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Planning - presentation template

Transcript: Planning - presentation template Sylwia Gut EC1526670 Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Client To the client ESCA (Edinburgh College Students Association) is running a two year project to help students live more sustainably. This includes cycle training, travel planning, fuel efficiency driver training and climate change education. Users To the users ESCA have commissioned you to create a four page website. The website must be engaging in design, include a minimum of two types of media and it must be easy to navigate between all four pages. Analysis - Application functionality Analysis - Application functionality First application function: First application function Generating random tips SWOT Analysis Second application function: Second application function Converting petrol distance, cost of petrol, amount of journeys and eventually will show the costs of petrol Application Design – Interface Design The key tasks Identify the key tasks required to develop the game Planning Developing Testing Evaluation Planning List each planning task Home page Tip Generator Case Study Petrol converter Development List each development task Creating home page Creating random tip generator Creating second page Creating petrol converter Testing List each testing task Navigation Testing input base and output work etc Identify what resources are required to develop the application Identify what resources are required to develop the application Hardware Hardware Personal Computer Keyboard Mouse Internet connection (router) USB pen drive Software Software Brackets – Alternative Dreamweaver, visual studio code Web browser Microsoft project – alternative Excel, Word PowerPoint – Alternative Prezi Microsoft Word – Google docs Paint net – alternative Photoshop Project plan Link or screen capture of your project plan file Questions? Thank you

Planning Template

Transcript: 3 most important moments in my life wishes and dreams 1.) I want to live on an island in the Pacific with a tribe and study there culture. 2.) I want to have children and get married when I'm older. 3.) I'm a junior in High school but I really want to graduate from College 1.)My mom is one of the greatest influences on my life. Shes taught me so many things that have helped me so far in life. 2.) Snoop dogg taught me to keep it 3hunna all the time . foshizzle 3.) Alexander Supertramp taught me to do what ever makes me happy no matter what people think I should do. Also that you need to get off the grid and live in the most primitive environments to truly find yourself at least once. 3 core beliefs and values 1.) one of my greatest wishes is to travel the whole worldd before I die. I don't want to regret not going somewhere when im laying on my deathbed. 2.) I wish to go bungee jumping in New Zealand with my mom when I get older. 3.) And i dream of one day going to Cochella and see a tupac hologram 1.) I always tell the truth 2.) I try to be kind to everyone no matter how awful a person is. 3.) You just gotta kill'em with kindness 1.) when I was 3 I almost drowned in the Bahamas, but on that same trip i learned how to swim. This is important in my life because I learned a life long skill very early. 2.) When I was 4 I learned how to read and it's helped me tremendously ever since. 3.) The first time i got a job by myself, was very important to me. Planning Template -Jack Hawley My three most important influences 3 Goals for the future

Planning Template

Transcript: Beliefs and Values Goals: Piano: Being able to express myself without the need of any company or words is really helpful. Sports: Getting into a game can be intense and have a big impact on your attitude. Also, exercise by itself can take a lot of stress out of things Friends: I think everyone needs friends, otherwise life would be to lonely and appear to be pointless at times. Good things and bad things will always happen. Whether you are happy or not depends almost completely on your attitude and reaction towards good and bad events. Self Respect: If you can't respect yourself don't expect anyone else to. Self Enlightenment: Ignorance is bliss. However, it's also lazy, irresponsible, and can even be inconsiderate. Wishes or Dreams: Important Moments Be Rich: A goal I share with almost everyone is to be extremely rich. Good Stable Job: It would be nice to have a well paying job with employment that I didn't have to worry about. Live in a Vacation Destination: I've lived here my whole life and frankly, I'm sick of the cold weather. Hold a Title: One of my favorite sports is boxing. It would be a life accomplishment for me to win a world title. Concert Piano: I've been playing piano since the age of five or six. Not a lot of people know this, but becoming a concert pianist can be very competitive. If I ever became a concert pianist, this would also be a life accomplishment. Flying: I don't think I need to eplain how awesome this would be. Drivers License: Getting my drivers license gave me a sense of independence and freedom. Switching Schools: When I switched from a private school to a public school it was so different that I felt like I was moving to another state rather than simply another school. Training with Pros: Some of the worlds greatest boxers trained at my gym. Just being able to work in the same place as them was a great experience. Important influences Planning Template


