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Transcript: characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows, allegiance, obligations. Q; how can you be responsible? A; I can show people i can take care of certain tasks. Q; how responsible are you? A; I think of myself as quite the responsible person. Q; How do you show being responsible? A; being trustworthy to my parents/friends. Fair Q; how does it benefit me to show others respect? A; it benefits me by me showing my respect, they'll respect me. Q; in what way can you show respect for the earth? A; i can take care of the world by taking care of the world around me. Kind Reliable a person who vigorously supports his country and its way of life Definitions: being kind. full of. Creative Q; what does honest mean to you? A; being 100% straight up with friends and family. Q; Why is being honest important? A; being honest is very important because you need it in friendships. Q; How honest are you? A; I try my best to be 100% honest with everything. Definitions upright and fair sincere genuine definitions; loving caring helpful definitions; deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable. worthy of being trusted. honest. Q; what does patriotic mean to me? A; being patriotic means to me, that i express myself and defend my country. Q; How are are you patriotic? A; I'm patriotic by supporting it through thick and thin, and the decisions they make for it. Q; how reliable are you? A; I try my best to be the most reliable i can be for my friends/family. Q; What is being unreliable? A; Someone you can't count on. Q; how does reliability pay? A; people will end up trusting you better. Respectful Definitions; a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government. Q; Am i supportive? A; i try my best to support my friends and family. Q; do you give your honest opinion? A; i do my best to give my honest opinion. nether excellent nor poor. marked by favoring conditions. consider both side of difficult situations. Loyal responsible Trustworthy definitions; faithful to one's sovereign, government, or state. faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelity. definitions; having the quality or power of creating. expression productive definitions Q; when are you most creative? A; im most creative when im alone drawing or just thinking in general. Q; how creative are you? A; i can be very creative but sometimes i cant be creative at all. Patriotic being t Q; Am i fair about issues? A; I try my best to be the fairest. Q; Are always fair? A; Not to often definitions trusted dependable honest Q; are you a trustworthy person? A; i'd say i'm a trustworthy person. Q; are you honest? A; I'm honest about everything. showing politeness or deference. Definitions Q; am i kind others? A; i try my best to be kind to everyone. Q; do you need need to try and be nicer to people? A; ill try my best. Honest


Transcript: Likes and dislikes of Canada Likes Canada's freedoms Canadian politeness Hockey Canada's diversity peacekeeping charters in foreign countries Dislikes Amazon's us only shipping policy strict gun laws higher age restrictions shipping charge at canadian border higher taxes My responsibilities my biggest responsibility is work and knowing what I need to do in my shift my second responsibility is keeping the house clean and fixing everything that's broken my smallest responsibility is looking after my animals My Goals for this year are to get a new job to achieve principals role at least once this year begin driving being punctual means to be early to school or work, being responsible for handing in your work and being on time. the phrase "better Late than Never" is true because if you were to become a billionaire at the age of 90, your last years would be very glorious. I am thankful for My mother My Dad Terry waye for showing me the more logical side of things Nick for keeping me humble being tolerant is accepting people that are different from you knowing and accepting others opinions I am trustworthy in anything for this country, for my family,and for my community. If i am needed in any of these areas i will help out and this is why my parents trust me Being controlled is to know your expectations, to get along and cooperate with family members and to control anger even when you wish to lash out on someone Three adjectives for lack of control intolerable Unreliable Unbalanced Three Adjectives for Controlled tolerant reliable balanced "The people who have the least usually give the most" Punctual I could be more tolerant of idiots and i could be more tolerant of others opinions Patriotic My Goals to rebuild and sell a dodge neon engine Thankful Responsible Being thankful is to appreciate those around you who contribute to make your life better. being thankful could be as simple as thanking a grocery clerk or as complex as praying to your religion at certain points in the day. Trustworthy I rely on my parents to pick me up and drop me off resourceful Controlled how i am going to achieve this; get better at selling things and become more independent Generous Loyal Being trustworthy is to be reliable and being loyal. Keeping confidences telling the truth I Could be more generous by helping out more and donating more of my time to a shelter or food drive being resourceful is to solve your own problems without complaining using the materials you have rather than complaining improvising Tolerant Patriotism is the act of supporting,respecting, and understanding your country. voting and participating in political events and elections. being quiet and respectful when the national anthem is playing Character traits A generous person is one who would give you the clothes off their back to keep you warm Being responsible means to do your job and all things that you have been tasked to do. completing tasks without being told. being a reliable source when someone needs help.

