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Party planning

Transcript: Jimmy Cross- lieutenant of the war (main character of the book) Marilyn Monroe- special guest and singer of this time period Martha- First love of Jimmy Cross President Ronald Reagan- to give a speech about the war and honor Ron Brooks- Camera man of this time and he is going to be recording the moments and memories of this party Location: Military base or headquarters -I’m hosting the party here because it’s where soldiers go for shelter, equipment, and personal items -901 Murphy Dr, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey 07703 -(732-532-9000) -Military base for army (U.S. Army department) Meatloaf Salisbury steak Pot pie Songs Deviled eggs baked potatoes Chicken noodle soup Baked Alaska Candy apples Jell-o Appetizers Entrees 1950’s -“I am as only as strong as the Coffee as the coffee I use” -“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” 1960’s -“No arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals Of the world is so formidable as the will and Moral courage of freemen and women” -“I regard myself as a soldier, though a soldier of peace” 1970’s -“When the power of love overcomes the Love of power the world will know peace” -“Leaders aren’t born, they are just like a Anything else through hard work” Pictures 5 celebrities 1950,s • Patboone-“Love letters in the sand” -When Lieutenant Jimmy Cross got letters from Martha And cherished them and then he felt the connection of the Two were no longer in touch and he buries them away While this song describes how he feels and should bring back memories. 1960’s • Barry McGuire- “Eve of construction”-This song will take them back to when the war was happening And the memories they created (out of respect) • The Beatles- “A hard day night” -Being in war and the military every day you had to be on your guard. Training along with aiming for the enemy and this song Describes their condition “hard day night I been working like a dog” 1970’s • Bee gees-“Saturday night fever” - This song is to represent that they haven’t went out in a long time and enjoyed themselves so this song should encourage them to have a good time Dessert Design (quotes) Party planning Attire

Planning - presentation template

Transcript: Planning - presentation template Sylwia Gut EC1526670 Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Client To the client ESCA (Edinburgh College Students Association) is running a two year project to help students live more sustainably. This includes cycle training, travel planning, fuel efficiency driver training and climate change education. Users To the users ESCA have commissioned you to create a four page website. The website must be engaging in design, include a minimum of two types of media and it must be easy to navigate between all four pages. Analysis - Application functionality Analysis - Application functionality First application function: First application function Generating random tips SWOT Analysis Second application function: Second application function Converting petrol distance, cost of petrol, amount of journeys and eventually will show the costs of petrol Application Design – Interface Design The key tasks Identify the key tasks required to develop the game Planning Developing Testing Evaluation Planning List each planning task Home page Tip Generator Case Study Petrol converter Development List each development task Creating home page Creating random tip generator Creating second page Creating petrol converter Testing List each testing task Navigation Testing input base and output work etc Identify what resources are required to develop the application Identify what resources are required to develop the application Hardware Hardware Personal Computer Keyboard Mouse Internet connection (router) USB pen drive Software Software Brackets – Alternative Dreamweaver, visual studio code Web browser Microsoft project – alternative Excel, Word PowerPoint – Alternative Prezi Microsoft Word – Google docs Paint net – alternative Photoshop Project plan Link or screen capture of your project plan file Questions? Thank you