Transcript: -Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. -Leonardo Da Vinci as a WRITER: he invented the MIRROR’S WRITING -Leonardo Da Vinci as a DRAWER: he invented the PERSPECTIVE -Leonardo Da Vinci as a PAINTER: he painted the MONA LISA -Leonardo Da Vinci as an ENGINEER: he invented many INVENTIONS -Leonardo Da Vinci as a SCIENTIST: he created the VITRUVIAN MAN KEY COMPETENCES CONTENT-OBLIGATORY LANGUAGE Students will learn writing backwards as Leonardo did. Experience writing in reverse Communicative observations Writing a dictation Running dictation. Explanatory text. Leonardo Da Vinci. Arts&Crafts. Mirror writing. 10’ individual self-assessment, teacher observation-assessment Text. Paper and pencil ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION LEARNING OBJECTIVES. OUTCOMES INPUT. SUBJECT MATTER CONTENT. CONTENT OBLIGATORY L. TIMING. INTERACTION ASSESSMENT. MATERIALS. ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION LEARNING OBJECTIVES. OUTCOMES INPUT. SUBJECT MATTER CONTENT. CONTENT OBLIGATORY L. TIMING. INTERACTION ASSESSMENT. MATERIALS. INDISPENSABLE LANGUAGE ITEMS  TERMINOLOGY (Mirror writing, superstitious, smudge the ink, left handed, steal, hiding, Roman Catholic Church, Perspective… ) LANGUAGE FORMS Past simple verbs(regular) Past continuous (he was trying)  LANGUAGE ESSENTIAL FOR EFFICIENT TASK Do you understand? Why do you think…? Get in pairs Go back to your places/group.. LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES ORAL or WRITTEN RECEPTION LISTENING (videos, teacher explanations, communicative interactions) READING (complementary texts, filling the gaps, sequencing pictures, instructions) PRODUCTION SPEAKING (communicative interactions, oral presentations) WRITING (running texts, posters, texts) MODE DISCOURSE GENRE/TEXT TYPE Narrative (session 1) Instructional (session 3) Explanatory (session 2) INTERACTIONAL STRATEGIES Gesture communication (sessions 1-3) Expressing likes and dislikes (sessions 2-3) SESSION 3 SESSION 1 ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION LEARNING OBJECTIVES. OUTCOMES INPUT. SUBJECT MATTER CONTENT. CONTENT OBLIGATORY L. TIMING. INTERACTION ASSESSMENT. MATERIALS. Students will use a set up to measure the change in the apparent size of an object as it moves. They’ll associate an explanatory text with pictures in order to reinforce the process. Associate pictures with the correct paragraph Observe how the height can change while it moves Measure the apparent size of an object Graph the relationship observed Reflect about this phenomenon. Database Instructional and explanatory text. Leonardo Da Vinci. Arts and crafts. Measure, cut, fold, lengthwise, tape, cardboard strip, edge, HEIGHT, tape measure…. 60’ peer-work peer-assessment and teacher observation-assessment A text Pictures Scissors, card, pencil, cardboard, table, simple object, tape measure, ruler DOMAIN or TOPIC-RELATED CONTENTS FINAL PROJECT: LEONARDO'S SCHOOL MUSEUM GRADE: 6TH SUBJECT: ARTS&CRAFTS NUMBER OF LESSONS: 8 (or more) DRIVING QUESTION: I want to design a museum at school. It's The Leonardo da Vinci's Museum. Do you want to collaborate? How would you do it? LEONARDO DA VINCI PLANNING TEMPLATE OBJECTIVES/GOALS ASSESSMENT CRITERIA - Explains Leonardo's life with his/her words ----------------------------------------------- - Practices the "Mirror Writing" - Generates hypothesis about the Mirror Writing ----------------------------------------------- - Summarizes all his talents in a poster. ------------------------------------------------ - Observes and measures the apparent height of an object while it moves. - Draws his/her own Mona Lisa taking into account the Perspective Technique. ------------------------------------------------- - Creates and designes his/her own invention ------------------------------------------------- ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION LEARNING OBJECTIVES. OUTCOMES INPUT. SUBJECT MATTER CONTENT. CONTENT OBLIGATORY L. TIMING. INTERACTION ASSESSMENT. MATERIALS. ACTIVITY 3 SESSION 2 ACTIVITY 1 ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION LEARNING OBJECTIVES. OUTCOMES INPUT. SUBJECT MATTER CONTENT. CONTENT OBLIGATORY L. TIMING. INTERACTION ASSESSMENT. MATERIALS. ACTIVITY 5 Students watch a short, illustrative video and then they try to order some pictures and paragraphs related to the video. Learn about Leonardo’s life. Reading aloud and ordering. Video, text, pictures. Leonardo Da Vinci’s biography. Arts & Crafts. Past simple of regular verbs and verb To be (He was/wasn’t…; he painted….) Jobs (painter, architect, inventor, writer, artist….) 20’ peer-work Peer-assessment, teacher observation-assessment Video: Pictures Paragraphs of the text ACTIVITY 2 - Know about Leonardo da Vinci's life ------------------------------------------------- - Experience writing in reverse ------------------------------------------------- - Recognise all the areas which Leonardo worked in. ------------------------------------------------- - Understand the concept of Perspective ------------------------------------------------- - Realise the importance of inventions in History ------------------------------------------------- -LINGÜISTIC COMMUNICATION

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