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Transcript: Ross did not like the design of the flag so Washington made some changes. She liked the new design, but she wanted stars with five points instead of six. So they changed that and she got to work. Betsy Ross (known at the time as Elizabeth Claypool), supposedly sewed the first flag but, there is no written proof that she did. Only a story told by her Grandson, William Canby. The real location of her home in Philadelphia is also disputed. by Nick Bacon Who Made The Flag? When was it first raised? According to Ross' grandson, three men came to the shop one day. The uncle of Ross' late husband, George Ross, George Washington, and Robert Morris. They asked her to sew a design they had made for the American flag. Washington took a drawing from his pocket for the flag. "The Star Spangled Banner" was written by Francis Scott Key, but not made the national anthem until 1931! My Patriotic Presentation The Story Behind The Flag Part 2 The modern day American Flag was designed on August 21, 1959 The 50-star flag was first raised by Secretary of the Interior, Fred A. Seaton, on July 4, 1960 at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. The Star Spangled Banner Key was on a British warship trying negotiating for the release of prisoners. Then the Americans attacked and Key had to stay for safety. He was out on the deck when he saw the American flag over Fort McHenry. So, he wrote a song about it, and originally called it "The Defense of Fort McHenry". This flag was designed on June 14, 1777 The Story Behind The Flag Who Designed It? The American Flag Today The Star Spangled Banner is performed at many sporting events and national ceremonies every year. Whitney Houston sang it at the Super Bowl in 1991 as the country was going to war in the Persian Gulf. A 17-year old boy named Robert G. Heft knew that Alaska and Hawaii were going to be states one day, so he asked his History teacher if he could make an American flag and get graded for it. He had entered a contest were you can design your own flag and if you win, yours would be the next American flag. His teacher gave him a B-. She said that if he won she would raise his grade up. One day he got a surprising phone call from the President Dwight D. Eisenhower and said that he had won! The First American Flag The War Of 1812


Transcript: Patriotic James Okwudili (Great-grandfather) I like to see a man proud of the place where he lives, I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him- Abraham Lincoln Personal Meaning Term Devoted Loyal Faithful Passionate Dedicated Dutiful -From: A Canadian Soldier Occupation: German Fighter Pilot Born: May 2nd 1892, Breslaw, Germany (now Wrocland Poland) Died: April 21st 1918, Morlancourt Ridge, France Richtofen was born in Breslau, Germany on May 2nd, 1892. His father, Major General Dr. Edward Richtofen, was also a in the german army. As a child, Manfred loved to hunt and was considred a better athlete than he was a student. Manfred's grades weren't the best, but whatever he lacked in his academics, he made up for in his athletic abillities. When he was 11 years old, Manfred was admitted to the Wahlslatt Military Academy in Berlin, Germany. Years later, Richtofen was awarded the title of top ranked fighter pilot during World War 1. And he made a whopping 80 kills. Despite all this, Richtofen didn't feel included enough in the war, for reason's I couldn't find out. Richtofen was later shot down by Arthur 'Roy' Brown of the Canadian army, with just one bullet, according to rumours, but others say that he was shot down by Australian gunners that were stationed in the trenches below. Breif Bio: Flanders Field Definition Similar Terms Meaningful Quote Bibliography: Discussion Questions -Michael Duffy, 2009 Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richtofen a.k.a 'The Red Baron' Breif Bio: Occupation: Police Officer Position: Constable Born: 1900 CE Died: July 4th 1966 What are some ways to show patriotism ? Is patriotism something you take lightly or deeply? Why? It means that you love your country and you supprt it through thick and thin. Thanks for Watching! The NDP Logo One who loves his or her country and supprts its's authority and intrests- Merriam Webster A Poppy My Great-grandfather, James Okwudili was a great man, he was a Constable in the Nigerian Police Department (NPD) in northern Nigeria. I chose to write about him for this project because he shows patriotism. He was very dedicated to his job and he loved serving as an officer. He had a wife named Maria and together they had 6 children, of which one was my grandmother. He went to work everyday on a Raleigh brand bike. Unfortunately, after a long, good, and happy life serving in the force, he died from ill health on July 4th, 1966, at the age of 66.


