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A Pay Raise for Society

Transcript: As of 2015, the median pay for teachers is $50,000/year Preschool teachers make even less at $31,000/year 37% of teachers do not teach until their retirement due to financial issues. Out of 32 developed countries, America pays their teachers the least relying on other's support and finance takes time which could waste mine if I invest five years for it to not work out, and people could lose interest legal action to pass, "Teacher Tax," which could not go through and corrupt my plan there are many unknowns that I'm just going to have to find out as I make a difference. potential to bring our community together remind everyone of the value of education stop the teacher shortage from occurring allow thousands of teachers to no longer struggle financially What is the Issue? Our society relies on teachers to educate future generations in both scholar work, and social skills. Right now, our country is heading towards a teacher shortage. Why is this happening? The cause is simple, their salary isn't always enough. Next, multiple investors will be found who range from accomplished businessmen to media stars, and who support the cause. These million or even billionaires will invest $15-30,000 a year to school districts paying their teachers the least. The school district then either gives their top teachers bonuses, or opens a fund for years later as an overall raise. The Risk Factor PART 1: The Classic Fundraiser A fundraiser will be started where all founds will be given as bonuses to teachers struggling financially. "We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick For more statistics, and to see America's support of teachers getting a raise in numbers, watch this video: "Teacher Tax," is a way of involving all of America in solving our national problem. When at a check out register, you will be given an option of paying "teacher tax," which is about 1-2% more than the average tax. This extra finance will go towards teachers salaries across the country. If a majority of Americans choose this payment option, we can raise each teachers salary by $5,000. The Three Part Plan The Impact on Society A problem, a plan, a purpose. Teachers deserve higher pay and this is how we will make that happen. By Isabella Lain Part 2: Investors Why are Those Numbers Unfair? The Numbers While making a change in a national crisis, there are a lot of potential risks. Part 3: "Teacher Tax" In order to teach, most schools require a bachelor degree and state certification. This is equal to the education required of jobs with $100,000 yearly salaries. Also, teachers develop the kids who will eventually be leading the nation. They deserve more, and this is how we are going to give them a pay raise. A Pay Raise for Society

Overview of Pay Raise

Transcript: The Union will be able to negotiate directly with CalHR while CDE is also present and involved in the state team... What MUST We Do to Accomplish This? Legislators quote The Bargaining Process Date coming soon & it will be highly publicized The Roles of Stewards, President Yvonne Walker & Her Team Let's work together to be heard & seen. Overview of Pay Raise There is a new Director of CalHR & a new Deupty Director of Labor Relations SEIU 1000 is working on scheduling a date. note: I am trying to find a good quote here to get everyone involved Negotiations will be part of collective bargaining and the bargaining team is preparing together. The issues we are facing affects all of our members in all bargaining units CSD administrators will share their concerns with CDE about recruitment & retention The Process of Getting Pay Raise Strategic & Action Plans in place Who Will Do Negotiations? We Need Everyone's Support Stay engaged Stay visible Stay viligant & Stay in Solidarity Member visibility & solidarity is vital during negotiations. Things To Do It is all about POWER. The state needs to see us stand up together as a collective group. Fremont Block Once a tentative agreement is reached, our members vote to ratify the tentative agreement. Communications with our members Add your email to subscription list please email to: Collect more testimonials Make picket signs Other suggestions? Yvonne Walker, President of SEIU 1000 & her team because we have multiple units. CDE/CalHR Legislators CDE CalHR Stewards SEIU 1000 & members First, Let's Understand Who is Involved Let's Show Them Union Power Potential Timeline At the bargaining table, we have the chance to negotiate for a normal pay increase based upon the value of our services CSD/CDE Then the state legislature must also ratify the tentative agreement and will allocate funds secured in our bargaining process because the contract itself becomes state law... What Roles do Each Play? Why Negotiations Have Not Begun Yet?

Vidhi Bhanderi - Pay Raise Proposal

Transcript: Vidhi Bhanderi Pay Raise Proposal THE PROPOSAL $64,000 $84,500 Vidhi Bhanderi Compensation Raise Request Validation Specialist Breakdown the 32% $84,500 32% raise 16% Market Value: $74,223.25 8% Completion and continuation of SMART Goals, Training, Public Speaking, Event Planning 8% Talent and Organizational Development Lead (TOL) Market Value Data More Numbers Salary Experts PayScale GlassDoor LinkedIn Validation Skills Skills Gap Assessment Filter Integrity Testers Inspection Booths Tubing Sealers and Welders Wilson's Disease Single-Use: Mixers*, Bioreactors, WAVE Rockers Skids: Perfusion, Transfection, NFF, UF/DF, Chromatography Vi-Cell Cell Counter (CSV) Blood Gas Analyzer UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (CSV) DeltaV, PDOCS, LiveLink, EAMS Back to PharmEng Back to PharmEng SMART Goals: 5 Completed, 1 in progress, 3 planned for 2022 Conferences ISPE CaSA 2020 Technology Conference - PharmEng Booth Representative ISPE CaSA 2021 Technology Conference - Panelist Speaker ASQ Raleigh QIT 2021 Conference - Panelist Speaker Recruiting Georgia Tech Career Fair Social Events Cup of Joe In-person Happy Hour SMART Goals & More SMART Goals Cup of Joe Website: careerBump Website: Work independently as a Validation Specialist. Increased network of emerging leaders (conferences, work events). In Progress: BTEC Automation Training Course Attended ISPE training seminars to learn more on Validation, Process Engineering, Automation. Successfully launched Cup of Joe. Organized in-person Happy Hours. 2022 SMART Goals Working on an Automation Project 2022 Goals Taking Cup of Joe International Talent and Organizational Development Lead Impact Impact Keeps inter-company communication and culture alive "Staying green" Great feedback Talent and Organizational Development Lead (TOL) Developmental Proposition 2-5 hours weekly, flexible Combined resources folder for training new-hires (Teams) PharmEng Ambassador (Young Professional Representative) External training as groups PTI YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GROUP Teams group, updated by me Shared resources folder with templates, forms, and useful documentation Post relevant articles, podcasts, training webinars Easier access to consult with younger professionals within PharmEng (to plan social events, activity groups, etc.) PTI Young Professionals Group PTI AMBASSADOR PTI Ambassador Young Professional representative for conferences Recruitment Ambassador working with HR PharmEng representation outside of industry (careerBump) TRAINING EVENTS TRAINING EVENTS Survey and organize interested groups Organizing Validation/Automation Training Future Benefits $84,500 Breakdown 16% - $74,240 21% - $77,440 Thank you! Questions?

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