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Transcript: Galileo Galilei is an italian astronomer,scientist, physicist, mathematician, philosopher and inventor. Some of his inventions were telescopes, a compass and a thermometer. Galileo studied in the University of Pisa. Galileo studied medicine but soon changed to study maths. The pendulum was noticed by Galileo Galilei, but made into a clock later by Christiaan Huygens. A pendulum is an object connected to a fixed support in such a way that it is free to swing back and forth under the influence of gravity. It is used to tell time or sometimes to tell if there was going to be an earthquakes. By-Aaisha.S Links- The pendulum: When it was created and who created it: Galileo Galilei: * * * How it works: Galileo Galilei Pendulum An example of a pendulum Bibliography It impacted the world because people could finally tell time most accurately. People could schedule their days and spend quality time doing things by this. An example of a Pendulum clock How did this invention impact Italy and the rest of the world PENDULUM A pendulum is made up of a string or solid rod with a weight attached to the end. Gravity is the force that keeps the pendulum moving. Pendulums are often used in clocks. The amount of time it takes for a pendulum to swing from one side to the other and back again is called a “period.” A pendulum whose period is 4 seconds takes 2 seconds to swing to the left and 2 seconds to swing back to the right. No not anymore due to modern technology but you can still use them if you want. Galileo Galilei was in the process of making the first pendulum clock in 1602 but he unfortunately died in 1642. Later on it was created into a clock by a dutch mathematician and scientist Christiaan Huygensen 1656. How it works When it was created and who created it? Is the invention still relevant?


Transcript: pendulums- Definition,independent,dependent variable and controlled Expiriment- Pendulum by Brooklyn Gould Variable means-anything that you can change that might effect the outcome.Pendulum means-a mass that hangs from a fixed point that is free to swing back and forth.Cycle means-any kind of motion that is able to repeat itself.And,the standard pendulum system means-a regular pendulum that measures 38 cm. And swings from a 90 degree angle! Definitions,Variable,Pendulum,Cycle and the Standard pendulum systems- SCIENTIFIC METHOD- First find a question,then do some research and construct hypotheses. warning,you may have to try again and will become false so,go to construct hypotheses again then test with experiments.And lastly,analyze results-draw conclusion.Then,you may find if hypotheses is true or false! F.Y.I.,the longer the pendulum,the less amount of swings you get!But,the smaller the pendulum,the more swings you get! First,you will need a string, a paperclip,a ruler and some tape.Next,lay the ruler flat to the table then,attach the tape to the ruler and make sure it sticks!with the string,make a loop and put it through the ruler that extends from the table.And,tie the string to the paperclip and slide the penny through the bottom end of the paperclip! Independent variable means-a variable that stands alone and unchanged the one you know before the expiriment.Dependent variables means-a variable that depends on other ones and is changed, the one you know after the expiriment.And controlled expiriment means-An expiriment in which one and only one variable is changed. How to make a pendulum-


Transcript: Pendulum Part One - The Business Plan There will be several different sources of revenue: the food from the cafe, boutique items, and the cakes. The average meal from the menu in the cafe is $6.45 and the prices range from $2.50-$10.45. Part Three - Marketing Plan Behind our bakery is a talented team of boulangers who work to bring outstanding baked goods to our customers. Our cake house also provides a variety of cakes that look as good as they taste! Part 4 - Operation Plan Our location is at 13233 E. South St. Cerritos, CA 90703. We will need to renovate the building in order to have a kitchen in the back, which will require an extra wall dividing the room. We will also need a variety of cookware in order to make all of the diverse food, which require different ways to make them. We will need about three to four waiters/waitresses, one hostess, and about three chefs when we first start out. Hours we are open: Cake House We can advertise at local high schools, because our target group is teenagers. Our clothes are designed by teenagers, for teenagers, and our services are more beneficial to teens than children. However, the store holds many appeals to adults as well. Adults can use Pendulum as a place for relaxation because of its calming atmosphere. Member In our cafe, you will find cuisine from all over the world. Ranging from Chinese, to Korean, to French and the standard American, Pendulum has it all! Cafe Although Pendulum may only seem like a normal cafe... Kathleen Faher Bakery & Cafe Monday-Friday: 11:00 am- 9:30 pmSaturday: 7:30 am- 10:00pm Sunday: 8:00 am- 8:00 pm Jewelry Bakery Kasuni Bodinayake What is Pendulum? (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Monday-Friday: 6:30 am-9:30 pm Saturday: 7:30 am-9:00 pm Sunday: 9:00 am- 6:00 pm Group Members Pendulum is a boutique, bakery, cake house and cafe. We sell everything, ranging from dresses to keychains to really good bread. We support local teenagers with a flair for creativity by allowing them to sell their products through our store- whether they be cardigans or stuffed toys. That is only the tip of the iceberg Monday-Friday: 9:00 am- 6:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am- 7:30 pm Sunday: 10:30 am- 6:00 pm Waitresses/Waiters/Hostess: $8.60 an hour Chefs/Cooks: $9.75 an hour Boutique Cashier: $8.55 Boutique Cake House Clothes *During special events at the cafe, it will be open later. It is not as simple as it seems Member Prices vary depending on the products, but everything is affordable and in sync with the economy. Staff Emily Wat Boutique Cake House Pendulum also provides a haven for aspiring poets and musicians to have concerts and poetry nights in our in-store stage. Shoes By selling local products, we are incorporating the area into everything we do. We also host a variety of different events, including concerts by local budding musicians. Clubs would benefit particularly because we encourage using our cafe as a meeting place. Our boutique is a unique blend of vintage and modern, rustic and refined, edgy and conservative, successfully blending the trends of tomorrow with the memories of tomorrow. It features designs by our very own locals, making the store unique and one-of-a-kind. Cafe Member We would know that our business is succeeding when we have customers leaving with smiles on their face. We want them to feel at home, shopping for clothes, eating delicious food, watching a show, or just hanging out. We provide a safe haven for everyone. Boutique


Transcript: Pendulum Investigations We set out to investigate the effect of the length of string on the time period for one oscillation of a pendulum. We also set out to measure the effect of the height and ultimately the effect of GPE on the time period for one oscillation Method for investigating the effect of the length of string on the time period for the oscillation of a pendulum Set up pendulum at a 15 degree angle to the vertical and let pendulum go. Then time, using a stopclock, the amount of time taken for 20 oscillations and the divide by 20 to find the time period of one oscillations. Take readings at different values of length of string of intervals of 10 cm from 80-10cm. Length of String (cm) Time for 20 Time for 1 Oscillation (s) Oscillations (s) 80 72.20 3.61 70 69.00 3.45 60 61.20 3.06 50 52.40 2.62 40 43.80 2.19 30 35.20 1.76 20 29.20 1.46 10 19.60 0.98 Graph of Time of one Oscillation against Length of String squared This graph shows to us that the root of length of string on a pendulum is proportional to the time taken for one oscillation. Experiment 2 Set up pendulum at a height of 17.5cm above its position at rest let the pendulum go. Then time, using a stopclock, the amount of time taken for 20 oscillations and the divide by 20 to find the time period of one oscillations. Take readings at different values of height of string of intervals of 5 cm from 17.5-22.5cm. Height Total time Time/oscillation 17.5 32.38 1.619 22.5 32.56 1.628 27.5 32.93 1.647 32.5 33.35 1.6675 37.5 33.79 1.6895 42.5 34.40 1.7201 The Graph is curved says Bond Therefore that is all that matters Conclusion Results for investiating the effect of amplitude on the time for one oscillation. Method for investigating the effect of amplitude on the time of one oscillation RESULTS Thank You for Watching

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