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Transcript: Considering the younger demographic would prefer more inexpensive clothing with lower quality, we targeted this product to a bit of an older demographic to keep it high-quality Our Consumer Most of those who took the survey described their style as "mood-dependent" Market Research Rutherford, N. (n.d.). Retrieved from multi-layers multi-length snap attatchment for each layer Our Product/Pricing (n.d.). Retrieved from prices might turn away younger demographic versatility may not be an important factor for many consumers uncertain market conditions underestimating needed funding/sales projections (n.d.). Retrieved from owned by Urban Outfitters Inc. founded 1970 revenue: 1.83 billion net income: $199 million over 400 locations is known to target younger demographic and sells urban-wear Founders: Deserrie Aguirre, Kathryn Laws, Deana Rae Alim Market Research Competitors females 20 - 40 years old "luxurious-bohemian" style somewhat eco-friendly socially active REFERENCES Investors: US! Product Development Final Hangtags & Labels SWOT Risk Analysis Current Fashion Trends Market Research Our Product Goals and Objectives Our company's goal is to create clothing that can leave the creativity up to our customer and maintains quality and trend awareness. Mission/ Vision Statement Peach is committed to making apparel that gives our customers freedom to create their own style by mixing and matching our pieces together to create the unique "You." Employees 3 employees creative director/designer not including retail associates if a physical store comes about Deserrie Aguirre, Kathryn Laws & Deana Rae Alim Our Company (n.d.). Retrieved from Most of those who took the survey lived near major cities such as Denver and San Francisco 100% organic cotton reusable tote bring-your-own-bag conscious box, 100% recyclable Competitors Packaging Market Research Our Inspiration net income $24 million 150 employees online American fashion retailer Office of textiles and apparel. (n.d.). Retrieved from The length of your skirt can change with... current trends occasion/modesty requirements weather changes Advertisement/Media strengths: versatility, comfort, quality opportunities: new product, different designs/patterns weaknesses: versatility factor, age range threats: funding, similar trends


Transcript: Promotion of self-directed cardiac health through education and a prescribed exercise regimen by a multidisciplinary team. Target of Campaign The End Radio Script Collaboration with community partners (CCAC) to promote cardiac wellness utilizing shared professional staff and recreation facilities. Become Cardioactive Current Brochure The Prince Edward Family Health Team Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic provides a program of exercise and education that will support improved cardiovascular strength and fitness and reduce the chance of a cardiac event for patients whose doctors are with the PEFHT, who are at risk. 15 Second Radio Spot Visual Ad #3 Website "You survived, now strive to thrive!" Visual Ad #1 Flyer Statistics The benefits of Cardiac Rehab include: Reduction in mortality of up to 25% compared to standard care. This is clinically equivalent to the benefit from taking Beta blockers and ACE inhibitors, but unfortunately not as widely prescribed. Reduction in frequency and severity of angina as well as increased functional capacity in heart failure Improved exercise tolerance in all patients, including, elderly, frail and patients with CHF Improved lipid profiles 16 to 26% reduction in smoking Improvements in psychological well being Carol-Anne Gray PhysiotherapistMs Gray Quinte & District Rehabilitation for the PEFHT – Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Location: Staff The Picton Clinic 389 Main St Picton , ON K0K 2T0 Mary Stever, RN Clinical Care Coordinator PEFHT Cardiac Rehab and Heart Function Clinics 15 Second Radio Spot SFX: 6 seconds MUSIC: 9 seconds VOICE: 7 seconds SFX: Hallway Ambience INTERCOM: Code Blue, Unit 2, Code Blue. Dr. Smith to Unit 2. SFX: Running/Quick Paced Steps SFX: Woman Crying/Scream SFX: 2 beeps, flat lineMUSIC: Cheerier music (25 seconds) NARRATOR: PEACH. Prince Edward Ambuatory Cardiac Health, Cardiac Rehabilitation. Become Cardio Active. Patient Services Your doctor has suggested you participate in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and you have agreed. So now what? A referral will be sent to the program administrator who will contact you with an appointment time. At the first appointment you will sign consents and receive some valuable tools to assist the medical staff with the screening process. Tools include a food diary, health questionnaire and a walking diary. Fill these out and return them on screening day. On screening day you will be seen by the cardiac nurse, the physiotherapist and a doctor. Each will examine you and together will write your “exercise prescription”. The prescription is unique to you and will be used during the exercise program. The program will take place at our facility in the medical building, next to the hospital, on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Please arrive 15 minutes early to exercise day wearing comfortable clothing and clean indoor shoes and bring a water bottle. The physiotherapist and nurse will be there to guide you through the program. There will be a warm up, active exercise, a cool down and a short education session. On your days off you will be encouraged to walk and exercise at home. The Patient Process 30 Second Radio Spot 30 Second Radio Spot SFX: 5 seconds VOICE:23.5 seconds MUSIC:25 seconds SFX: Hallway Ambience INTERCOM: Code Blue, Unit 2, Code Blue. Dr. Smith to Unit 2. SFX: Running/Quick Paced Steps SFX: Woman Crying/Scream SFX: 2 beeps, flat lineMUSIC: Cheerier music (25 seconds) NARRATOR: You survived a cardiac event. Now it is time to visit PEACH—Prince Edward Ambulatory Cardiac Health, a Cardiac Rehabilitation program under the Prince Edward Family Health Team. Believing regular exercise and proper diet is the most proven and cost effective way of preventing further cardiac events. Speak to your family doctor for a referral. Become Cardio Active. MUSIC: At 24 seconds in, fade last second. Rough Work Staff This cause is close to my heart and hometown's heart. The business minded side of me also noticed there was very little media or advertising for the organization. I felt like this would be an excellent opportunity to build my CV. Mission Statement Cathy Brose, R.N.Cathy Brose Nurse Health Educator and Case Manager Prince Edward Family Health Tea 15 Second Radio Script PEACH Vision Education sessions on Cardiac Health Diet Plan Exercise facility Exercise classes Personalized exercise perscription Physiotherapists on site during exercise Registered Nurses monitoring during exercise Computer course Preliminary Call to Action Ideas Why I chose this as my PSA Campaign? Those who have experienced a Cardiac Event. There will be some bias on age, however, the overall purpose of this campaign will be preventative. "Become Cardioactive" Fat lady singing is imminent. Cardiologist Dr. Philip Whattham and Dr. Steve Blanchard M.D. have generously taken on the role of the doctors associated with the program. Throughout thorough screening, these doctors are aiding in the care of these patients. The staff also