Transcript: Justin beiber -Pursue your ambitions despite obstacles -Being loyal means to be faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due Steven Harper Ambitious Patriotic Something I am motivated to do is: -necessitating extraordinary effort or ability In what areas do you find it most difficult to be creative? -Being ambitious means having a strong determination to accomplish challenging goals Keep working your hardest and ask your teachers for help. A few weeks ago I got into an argument with my parents about staying on the football team. Not enough football My Responsibility's Are I find that I am most creative in sports because I always try to get points by trying something new. -Tell the truth even if it gets you in trouble A friend To have someones complete trust and knowing that they'll always have your back. -Being Self motivated is finding discipline within yourself What are 3 ways you can be loyal to your school? 1. Be respectful to your peers and your teachers. -Being creative is trying to look at ordinary situations with a different outlook Responsible Snow, I find it difficult to be creative in academic classes such as math and science. Persevering Going to the gym every day. I want my parents to trust me so I: -Being creative is having the ability or power to create Courageous to live until im 112 years old -Greeting somebody with courtesy Definitions 1.My homework What does being loyal mean to you? Likes: Eat healthy organic foods and contribute to life lengthening research. I am trustworthy as: Loyal -Being Self-Motivated is getting rid of habits that don't help you -Being polite means having or showing good manners or respect for other people. Patriotic means: love for or devotion to one's country -Stick your neck out for someone To keep training and one day get a football scholarship. When I was 8 I saw my friend drowning/struggling to swim and even though I was afraid of the water I jumped in and helped him out of the water. Can have more freedom to explore life. and -having a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous A month ago I was snowboarding at troll and I saw a little boy about 2 or 3 on the terrain park. Knowing that the age limit to be in the terrain park is 6 years old I snowboarded down and took the kid to the lodge. What is an example of when you've been responsible under pressure? -Keep confidences The cold 3. Try your very best in your classes. Being polite is the way to be a better person and making other peoples day better. 2.Staying in shape -Being loyal means being faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product Hockey, -Being Self-Motivated is having the initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another's prodding or supervision. How can you persevere at school? -Being creative is expressing yourself in unique ways Quesnel Patriotic means: to be proud of where you live We canadian hang flags in our house. I showed motivation this week by: When was the last time you stood up for something you believe in? A student What can you do to make these dreams come true? 3. Taking care of my dog How can you persevere at a sport? -Being responsible means watching for tasks that need to be done and doing them -Persevering means asking for help when you need it What is one courageous act that you have done? -Do what you say you'll do even if something better comes along You keep practicing again and again until you get it right. Character Guide Identify two dreams for your life? -Persevering means not giving up when things go wrong -Being polite means socially correct or proper Free health care, Getting a football scholarship to Laval or SFU Beautiful landscape, 2. Play and cheer for your school's sports teams. And Frozen rain In what areas are you most creative? An example of being polite is holding the door open for someone. Polite -Persevering means giving 100% to a challenging sport or activity Give an example of being polite? Trustworthy -Being responsible means taking care of things that belong to you -Being loyal means being faithful to ones oaths, commitments and obligations What ways do you and your family show support to your country? Patriotic means: respect to the men and women serving in our military What does being polite mean to you? -Being responsible means doing what you say you will do Dislikes: Creative -Make friends out of enemies Self-Motivated A son Five likes and five dislikes about Canada Go to the gym as much as possible and train at my position whenever I can.

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