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Transcript: History of the Object The Process of Pencils Being Made Function The pencil is a writing tool that can also be used for drawing, but unlike the pen, it writes with graphite (lead). The eraser on the top erases the graphite (lead) markings. A pencil comes in many different shapes and sizes. The first completed pencils were made in Nuremberg, Germany in 1662. Until the war with England cut off imports. So the pencils used in America came from other continents. Early American pencils were made from Eastern Red Cedar that grew in Tennessee and other parts of the southeastern United States. Soon pencil producers needed more sources of wood, and turned to California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. California Incense-cedar soon became the wood of choice for domestic and international pencil makers. Conrad Gessner invented the pencil. Conrad's lifetime was March 26, 1516- December 13, 1565- Hard Copy Reference: Most wood used for pencil casings comes from California Incense Cedar Tree - Copyright© 2007 Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. Copyright under International Copyright Union all rights reserved under International and Universal Copyright Conventions by Encyclopedia Britannia, Inc. -Wood is chosen to hold the graphite in place since it is very strong. -Graphite was picked because when the Romans used lead for the core, it caused a lot of health problems, so when graphite was discovered, it appeared the more safe way of writing. -Synthetic rubber can be made for the eraser because it can erase easily and quickly, and vinyl is very durable and flexible, and also erases pretty neatly, although not as neat as the synthetic rubber does. Why These Materials Were Chosen design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi To me the graphite is the most important thing to a pencil. Graphite came across the board in the 16th century, followed by a large graphite deposit in Borrowdale, England. People have said they found bits of shiny, black graphite sticking to the roots of a fallen tree. The whole countryside was talking about this mysterious mineral. That mineral was called "plumbago" or, "Blacklead." Reference -Wood, used to hold the writing core can be Incense-cedar, tropical rainforest wood, or can be made of plastic. -Graphite, the writing core protects the graphite. It makes the marks on paper. It is very easy to break -Eraser, today's pencil erasers are made from either a synthetic rubber compound or from vinyl. Major Materials Origin of One Material Bibliography Pencil

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