PEPSI has a productive player in addressing some of the big issues facing the world; Obesity, Haiti earth quakes In conclusion, PepsiCo is known for its bold strategic moves and steady, realizable growth. The company’s stock has more than doubled since 2003 and in 2008 it hovered around $70 a share, up about more than 10% since Nooyi took over. 2007 revenue went up 17%, to 12.3 billion, and operating profits rose 9%, to $1.7 billion Is the process of creating strategies Why do Companies use strategic goals for the international market? Is a comprehensive plan guiding resources allocation to achieve long term organization goals

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