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Transcript: What happens in a restaurant? USABILITY * Payroll "MEDICINE & VITAMINS" Training What do we do? * Value design and simplicity Catering Commissary Rethinking Restaurant Software COLLABORATION WhenToManage's Peach OS User-focused design beautiful design device agnostic (mobile, tablet, etc) personalize POS NO manuals great design flexible Unite data, systems and users * Rapid Response NO data silos free data discoverable BI Enterprise Reporting & BI Online Ordering Inventory Management Talent Honesty with each other, our customers and ourselves Solution Back-end: PHP Vision our guiding WhenToManage Most companies grow their systems organically. microblogging share files, events, reports, and IDEAS connect the entire organization Marketing * COLLABORATION Supply Chain Loyalty USABILITY Experience Communication Data: 100% Rest API HR Simple to personalize & customize philosophy Restaurant Operating System App Engine Geek Timeout * The WhenToManage Difference Ecstatic Customers robust API organization & POS aware custom data reporting engine - simple & powerful Online Employee Scheduling Rapid Growth simple & sophisticated apps app engine open platform Social Media What would the perfect operating system look like? PARTNERSHIP dependent independent interdependent Tenacious, we work together and won't give up DATA Easy to learn, easy to use Technical Debt sharing... ...challenges ...ideas Employee Scheduling Platform for innovation and rapid response introducing... (who?) Food Costing PARTNERSHIP WhenToManage * What do we know about Panera? Front-end: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript DATA We are innovators, embracing and driving change * * Core Values * * Large company Growing and innovating Multiple systems, changing needs Everything works!


Transcript: It is a good stress reliever and has a soothing effect even on a sour stomach. Stygma Store in room temp. out of the sun Plant pit outside in well fertile soil Put 3 inches deep into the ground Pack soil around the pit Make sure it is moist if too wet it will rot Collect nuts that have fallen Take the green hull off of the nut and dispose the hull Let the brown hard shell nut left to dry Then crack open by using a hammer Pull the nut meat out and dispose of the shell Then eat the nut and save for later The peach is originated in china and is knows as a symbol of good luck. Also the peach tree is also known as the tree of life. For the fruit to form it needs pollination They are self-fruitful which means pollination will be successful Two sperm cells are released and one sperm cell unites with the egg cell and forms the zygote, that will turn into the embryo of the seed The other sperm cell unites with two other female cells and forms the endosperm which will be tissue for the embryo The peach is a good moisturizer. If Site has not yet been Harvested Flowers, Seeds and Fruits How the Seeds are Produced How seeds are produced Style Filament Anatomical structure Walnuts are the oldest tree food Just a reminder peaches have PITS the pits are the seeds How the fruit is formed Their are more than 30 varieties of walnuts How the Fruit Forms Structure of the Flower Remove the husk from the nut Put the nuts into a plastic baggie into the frige at 34-41 degrees for 90-120 days Dig holes and place the nuts 1-2 inches down and cover, and plant in spring Water but don't drown the plant Greeks called walnuts "karyon" which means head because the walnut looks like a human skull Stamen Anther Walnut Peach

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