party planning

Transcript: Mr. Yoshihara's Party! Entertainment Blockbuster Avatar rent download $3.99 Blockbuster Spider Man buy download $9.99 Resident Evil: Extinction from $22.99 Toy story 3 from$16.99 Alice in Wonderland from $13.49 Movie Projecter Movie Screen Screen-Rental $299 per day Reservation Presents for Mr. Yoshihara Sluggo guest model Classic Skullskates Skateboard $79.99 Babbitt 6' half-pipe skateboard ramp $1,000.00 from Canada National country flag 3 ft. by 5 ft. from $4.21 Japan Flag Polyester 3ft. by 5 ft. from $4.49 Vancouver Cancucks Jersey from $103.49 Decorations Fake flowers from 108 flowers =49.41 Bardwill Linen ease 52" by 52" square tablecloth white from 25 tablecloths=$201.00 Balloons at 100yen shop. 10 packs (10 in each bag) equals 1050yen. Goodies for the treasure hunt. A set of 6 Nepali dolls from, $15.00, Fair trade share with finders Pet shaped silly bandz from 24 sillybandz 1 pack $3.59 can share pack Hand carved Dryed gourd owl box keepsake fair trade,Peru from $19.95 Skullskate All City Sticker $1.99 Drinks Red Wine "JACOBS CREEK 2009" 980yen per bottle. 4 bottles of those equals 1996 yen. White Wine "CHATEAU DE LA GRANGE 2006" 998 YEN Asahi Super "DRY" 6 packs(6 cans in a pack.) 1130yen. Foods Popcorn Mike Popcorn Mike Popcorn 980yen for 10 packs very cheap Peperoni Pizzas PIZZA-LA Pizzas 1980yen per each.10 of those which equals 19800 Chocolate ice cream from $9.99 100 bags of Lays classic potato chips from $49.00 We chose this product because it was cheaper than other products Ice cream cake from $11.99 TicTacs mint variety pack from 36 packs=$29.95 40 packs of cheetos equals 3342yen in total. We chose this product because it was a sale in 4 Potato Chip (consome taste) 5 in a package equals 1192yen.It was cheaper than buying it one by one. Special seafood Palla. L size 3,400 yen. 3 of those equals 9,600 yen. Viva Paella Deluxe L size =4200 yen 3 of those equals 18000yen. I chose this because it was Viva Paellas choice. Monopoly from $14.83 Schedule for the night • 5:30 to 5:45 Welcome Speech • 5:45 to 7:00 Play/eating time • 7:00 to 7:20 Treasure hunt •7:20 to 8:30 Movie time • 8:30 to 9:00 Play time/eatin' time • 9:00 to 9:15 Present time 9:15 to 9:30 Try out new skate board+ramp and jersey 9:30 to 9:35 Thank you speech 9:35 Party ends Cost:$2812.49! Wii game Super Mario Galaxy from $34.96 Wine-invitation Why we chose these drinks for the party Invitations Why we chose these movies Projector-Rental $129 per day We chose these items for Mr. Yoshihara for his birthday because we know he likes skateboarding and his favorite brand is Skullskates so we bought him a classic skullskate skateboard and a ramp. We hope he will be very happy!! 4 Classrooms For free The reasons we bought these games was because we thought it was worth it for the kids and some of the adults and it was not too expensive for wii games and some board games. Why we chose these foods for the food table Gym for free. Skate boarding Why we chose these items for the goodies Why We chose these decorations for the party Wii-Rental $5.99 per day We thought that these items are fun and some of them are fair trade. Tea=10packs equals 1480yen Tropicana 100% orange juice 24-pack $16.65 Why we rent these rooms 25 glass cylinder vases from $3.50 each Electronic Mall Madness from $30.00 Pocari Sweat=10packs equals 1580yen CRAYOLA CRAYONS for one box From Amazon 9.78 We chose these drinks for the party because they are not only adult friendly, but also kid friendly and some of the products are fair trade, which is one of the things that Mr. Yoshihara is looking for We chose these movies because we thought that it was kid and adult friendly. Franklin 55" Football table from $249.99 2 Fanta Grape; 258yen This product was a bargain in the supermarket. We thank you for taking the time to inspect and grade our plan on our Prezi and we hope this pleases you. Your happiness is our greatest pleasure. :) I chose this because it was popular Coca cola=10 packs equals 1880yen Why We chose These Items for Mr. Yoshihara We chose these decoration items because not only do we want this to be a fun party, but also an elegant and fancy party. Wii game "We cheer 2" from $29.49 Happy birthday Seattle's best coffee organic french roast fair trade ground coffee, 12-ounce packs (pack of 3) 5 packs $140.35 We chose these foods for the party because number one we thought that it was delicious and we are pretty sure that a lot of people like pizza, popcorn, chips, or cake. Also, we like recommended stuff and popular choices. We chose these rooms because we thought about what we will need and to fill the rooms with stuff for the party

