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Parent Teacher Conference Powerpoint Template

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Parent Teacher Conference

Transcript: After Modern World History i have lunch but then after that i have Science 7Th period. I have science with Mr. Heacock. In this class i have learned about the Scientific Method and now about chemical change an physical change. I enjoy this class because im always busy, an if im busy i get things done. Studying Vocab Math Ideas Parent Teacher Conference Notes 1st period i have math. I have Mr. Blankenship, the class has learned how to do many tips of equations and how to graph them . I like this class because i enjoy it the most and i actually enjoy doing equations. Ideas Study hall My name is Mackenzie Rogers and these are my classes Modern World History Introduction English 2ND period i have life transitions , with Mrs. Estate. This class i have learned how to cook, clean, be organized, handle stress, and much more. I enjoy this class because i learn how to take care of myself and stay on task. This skill has helped me with handling school very well. I have Modern World History 4Th period. For this class i have Mrs, Hanson. In this class we are learning about the Enlightenment and how the constitution was born and how laws were made. I enjoy this class because i love to learn about history and how this country was made. I have study hall 3rd period. The teacher i have 3rd period is Mrs, Taylor. this period helps me with ....... Doing extra assignments Socializing with friends Life Transitions 8Th period i have Mrs, Eddington. In this class we are learning about grammar, and punctuation. i enjoy this class because it goes fast and English is really easy for me. Ideas Science studying

parent\teacher conference

Transcript: Isabelle Zahn My conference "Genius is 1 percent inspiration,and 99 percent perspiration." Thomas Alva Edison Goals My last conferences goal was to do even better in math,I want to do the best I can in it. I think I am doing better in math,because I got 100% on a test when I stuided hard. I also got a 3 in math. My next goals are to be better in spelling and grammar I can do that by studing harder. Math I think math is fun,but it sometimes can get hard.Some things I can't do and are hard,like some fractions.Some are fun and easy,but some are hard.On my last basic facts test I got 26\50,I know how to do them,I just am a little slow.In math I got a 3. Reading and Writing I think reading is fun,but challeging at the same time. Grade is Writing is also fun, but I can't make up stories that easily. Grade is In spelling,it is hard,but I try to do the best I can. I do very good in fluency. I increase each time. Science and Social studies Grade is I like science because I get to do fun experiments and learn new things. I picked my science test for a portfolio piece,I did good on it and it shows that.I did good on my last inquiry project. Grade is Behaviors I always treat others the way I want to be treated. I do not gossip about anyone. I welcome people nicely. I follow the class rule by not talking when Mr. Wick is talking and following directions. I complete all of my work.I also try to do it neat as I can. I learn new things from homwork by looking at it better. I study for ever test soon after I learn about it.. I start projects as early as possible.

Parent/Teacher Conference

Transcript: Welcome Parents!!! Lani Alexander Parent/Teacher Conference 2011:) Science!!! Things I do well: 2.Listening to Mr. Vandernuet Things I need to improve: 1.Studying for test and quizzes 2.follow directions 3.Getting homework done on time My goals for this year: 2.getting a good grade on my quizzes and test Int. Math Things I do well: 1.Passing my objectives 2.Paying attention 3.Homework Things I need to improve: 1.P.O.D 2.Bringing my grade up 3.studying My goals for this year: 1.Organization 2.Getting an A 3.Learning more math skills Literature Things I do well: 1.D.R.P 2.Class work 3.Vocabulary Things I need to improve: 1.Getting work done 2.Studying 3.Test and quizzes My goals for this year: 1.Bringing my grade up 2.Listen to Mrs. Burwell 3.Reading Are you guys having fun? Language Things I do well: 1.Journal entries 2.Homework 3.Getting work done Things I need to improve: 1.Test and quizzes 2.Don't talk 3.personal narritives, persuassive My goals for this year: 1.Time managment 2.Being organize 3.Learning more about writing Social Studies Things I do well: 1.Time mangement 2.Getting work done 3.Homework Things I need to improve: 1.Journal entries 2.Studying 3.Unit test My goals for this year 1.Getting an A 2.Extra credits 3.Doing well on unit test Actions Plan Things I will do: Make sure my homework gets done Organize all my binders Study for test and quizzes Turn projects on time Do extra credit to improve my grades 8th grade:)) Things my parents can do to help Motivate me to do better in my classes Help me study They can ask my teachers any questions Things my teachers can do to help Tell me what assignments I'm missing What I need to improve in my classes Help me get my work done THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PRENSENTATION:) Go Voyagers!! THE END!!!!!!! 3.Ask for help Class work 3.Science labs 1. 1.Getting an A

Parent/teacher conference

Transcript: Welcome Parents To the Parent/student/teacher conference 2011 Katelynn McClelland Math Areas I need to improve: 1. Paying attention in class. 2. Turning in my work on time. 3. Study for tests. Things I do well: 1. Tests and homework 2. Understanding what I'm taught 3. To do my work in class. Goals: 1. Come in more for lunch or T.I.E. for help. 2. Do better in and out of class. 3. Stay oraganized and bring everything to class that is needed. Literature Things I do well: 1. Listening when the teachers talking. 2.Tests and quizzes. 3. Writing properly. Goals: 1. Do all my work (Howework). 2. Take better notes. 3. Raise my hand more. Areas I need to improve: 1. Reading when assigned to. 2. Do better on vocabulary tests. 3. Talk less to the people around me. Science: Areas I need to improve: 1. Turning my work in finished and done on time 2. Study for tests to get better grades 3. Participate more Things I do well: 1. Projects in class. 2. Understanding somethings. 3. Not to talk when not aloud to. Goals: 1. Get at least a C. 2. Raise my hand more 3. Ask more questions Social Studies Things I do well: 1. Listening. 2. Remembering things. 3. Bringing my book. Goals: 1. Do all my work. 2. Do better to get good grades. 3. Study more. Areas I need to improve: 1. Turning my work in on time. 2. Taking better notes 3. Turning in my journal entries. Language Things I do well: 1. Spelling and grammar 2. Listening in class 3. taking notes Goals: 1. To get good grades(A or B) 2. Participate more during class 3. Don't talk as much Areas I need to improve: 1. Turning assignments in on time. 2. Using details in my writing. 3. Time management and organization Action Plan Things I will do are.. Do all my homework when I get home and pay better attention during class. Things my mom can do to help are.. Take my ipod away so that I won't get distracted. && Offer to help me out with my homework more. Things my teachers can do are.. explain things more. Thanks for coming ! ;D 1. Spelling and grammar

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