Planning Template

Transcript: 3 most important moments in my life wishes and dreams 1.) I want to live on an island in the Pacific with a tribe and study there culture. 2.) I want to have children and get married when I'm older. 3.) I'm a junior in High school but I really want to graduate from College 1.)My mom is one of the greatest influences on my life. Shes taught me so many things that have helped me so far in life. 2.) Snoop dogg taught me to keep it 3hunna all the time . foshizzle 3.) Alexander Supertramp taught me to do what ever makes me happy no matter what people think I should do. Also that you need to get off the grid and live in the most primitive environments to truly find yourself at least once. 3 core beliefs and values 1.) one of my greatest wishes is to travel the whole worldd before I die. I don't want to regret not going somewhere when im laying on my deathbed. 2.) I wish to go bungee jumping in New Zealand with my mom when I get older. 3.) And i dream of one day going to Cochella and see a tupac hologram 1.) I always tell the truth 2.) I try to be kind to everyone no matter how awful a person is. 3.) You just gotta kill'em with kindness 1.) when I was 3 I almost drowned in the Bahamas, but on that same trip i learned how to swim. This is important in my life because I learned a life long skill very early. 2.) When I was 4 I learned how to read and it's helped me tremendously ever since. 3.) The first time i got a job by myself, was very important to me. Planning Template -Jack Hawley My three most important influences 3 Goals for the future

party planning

Transcript: --------- you know 10 people want 1/4 of cheese pizza how many want cheese pizza 3/4 x 20/1=60/4 7,000 I choose costume closet and stage there are 3 sausage pizza split into twelfths yes room2 1,050 =10,000 10x1/4=10/4=5/2 what facion of the total number 9/30 17+13=30 25divined3=8r1 17-30=13 9/30 + food61 okpiurfkmleoijx1z;l erkejxrdkoewmjfu ijrokpwldfr 2x2=4 + 4 ho no a teacher you didn´t invite jump in the photo 1/3 so the now 1/15 of the guest want to cropped out of the pictures what faction of the guest were not in it the photo booth 21/30 there is 1/2 a pepperoni pzza left and your dog eats 1/4 math relates 5r3/4 -------- 7/12+2/12=9/12 40,000 enertainment city paty entertinvent I got this $ 10/30+3/30=13/30 --------- two entertain-ers star wars,hola and dragon ball z 1/2 x2/1=2/2=1 Activities 1/6=5/30 snockblast35 light up the battle you ben whating for dbz vs star wars vs halo. Went every you get hit whith a lazergun or a little plus your vest will be colorful you may not attak or be attak. you want to order 2cakes your family want you to order 2 1/2 times as many do your family to order or less 5 1. the entertainers you hierd loves photo bombing dbz 2/15=4/30 you want to order 20 pizza family want you to order 3/4 times death star=10,ooo your enertainers loves seeing thier picutes star wars 4+2=6 1/6=2/12 6+9/12=6 9/12 1/3=10/30 1/10=3/30 what faction of the do not in clud the in entertainers choose four other things lightsaver20 room3 400 34divined4=8r2 1/15=2/30-13/30=11/30 1/2=2/4+1/4=3/4-1=1/4 2+9=11divined4=2r3 photo booth=30,000 hoth=20,000 room1 900 what fraction of the guest was not in the pictures your teacher lazergun21 how many peolpe,how munch food and space,how many players Part theme + Chi-chi´s island=5,000 your entertainers love mashroom pizza, so you order 10 mashroom pizza for them one enertainers ate 2 7/12 then the other enertainers 4 1/6 how munch is left 1/10 in the second photo the first time people you were in the photo booth with 1/6 of the party guest the second time it 2/15 write equivalent 30 guest party planning 36divined4=7r4 atom=2,000 your entertainm budget is 40,000 here is you spent so far

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